Isle of Wight War Service Reports

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This searchable index contains the names recorded on Isle of Wight War Memorials, Rolls of Honour, and Commonwealth War Graves of service men and women buried in Island churchyards and cemeteries. It also records the names of wartime casualties where these are given on additional inscriptions on gravestones.

The index has been derived from, and is maintained in conjunction with, the website entries of Memorials and Monuments on the Isle of Wight which is the work of our Webmaster, Geoff Allan.

Isle of Wight Great War Roll of Honour Index

This index also contains the names listed by the Isle of Wight County Press in their contemporary reporting of the Great War. From September 1914, the newspaper printed lists of men and women who were in the armed forces, or who had recently enlisted. By 24 Oct 1914, some 2,721 men and women had been named, and these lists grew as the war progressed. The newspaper reported weekly on the progress of the War and 'The Island and the War' column gave plentiful details of the experiences of the men at the Front, as well as recording the Casualties incurred.

As we progress through the Centenary years of the Great War, I shall be adding information to this index to augment the information already recorded for War Memorials and Rolls of Honour which were created at the end of the war.

British Red Cross VAD records

The Index also includes records based on the British Red Cross VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) record cards, which can be searched separately using this link : Isle of Wight War Service Index - VAD

The Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials Project

In 2014, this Project was established to research in detail the 48 men named on the Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials. Six identical plaques were placed in local churches following WW I.
Although the Project published a book and had an associated website, the death of the website creator meant that the website could not be supported. We have recreated the functionality of the website and the biographies of the men listed. For details use the link below.

Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials Project


8 July 2019 : Incorporated the BRS VAD records (WW I)

3 October 2018 : Added entries for the Chillerton Men's Club War Memorial (WW II)

11 July 2017 : Incorporated the Northwood and Gurnard War Memorials Project

10 Sept 2014 : Added names from the Isle of Wight County Press Roll of Honour from the Great War.