Membership Renewal

All subscriptions are renewable on 1st January each year.

Each membership can be for one or two people living at the same address providing only that the second member is specified on the renewal form.

To make the renewal process easier we have set up a method of payment by Debit or Credit Card on the Internet. Details of how to do this, using 'PayPal', are on our Web site at:

For Internet Banking, the Society's bank account number is 00283911 at 30-97-42 (Lloyds Bank) - please quote your membership number and Surname as a reference when paying by Internet Banking.

A Banker's Standing Order form is also available.

If you have or are paying by Internet Banking, PayPal or an existing Banker's Standing Order, the form below enables you to register your renewal online. Please Note - if you are paying by PayPal, completing this form does not initiate a PayPal payment - if you haven't already made the payment, please go to the membership page to find the PayPal links.

If you are paying by cheque or setting up a new Banker's Standing Order, filling in the form below and submitting it will produce a completed form which can be printed off to be sent with your cheque/completed Banker's Standing Order form to the IWFHS Membership Secretary:

Mr Dean Bagwell
Membership Secretary
47 The Winter Knoll
West Sussex
BN17 6NQ
United Kingdom


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