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Census Strays

In the days before Census information was made available online, it was extremely difficult to find anyone on the Census returns without a precise address, or at least, a town or village. Many volunteers, when scrolling through Census microfilms, would note individuals who were originally born on the Isle of Wight, even though they were then resident in other areas. The Census Strays database notes such findings, and where possible, gives the Census references for that entry.
By its nature, the 1841 Census cannot be searched for Strays, as the only information given is whether a person was born in the county under review, or not. The 1911 Census is presented using the original schedules filled in by the householder, and is searchable (online, for a fee) so few if any Strays are recorded from the 1911 Census. Therefore, the Strays listed come from the Census returns taken in 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901, but of course, they are not exhaustive and should be taken only as a guide.
Please also note that in some cases not all members of a household have been entered - generally only family members, and not visitors or servants. In addition, the location may only be given as the Registration District, so, for example "Glamorgan" could be Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, or any of the towns or villages within that Registration District. Despite the best efforts of the original transcribers, some of the information given is patchy, and no attempt has been made to verify all the information or provide full GRO or SRO references.

As with all such records there may be errors in transcription so it is best to check with the original returns if possible.

Other Strays

In the early days of the Society, we established a card index of other strays where information about Isle of Wight people was found in a variety of other sources such as newspaper reports, burial registers, etc. The card index was maintained by Miss Jean Lowe. Of late, the card index was not well known and not well used. The information contained on the cards has now been loaded into a searchable database (by surname). The main types of information held are : Deaths, Burials, and pre-1837 marriages in neighbouring counties, but none of this information is at all comprehensive.
We would like to acknowledge the work undertaken by Hazel Pullen, in copying the card index entries to electronic format for subsequent transformation by Geoff Allan into the database format.

We would be pleased to receive any additional information or corrections to add to the database - please contact :- the Strays Coordinator - Hazel Pullen