2022 New Membership Application

The Membership year runs from January to December. Four Journals are published annually, in February, May, August and November. Members joining with classic membership later than February will receive back issues of the printed Journal for that year - all past Journals are available as pdf files on-line to all members.

Membership rates entitle two people at the same address to be Members providing they are both specified on the Membership/ Renewal form; each individual will have full voting rights.

If you are paying by Internet Banking or PayPal (PayPal also accept most Debit/Credit cards), you can use the form below to register your application online - you will then need to separately make the payment.

If you are paying by cheque or setting up a Bankers Standing Order, completing the form below will enable you to print off a completed form which can then be sent with your cheque/completed Banker’s Standing Order form to the IWFHS Membership Secretary:

Mr Dean Bagwell
Membership Secretary
47 The Winter Knoll
West Sussex
BN17 6NQ
United Kingdom

For Internet Banking, the Society's bank account number is 00283911 at 30-97-42 (Lloyds Bank) - please quote your Surname and postcode/zipcode as a reference when paying by Internet Banking.

A Banker’s Standing Order form is also available.


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Standard Membership (with online downloadable PDF journals)
£ 6 per annum in sterling only
 Classic Membership (with 4 printed journals per calendar year)
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£ 15 per annum in sterling only
£ 20 per annum in sterling only

Each membership can be for one or two people living at the same address
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Additional interests can be submitted to the Membership Secretary once membership has been completed.

How we use your personnal information: Please note that personal information supplied on this form will be held by the Society in a computer database and only used for administration purposes. Additionally, members' names, postal and e-mail addresses and surname interests may be published by the Society in quarterly journals and on the Internet as an aid to establishing contact with other researchers who may share the same interests. Email addresses will be electronically hidden on the Internet so that they are not visible to 'spiders' and used for SPAM purposes.

We would like you to give your consent to our use of your personal information, as set out in our Personal Information Statement. You can read this and our Data Policy at https://www.isle-of-wight-fhs.co.uk/dpapolicy.html Where you have a joint membership you must both sign this form. Unless you are both in agreement regarding consent we will treat this as no consent. Withholding your consent will have no effect on the benefits of membership.

Your consent may be withdrawn or changed at any time, by completing an online form or contacting the Membership Secretary.

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This subscription covers the period up to 31st December 2022



Membership Secretary