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The Journal is published quarterly and issued to all paid up Members in February, May, August and November each year. New Members joining later in the calendar year will receive back issues for the year of joining.

The Journal Editor, Peter Spencer, is always happy to consider articles by Members for publication, although the Editor reserves the right not to publish, and will advise the Submitter if this is the case and the reason for non-publication.

To assist the Editor in this, the following Submission Guidelines should be noted :

  • Deadline dates for submission of articles are as follows; allowance will be made for those members who live in areas with time zones behind the UK.
    • For the February Journal it is 10th January
    • For the May Journal it is 10th April
    • For the August Journal it is 10th July
    • For the November Journal it is 10th October
  • Typed, word-processed or handwritten articles will be considered. The preference is for word-processed documents sent as email attachments. If using Microsoft Word save in .doc or .docx format, .odt format if using Open Office, or RTF (Revisable Text Format) or PDF (Portable Document Format) if using other software (check with the Editor if you are uncertain). Documents can be sent in any font or size as this can be easily changed by the Editor to the font and size used in the Journal.
  • Do not send text as image files as these cannot be edited. Scans of newspaper articles will be considered (please include the source and date of publication) provided that they will be readable in an A5 document which is the size used in the Journal.
  • As a rough guide 2,500 words will take up 6 pages of the Journal (if images are included the word count will be less) but may need to be serialised depending on available space. Longer articles will be considered but may need to be serialised. The Editor will advise you if he considers that an article needs to be serialised and suggest suitable breaks in the text.
  • Images can be embedded in your document. If the size of your file exceeds that permitted by your email program you will have to send images as attachments to a separate email. You may have to send images in batches. Please indicate in the email with your text document that you are sending the images separately. Images should preferably be in JPG format, of 300 dpi resolution. Please indicate in the text if there is a specific place where you would like a particular image inserted. Please note that it might not be possible to include all of your images.
  • As the Journal is printed in black and white, please ensure that any graphics are of good quality so that they can be reproduced well.
  • For typescript or manuscript please ensure that your article is legible. As this sort of submission needs to be retyped or scanned, then there is no guarantee that they will appear in the next issue of the Journal. Any graphics or illustrations should be placed on separate sheets of paper with an indication as to where they should appear in the article
  • For material to be returned, please ensure that you include a stamped self-addressed envelope or International Reply Coupons. Copyright in the text remains with the authors, but please ensure that you acknowledge copyright in other material, e.g. scans of Census returns are copyright The National Archives.

The Isle of Wight Family History Society takes no responsibility for articles submitted to the Journal, nor does it necessarily agree with opinions expressed. Authors are expected to have checked for factual accuracy and to have obtained the necessary permissions for lengthy quotations and the use of illustrations.

The Di Harding Awards

At the Annual General Meeting in May 2009 it was agreed that, in order to perpetuate Di's name, an award would be given annually to the authors of the three best articles submitted by members and published in this journal. For more details see Di Harding Awards

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Back Issues of the Journal

Journal Archive Online is available to members.

We have prepared a complete set of our Journals 1 - 100 as searchable PDF files. The Archive is available online to Members only.4
You will need to enter the user name (iowfhs) and the current password, in order to search these indexes. The password is changed in February each year and is given in the current Journal sent to paid up Members with full membership, or available as an eJournal on this website.
The Journals are also available to buy on CD-ROM - see Books, CDs etc

Please do NOT send any enquiries about back issues to the Journal Editor; The Bookstall Manager is Hazel Pullen (E-mail contact Click for email address) and she will be able to assist with enquiries.

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Contents of the Journals

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The current (No 139, Nov 2020) Journal is now available to Members to download as a PDF file.