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Underwath Hospital

This searchable index contains the names extracted from the British Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment report cards from the First World War, where the address or work place of the person concerned was an Isle of Wight address.

In most cases these people (mainly women, but some men who worked as administrators or orderlies) were from the Island, but there were many from other parts of the U.K. who, when working on the Island, stayed with local families and hence gave their address as an Island address.

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8 July 2019 : added to website

18 July 2019 : added Hospital Profiles to website

Hospital Profiles The Hospitals were referred to, in British Red Cross records, in a variety of ways. The names in [square brackets] give the keyword search to use if searching for people who worked at these hospitals.

The links will take you to PDF documents prepared by Keith Goodchild and Claire Lintern.