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My name is Chris Watson and I am the 3 x great nephew of Mary Ann ORCHARD who was born in 1830 in Fordington, Dorset and who worked for Princess Alice in the 1860/70s. I have been aware for sometime of the interesting life of Mary Orchard and have recently been trying to find out more about her. I know about her early life in Dorset and have details of her death in 1906 in Essex. What intrigues me is the question 'How did Mary go from being the daughter of a farm worker in Dorset, a servant in St Helier, Jersey (1851 census) to the head nurse in the household of the Tsarina in Russia?' I have no record of her after the 1851 census until she appears in literature relating to the Romanovs. I have searched the Royal households on the 1851 and 1861 census but have found nothing of interest. According to someone else's research 'Mary was summoned by Queen Victoria on the 31 July 1866 to work for Princess Alice'. The telegram to Mary was sent by a Mrs SILVER. We believe that Mrs Silver was the vicar's wife of Holy Trinity Church in West Cowes. We also think that the vicar was 'a friend' of Dr HOFFMEISTER, Queen Victoria's doctor for the Royal Household in Osborne House.
We think that Mary Orchard's connection with the vicar in Jersey may be connected with her 'next' post for the vicar in Cowes and possible nanny to Mrs Silver's children but this is an assumption. Unfortunately we are aware that 111 souls have gone 'missing' from the 1861 census for Cowes which may have included the Silvers and Mary Orchard.
We are seeking possible confirmation of these assumptions and if anybody in the Local Family History societies may have evidence of the Silvers in Cowes or know a bit more about Mary Orchard.
As an aside to this, I spent 3 years of my life as a boarding school pupil with King James I school based in Newport and Nubia House in Baring Road; I have some fond memories of dinghy sailing around the River Medina, Cowes and Gurnard whilst at school. It would be nice if others in the society have some connection with the school and can relate some stories or possible contacts that I can share.
I would be most grateful for any help you can give me in tracing this member of my family.
Chris Watson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
29 Sep 2020
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I am trying to establish a connection between a George GRAY b Eling Hampshire 1819 and the IoW.
In 1872 at the age of 53 years he married at Southampton an Elizabeth Sophia HUMPHRIES, b Lambeth c1832.
We believe he may have been married previously with a possible connection to the Island.
Prior to marrying George, Elizabeth Sophia had an illegitimate child whilst living in Brighton in 1857. We do know who the father was. This child was 'farmed out' to live with a Frances Naomi POTTER whose maiden name was TOOGOOD b Carisbrooke c1830.
Frances married Thomas POTTER at East Grinstead (Forest Row) Sept qtr 1856. At the time of their marriage Thomas was butler at a large mansion just outside East Grinstead. Frances may also have been employed there as well. They then lived in Brighton and at Ringmer near Lewes and had several children one of whom, Ellen Elizabeth b Brighton 1858, married Charles MIDLANE in 1882 Dec qtr at Lewes. He was the son of the Newport carriage builder Charles Midlane (senior) and Ellen had been shown as staying at an address in High Street Newport in the 1881 census.
What I am trying to do is establish what the connection between these people and the IoW was. There must have been a fairly close relationship for Frances and Thomas Potter to bring up Elizabeth Humphries' illegitimate child as he is still shown as with the Potter family in Ringmer in the 1871 census. I have not yet been able to establish a death for Elizabeth (Sophia) Gray so she may have re-married after George Gray died in 1883.
Any information gratefully received and Thanks for any help with this mystery.
NB: Our George Gray is NOT the George Gray who had married Ann Lock as we now know, thanks to IoWFHS, that that family went to Australia.
Many thanks for any help.
Tim Sargeant [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
19 Sep 2020
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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BRADING, George Henry
I have to own that my links to the Isle of Wight are tenuous. As a lifelong sailing enthusiast I have visited the harbours, particularly on the Solent side, on many occasions. But it was not until I became interested in my family history that I found, through my wife's side a direct link. So I joined IWFHS feeling sure that in such a small population I would quickly find more interesting links. But a year later I am none the wiser, as none of my family links have come to light. So please help me. The direct link to my wife's family is via her maternal grandfather George Henry Brading who was born in July 1854 at Newport. He left the Island and married Harriett Pierpoint and they lived in Brighton where he was a Tailor. They moved to London and when Harriett died he married Eva Carter who is my wife's grandmother. George Brading's parents are Henry Brading and Mary Ann Baggs and from the 1861 Census his father Henry is shown as living in Newport employed as a Greengrocer. Henry is shown as being born in Newport and Mary from Godshill. If I have been able to follow the family tree back accurately Henry's parents were William Henry Brading 1794-1869 and Sarah Ann Cass 1799-1872. From the 1851 Census William was employed as a Coachman and they were both born in Whippingham where they were married. I have no more information on Sarah Ann Cass but William's parents are Hezekiah Brading 1768-1831 and Hannah Urry and they were married at Whippingham. I have no further information on Hezekiah or Hannah. Going back to Mary Ann Baggs, her parents are James Baggs 1803-1875 a Labourer born in Godshill and Ann Haines born in Newchurch. I have no more information on James but Ann's parents are John Haines born in 1770 at Godshill and Susanna Sivier 1769-1810 born in Northwood where they were married in 1794. Susanna's parents are William Sivier1736-1833 and Fanny Cork 1744-1795. They are both from Northwood where they were married in 1764. William's parents, I think, are William Sivier 1702-1758 born at Cowes and Jane of whom I have on more information. The last information I have of the Sivier link is William's father John 1670-1746 who married Martha Hollis 1674-1720 in Cowes 1696. I would be most interested to have any confirmation of the links I have made and better still any additional information to fill in some of the gaps.
Keith Mackenzie [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
05 Aug 2020
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DAY, Mary Anne
I wonder if any members can help me, I am trying to find out what happened to my Great Grandmother, Mary Anne DAY. She was born in 1867 in Brighstone to William DAY and Priscilla JACKMAN, She married William COFFIN in 1887: they had 2 children and divorced in 1895.
Soon after this the children were farmed out to relatives. Family lore has it that she died young but we cannot find a record of her death. My Grandmother (Dorothy Irene, birth registered Alverstoke 1889) was sent to live at The Little Brown Jug in Newport and her brother to Gatcombe farm; I don't know who these relations were so any information at all would be much appreciated.
Brenda Farrell [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
20 Jul 2020
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Non Conformist and Register Office Marriages
Prof. Rebecca Probert of the University of Exeter has asked us to poll our members to see if they will help with a study she is undertaking : Tying the Knot: an investigation of wedding ceremonies past and present - she explains it all in her document as linked here, but she is particularly interested in non-conformist and register office weddings 1837-1950 and would like contributions which might explain why certain communities had a greater proportion of these types of marriages. Please respond directly to Prof. Probert using the contact details in the document. I have already sent her some summary statistics based on our Marriage Indexes which were sourced from the IoW Registrar.
Prof. Rebecca Probert [link opens in new tab or window]
University of Exeter
Submitted :
08 Jul 2020
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COTTON family
The photos shown are believed to be members of a COTTON family - can anyone help identify them ?
click on images to enlarge
Beulah Digger [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 May 2020
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A photograph came recently into my possession which is rumoured to show members of the HARBOURN family, I have enclosed a copy of the photograph.
There is an inscription at the rear of the photograph saying "From the St. Boniface Studio, 137, High St., Ventnor"
Research has shown that this photographic studio was operated by James BRIDDON (1827-1894), followed by his son John Edward BRIDDON (1854-1941).
The photograph is somewhat of a conundrum as I am struggling to identify anybody depicted.
There is a possibility that my great-grandfather George HARBOURN (1861-1932) is the gentleman seated on the chair, or the younger person behind him wearing a bow-tie.
If he is the younger person, there is a possibility that the gentleman seated is my 2x great-grandfather William HARBOURN (1813-1879).
I lack the expertise to date the photograph and would be very grateful if anybody could advise me on the likely time period as this might help me to identify the individuals.
Naturally any other information would be greatly appreciated.

click image to enlarge
Stephen Randall [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 May 2020
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ALLEN, Muriel and REED, Alf
MURIEL ALLEN / ALF REED. My late father (born 1913, son of Mildred Hirter, née Mantell, mother's name Reed) used to mention his cousin Muriel Allen of Stag Lane, Lake. Also an 'uncle Alf Reed' whose sea chest I have inherited. I would be grateful for any information on either of these relatives.
Julia Courtney [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Mar 2020
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HENLEY, Robert
I have done a lot of family history research of the IoW HENLEYs who were my grandmother Isabella FOWLER's (nee Henley) relatives. Robert was her father, born in Newbridge in 1846 but I have never been able to trace a photograph of him. Robert's working life started as an agricultural labourer, followed by a career as an Isle of Wight Railwayman, culminating in his becoming an Engine Driver. I wonder if there are any members of IWFHS who could help with this and any other information about him.
Bob Fowler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
20 Feb 2020
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Tennant family
The first photo is my mum (middle) and two army friends on the outbreak of WW2. I think the lady with glasses is the lady sat in a deckchair in the second photo, with our two families on an IoW beach; we travelled there to visit them. I remember only a small part of the trip, watching harbour lights in the dark from a boat. It would be nice if someone on the IoW could identify the lady and her family and maybe have a photo that is not in their family album. I am the small boy sat front right as you view the 1954/5 photo.
My parents were John and Ellen (née Olsen) TENNANT from Birkenhead.

click images to enlarge
Robert Tennant [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Feb 2020
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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Westmore Limited
I am continuing research into the firm of Westmore Limited
My interest is that I'm involved with one of their steam waggons that is still in running order over 90 years on (see pictures)

click image to enlarge

I was wondering if any of your members may be able to help with ....?
1, any photos of the Westmore fleet either steam or later petrol or diesel lorries
2, the driver of our waggon was one Ernest Russell of 64 Hunny hill Newport - the site seems to have a modern house on it now. Is there an image of it from 1930-50 ?
3, the fire man on the waggon was Albert Jones, - that's as much as I know - probably born 1890-1900 from photos I have
4, the registered office was 149 High street Newport - now under the large building from the 1960s? What was there before?
5, any info on Mr James Toms of Freshwater, coal merchant and pig farmer, he owned a steam waggon later purchased by Westmore
6, any info on a Sentinel steam waggon owned by Gunville brick works at Carisbrooke
Any other information regarding Westmore Limited gratefully received
Martin Hunt [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Jan 2020
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Wadham family photos
I am enquiring if any member may have any photos relating to the family of Charles Henry WADHAM of Wadham & Sons, (My Great-Grandfather).Any other information would be greatly appreciated.
John Wadham [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Jan 2020
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Prince of Wales Hotel, East Cowes
I recently made enquiries with a member of staff at the East Cowes Heritage centre who informed me that little is known about the Prince of Wales Hotel opposite Osborne House. As such I have started to investigate this subject. I am aware it was built around the same time as the great house 1845 and that there is a bricked up opening within the cellar which it is said is a tunnel to the estate. I have also been made aware that there was a fire at the address in or around 1905. There is also some ghostly activities that have been noted by current and previous staff. All information would be welcome including gossip and rumours, past employees names etc.
Dave Goodday [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
09 Dec 2019
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BATES and BLORE families
I wonder if you can put me in touch with anyone who has an especial interest in :
- the BATES family who owned a bootmaker's shop in Cowes around 1850
- William Harrison BLORE b 1811 who was a servant at various times at Windsor Castle, and Buckingham Palace (where he was "usher of the servant's hall") and then a servant at Osborne House. Matilda Bates was his second wife. They had 3 daughters - my grandmother Minnie Blore, Selina and a sister Beatrice Eugenie who married Alfred SAWYER who became the Consul for Denmark in Ceylon (have a photo).
I wrote to Osborne House some years ago but they did not know what position William held there. Any assistance would be welcomed.
Val Montague [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
28 Aug 2019
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I'm looking for information about my grandmother, a Mrs Mason, who ran a restaurant on Ventnor seafront in the 1930s, leaving at the outbreak of WW II. Can anyone help ?
Ann Wilson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 Jun 2019
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66 High Street, Newport - Reynolds butchers
Does anybody possess a photograph of Reynolds butcher's shop which was at 66 High Street Newport until it was demolished in 1963. My father, Tom Hann, was the owner and much of my early childhood was spent living above and behind the shop. Many thanks, Chris Hann
Chris Hann [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
03 Apr 2019
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KING, James
Since 2007, I have been searching to confirm information relating to: JAMES KING
Data from "1861 CANADA CENSUS" :
Name - James King
Birth Year - 1814 / Birthplace - England / Marital Status - Married / Residence - Mariposa, Victoria, Canada West / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist
Name - Anne (spouse)
Birth Year - 1830 / Birthplace - Canada West / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist
Name - William
<=Note: William must be either a younger brother or son of James, AND from a previous marriage in England.
Birth Year - 1842 / Birthplace - England / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist
Name - George (son)
Birth Year - 1851 / Birthplace - Canada West / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist
Name - Charles (Son)
Birth Year - 1851 / Birthplace - Canada West / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist
Name - Albert (son)
Birth Year - 1856 / Birthplace - Canada West / Religion - Wesleyan Methodist

Name - James King
Death - June 30, 1891 / Age - 77 years 9 months / Birthplace - Isle of Wight, England / Religious denomination at time of death - Salvation Army

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thomas King [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Jan 2019
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John HALLETT, born 1796, was the 4th child of 8. John was sentenced to 14 years in Patterson, New South Wales. I would like to know the other siblings' names' His parents John and Mary (nee BRADFORD) Many thanks - Anne Billings (Grey)
Anne Billings [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jan 2019
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SAUNDERS, Robert Henry
Searching for information on Robert Henry SAUNDERS, born March 1860 to Ann Saunders, New Village, Newport, Isle of Wight. Robert Henry went into the Merchant Navy and eventually emigrated to Australia. He was a friend of my great grandparents, Christian and Isabella NELSON, in Queensland. R H Saunders is on the electoral rolls in Queensland until 1919 but thereafter there are no obvious records. I know he visited Ryde, Isle of Wight in 1892. Any suggestions or leads welcome!
Lindsey Williams [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jan 2019
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I'm trying to find information about: Reuben GRINDALL who was born on Isle of Wight on April 20th, 1758.
Great grandfather and two brothers came from the Isle of Wight in early days about 1800. They emigrated to Maine, USA. Died March 13th, 1826 (68)
Any information would be appreciated especially Reuben's brothers, parents, and grandparents. May be cousins to Captain Richard Grindall (fought at Battle of Trafalgar)
Stephen Grindall [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Jan 2019
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GRIFFIN, Francis
I am looking into the family name of GRIFFIN; Francis Griffin is reputed to have been born in Godshill around 1808 and married an Ann[e] PEACH around 1839 in Carisbrooke - I'm just basically looking for confirmation of this and possible family around Francis. Regards and thanks, Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Dec 2018
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Ford Mill, Newport
Ford Mill, Newport
I lived at Cave's Nurseries, East Street, Newport from 1948 until my family moved to the mainland about 1958.
I am seeking any photos/pictures of Ford Mill which was also in East Street, Newport.
I and my family had to walk past the Mill to get to the Nursery, all of which has since sadly been demolished. Can anyone help ?
Judy Reeves [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Dec 2018
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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MARR, Margaret
I am trying to obtain details of the birth and parents of Margaret MARR, born on the Isle of Wight c. 1813, who subsequently was in Macao, China, where she married Charles BOVET, a Swiss watch-dealer. She died in 6 January 1837 after childbirth difficulties, and is buried there in the Protestant cemetery.
ANY advice gratefully received.
Ian White [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Dec 2018
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WELLS, Samuel
I am seeking any information on my 2x great-grandfather SAMUEL WELLS and his family. He was tried at the Lent Assizes in Wiltshire in 1822 for horse stealing, found guilty and sentenced to death. This was later commuted to 14 years and transportation to New South Wales. According to Convict records, he was a native of the Isle of Wight. On his Application to Marry in 1832, he also stated that he was a widower aged 44 (b.1788?). According to a newspaper report of his conviction, he was a resident of Fisherton Anger.
Whilst I have extensive research covering his life and family in Australia, I have no knowledge of his life and family that predates his trial in March 1822. Any help would be appreciated.
Sandra Miller [link opens in new tab or window]
New South Wales
Submitted :
02 Dec 2018
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ROBINSON, Bethell Martin
My great grandfather was born at the end of 1807 at Parkhurst Barracks where his father's regiment was quartered. His father was Bethell Martin ROBINSON 1781-1852 and he served with the Royal African Corps and the Royal York Rangers between 1804 and 1814. He bought his commission as a lieutenant in 1804 and left in 1814 as a captain.

Bethell Martin Robinson (click to enlarge)

I have been to Newport on two occasions to visit their Records Office, but I can't find out anything regarding Bethell Martin Robinson being stationed there and what he was doing. His wife was Margaret Robinson, formerly DUNBAR and she must have been there also since their son was born at Parkhurst. The person I spoke with in the Records Office said that it was possible that a travelling minister performed the baptism of Henry Charles Robinson, and that there were many different organisations at Parkhurst, because of the ongoing Napoleonic battles. I found references to Bethell Martin Robinson when I visited The National Archives, where he moved backwards and forwards between the two regiments, but no record of what he was doing.
I just wondered if there was any more information on the activities at Parkhurst Barracks at this particular time, or where I might find out anything more.
Susan Smith [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
02 Dec 2018
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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WATSON, George
I am trying to find information and possible photographs of my great great great grandfather, his name is George WATSON - he was the bailiff of the Fleming estate, where he lived at Quarr and Combley farm. He died in the 1840's. His wife was Mary who stayed there until 1861 when she moved in with her daughter Mary. Would anyone be able to help with any information for me, where he was buried, where the family live now etc.
Deborah Mapps [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
25 Oct 2018
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I am researching the WARD family history, who first appear in the 1841 census for Newport living in South Street. I descend through JOHN WARD however I am fascinated by his sister Charlotte who had 9 children all out of wedlock and allegedly by the same man JAMES KING born C 1823 in Newport. He is shown in the 1871 and 1881 census as unmarried and living with his sister and her husband. He does, on occasions appear when his daughters get married calling himself WARD. His profession is a Painter. What sort, Portrait, Landscape or House? it is fascinating and the stuff of a period novel. Can anyone help to fill out some details of this couple from Newport?
Peter Colston [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Oct 2018
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PEEL, James Abraham
Most of my family has a link to Leeds, Yorkshire. my 3 x great grandfather was James Abraham PEEL who is registered as being born in Newport, Isle of Wight in 8 sources (mostly censuses) in about 1817. He married in Leeds in 1836, one of the witnesses being an Alfred PEEL, and worked in the city as a cloth dresser, dying in 1902. I have no records of his birth/baptism, or family members on the Isle of Wight. Could anyone help me with this brick wall?
Verity Ferguson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 Aug 2018
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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Help Wanted. Help wanted tracing any information about my ancestors.
Ann Maria Mitchell (born 1858, married Dec 1874, died 1885, aged 27, (- all at Freshwater, Isle of Wight).
She was a daughter of Joseph & Ann (nee Whitewood) Mitchell of Freshwater.
She married James Cathcart (b.1853*, Bombardier in Royal Artillery based at Cliffden Fort next to Freshwater)
The wedding was in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Freshwater and the Witnesses were :-
Frederick James Merwood and Eliza Whitewood.
Their first child was born July 1875 and they named him George Wilson Cathcart.
A soldier called George Wilson of the 49th Regiment died accidentally by falling down stairs at the Grapes Inn, Newport, IoW, in January, 1875. Possibly a friend of James Cathcart.
The Marriage Certificate claims James' father John is deceased and was a Coachman.
Later children are Alfred James Cathcart b.1877, (married. E Sheldknecht).
Kate Louisa Cathcart, b.1979, ( married firstly to Gwilym Cousins then John Freeman).
She claims at her marriage that her father is John Wilson or John Wilson Cathcart, not James Cathcart.
The family (apparently minus James, but with John Wilson as HEAD) appear in the 1881 Census at South Shoebury, Shoeburyness, an ARMY Town. In the Census he claims to be from Kendal and although a Cathcart family lived at Stricklandsgate, Kendal, Westmoreland the marriage of John (born Ireland) and Jane (Dickinson born Bolton-le-sands) took place at Preston and also the birth of James, but this is recorded as 1855 on the BMD although he says he is 22 at the date of his marriage (1874).
James Cathcart of Kendal (Fulwood-ARMY Barracks) isn't born until 1856 on most other BMD searches.
At Dec 1874 marriage James claims to be 22 years old, so his DOB has to be around 1852/3.
All the family (minus James and John - the heads) were resident in Workhouses in IoW throughout the 1880s and 1890s.
Ann Maria Cathcart (nee Mitchell) died in 1885 and her marital status was listed as UNKNOWN.
Did James Cathcart die, divorce, desert, go to prison, emigrate or get posted abroad?
Where did John Wilson Cathcart and George Wilson Cathcart go? Who was the original George Wilson ?
In 1884 my maternal Grandfather was born at Freshwater, Albert Edward Cathcart (aka Albert William).
He was in the Union Workhouse in 1891 and 1901 was an Ag Labourer at Taylor's Ashey Farm or Manor.
In 1911 he was in the Army ( Lancers) and later based at Weedon Bec, Northampton, 1925, aged 41 he married my grandmother Gladys Emma Tubby.
My earlier research pointed to a connection with James Cathcart of Panfield, Braintree, Essex but he did not marry Ann Maria Mitchell of Freshwater. His first wife was Fanny Juniper and her sister Kezia married James's brother John (earlier Johnathan Kithcart of Rayne nr Braintree) and they had children in Essex then Kingston (London) then briefly Isle of Wight when they had a daughter Eliza and possibly also Katharine M. before moving to Dagenham. The Cathcarts (+plus derivatives) of Essex had relatives in the County Durham area and also some connections to Ireland and perhaps Scotland. James Cathcart of Kendal looks likeliest if it wasn't for the disappearance.
James Cathcart disappeared from the records long before 1884, so who was Albert Edward Cathcart's father?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly anything regarding military connections.
Ian Nelson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 May 2018
Verified : 16 May 2018
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CHURCHER, Charles Robert
My great grandfather, Charles Robert CHURCHER (1857-1940) lived on the Island from the mid 1880's, a lot of it spent at 8 Fitzroy Street, Sandown. He was a stone mason who worked, at one time, for Daniel DAY of Bonchurch, and was responsible for carving the lions at Portsmouth Guildhall (Source : Obituary - Isle of Wight Chronicle - 11th. April 1940). He also worked on the inscriptions on the Ventnor War Memorial, and old Midland Bank at Sandown. I would really like to see a photograph of him, and am hoping that someone in your Society might be able to help.
Keith Quick [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
03 May 2018
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I am trying to find any information on the Birth/Christening or Parents of my 2x Great grandfather James MARSHALL born in Newport, Isle of Wight in 1817. He married Frances STANDLEY between 1841 and 1851 (I don’t have a date or place for the marriage). He is listed as a labourer living with Frances in Rope Walk, Rye (Sussex) in the 1851 census. Any information would be most gratefully received.
Alan Freestone [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 Apr 2018
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I have reached a brick wall in my efforts to track my family tree (PRINCE) beyond a series of baptism entries from the 1720s. All were registered at All Saints, Freshwater, citing 'Thomas' as father, no mother identified, and with a series of baffling aliases:

Timothy Prince alias Salter (Oct 1728)
William Prince alias Salter (Mar 1730)
Mary Prince alias Salter (Jul 1733)

A fourth child, Cornelius, also born at Freshwater All Saints in 1736 to Thomas, is referred to as 'Prince', with no Salter alias.
The Prince / Salter aliases recur over two generations until the burial of 'Thomas Salter (commonly called Prince)' in Nov 1762 at Freshwater.
My initial thought was that the 'alias Salter' might refer to the mother's maiden name, but although a Prince family was well-established in the Freshwater area over centuries, likewise Salter, there was no unmarried female of child-bearing age on either side that could fit the bill. Could they be 'unofficial' adoptions from a Prince or Salter family unable to cope with more children? Again, no proof.
In fact, I can find no obvious link between Prince and Salter, other than the fact that they lived within the same community. The only Thomases within the relevant time-frame are on the Salter side, going back to 1604. So we’re talking about a Thomas Salter who suddenly decided to call his children 'Prince alias Salter'. Question is, why?
All ideas and suggestions that might help resolve this mystery would be welcome!
Rob Prince [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
09 Mar 2018
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BURTON, Thomas
Could anyone help me with information about my great, great, great, great grandfather, THOMAS BURTON (1777-1843) who was born in Cowes and was a Cowes pilot who drowned at sea. He was married to SOPHIA EVANS (1774-1840). Their son William was also a Cowes pilot who drowned at sea. I would particularly like information about Thomas and Sophia's parents.
Lesley Storey [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Feb 2018
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MARSH, Richard
Looking for Ancestors of Richard Marsh, a Mariner born about 1820 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight. He appears in the 1851 census, with wife Ann born 1820 Folkestone, Kent, living St Olaves, Southwark, Surrey.
I'm seeking to prove his daughter Mary Ann, is the same who married my Great Grandfather Charles Eugene SHIRLEY.
Ted Shirley [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Feb 2018
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Grant, Harry
I am seeking any information on:- Are foundling births registered?
I'm interested in Harry Grant (aka Henry) on the 1891 census (RG12; Piece: 896; Folio: 37; Page: 18; with George and Jane Nicholas) aged 6 (allegedly) but can't find a birth registration on FreeBMD or the GRO. The family story is that he was found in a Grant's whiskey box on the Isle of Wight.
John Moses [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Feb 2018
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I am seeking any information on John COTTON born 6 Jan 1817. Sentenced to 7 yrs on 18 Oct 1836 for pig stealing. Arrived in New South Wales, Australia on 9 Jul 1837. Married Sarah 1831 - 1861.
Ngaire Clarke [link opens in new tab or window]
Perth, Western Australia
Submitted :
07 Jan 2018
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I am trying to solve a family mystery,which involves this man, who may be an Alderman HOLLINS,and who, I hope,has a connection with the family of Sylvia Hollins, married in Freshwater in July 1930. It's a very difficult problem to solve, involving a member of the Hollins family moving to Birmingham, and subsequently changing his name, at the beginning of the 1900s! I am not expecting any revolutionary results, but anything at all would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jean Thomasson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Jan 2018
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Parkhurst family
For many years I've had the impressions that our name originated on the Isle of Wight, in the 11th century or earlier, and that our name appeared in the Domesday Book. I don't remember the source of those impressions. When I search for our name in the Domesday Book using this web site:, nothing is found. I would appreciate receiving any information anyone has about the very early appearance of our name on the Island.
David Parkhurst [link opens in new tab or window]
Indiana, USA
Submitted :
05 Nov 2017
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LOCK, George
I have found the marriage of my 3x Great grandfather and mother George LOCK and Jane Susanna MUNDELL on the 23rd March 1818 in Newport from Pallot's Marriage Index 1780-1837, but unfortunately there is no record of his Parents. I do know Jane's parents. I would be grateful if anyone could help please. The surname Lock changed to Locke around this date.
Nigel Locke [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Oct 2017
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I am looking for information on my 3 times great grandfather Alfred KITCHER born 1826 died 1894.
I am especially interested in his daughter Martha, born 1860, who married Richard CROOK in 1889 - she died 1892.
If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
Emma Crook [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 Oct 2017
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I would very much appreciate any assistance I can receive from Iisle of Wight researchers regarding my 4xgreat grandmother, who I can not trace further back than her transportation to New South Wales; she arrived in 1803. Her details describe her as:
Name: Hannah Hayward
Birth Year: 1779
Origin Place: Isle of Wight
Arrival Year: 1803
Pardon Date: 1841
Vessel Name: Glatton
Record Type: Conditional
Details on conditional pardon:
Listed as Servant, life, offence not listed, Height 5'-" born 1779, complexion Sallow, hair: fair mixed with grey, eyes hazel, note: red ?natural mark around left eye, purple mark and ? over left eyebrow, another at top of ear, left side of forehead ? over right side of upper lip.
Apparently she was tried as Hayward, Hannah alias Heywood, Place of Trial: Hampshire, Assizes, Date of Conviction: 2 March, 1801
I would be happy to help others with New South Wales research in return.
Diane Solomon Westerhuis [link opens in new tab or window]
New South Wales
Submitted :
12 Oct 2017
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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DIMMICK, William George
I am searching for any descendants of Gordon William George DIMMICK, born Freshwater 1914. He emigrated to Australia on the 31st March 1920 on the liner Euripides age 6 with his parents (I have their details). He married twice :- 1st in 1939 to Eleanor CROTHERS, 2nd Eileen Pearl FISHER 1947. I have found no children for either marriage. Gordon died in 1946 age 49 in Australia. He was my 1st cousin once removed. Can any one help or point me in the right direction ?
Gill Morris [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Oct 2017
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GILMORE, William
According to the Census returns for 1851/61/71 William GILMORE was born in Newport about 1792/3.
I am looking for details of his baptism and parentage.
Thank you for any assistance.
Kim Willis-Austin [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Jun 2017
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TOOGOOD, Ann (nee Saunders)
My direct line goes back to William TOOGOOD who married Ann SAUNDERS on 20 Dec 1835 in Newport, Isle of Wight.
I have tried numerous sites in an endeavour to establish Ann's parents with no success at all. I write in the hope that other Society members may have some information. There is a possibility that her father's name was William and, perhaps, Elizabeth was his wife's given name. My record indicates that Ann was born about 1818 in Newport, but christened on the mainland at Boldre, Hants. She died on 16 Jan 1900.
Any assistance will be appreciated.
Pam Parker [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
31 May 2017
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I am trying to trace members of the Denness/Dennis/Denniss/Denys Family. We been residents of the IOW for at least 9 generations. I have records of family members mainly living in Newport/Carisbrooke/Godshill/Sandown and Shanklin over the last 300+ years. I would be delighted to receive any contact, however distant or faint.
Mike Denness [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Apr 2017
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OSBORN, George
I am a descendant of George OSBORN (1864 - 1949), who lived for many years at Kite Hill Cottages Wootton, and was a coal merchant, based at the station yard at Wootton. The business then passed to his son Charles Wilfred Osborn (1892-1961) who continued to run it until about 1959. I would be very interested to learn of any documents or photographs relating to the coal yard, vehicles used by the business, or George and Charlie themselves. At least one photo of a horse drawn wagon in Wootton High Street is thought to exist.
Any leads would be much appreciated!
John Woodhams [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
28 Mar 2017
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JACOBS, Daniel
My 3rd great grandfather Daniel JACOBS was born 1813 - 1816 in Haven Street, Arreton and married Charlotte GANNAWAY (bn 1812 - 1814 Carisbrooke) on 15 October 1834. ( I came across this date by accident but am unable to find the source.)
I have worked my way forward to the present day ok but it is going backwards which is now creating the problem.
In my research I have discovered that some people have a Isaac JACOB and Mary HAYWARD as his parents and others have a William JACOB and Sarah ?.
I am inclined to go with Isaac and Mary as his parents but I may be wrong.
Can anyone anyone shed some light on this mystery for me?
Terry Jacobs [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Mar 2017
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HYDE family
I would appreciate some help in tracing my grandfather's ancestors on my mother's side, the HYDE family.
I was given a few notes :
Charles H Hyde (born 1849 in Cowes), married Ellen DAVIDSON (born 1850 Gosport) in Portsea 1873.
One of their children was Arthur Charles Hyde (born Southwark 1882) who married Susannah BINKS.
These were my mother's grandparents.
There is also a note that states that Charles was a ship's captain.
Is there anyone who has traced this line of the Hyde family in the Isle of Wight?
Maria Payne [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 Feb 2017
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It has been quite some years since I gathered information on my IoW ancestors, and it’s quite possible by now that new data is available. The person I’m interested in at this moment concerns James WOODFORD. James was a son of John Woodford (1747-1833) and Elisabeth BUTCHER (1765-1838).
James was born possibly 1796 Arreton, bapt 30/10/1796 Godshill; died 1/5/1868 St Peter Port, Guernsey; married Hannah LOE, 25/6/1840 at Godshill. At his death James was mentioned to have been a "gentleman").
The first 2 children of the couple were born at Godshill (James Henry 3/2/1841 and Eliza Ann bapt 14/8/1842 IoW); however the subsequent 2 children were born at Morlaix, Brittany (my gr grandfather William George born 15/5/1845 and Ellen Elisabeth born 12/11/1847). Census 1841 at St Lawrence Farm, IoW; 1861 at St Peter Port Guernsey.

So to build up a more complete picture of James, I wondered what his profession was, and thus why he moved to Morlaix somewhere between 1842 and 1845. [possibly military service?] My grandmother Grace Blanche Woodford (daughter of William George = son of James) mentioned James was Governor of Guernsey, but this was not confirmed by the archives at Guernsey, but Granny had many stories and quite a few have turned out to have been correct.

I can’t exclude that James moved earlier to Morlaix (or somewhere else) but his first two children were still born on IoW (e.g. closer to his parents or parents-in-law)

Would anyone have any suggestions as how to proceed?
Rob Tausk [link opens in new tab or window]
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Submitted :
06 Feb 2017
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VECTA. A description of the Isle of Wight.
I realise your main interest is family history, but I was please wondering if you know anyone who is interested in the literary history of the Isle of Wight?
In particular I am hoping to discuss a poem titled Vecta. A description of the Isle of Wight, which appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine and in the Scots Magazine for 1740. A link to it is as below.
My current belief is it was written by Tobias Smollett who was aboard HMS Chichester from 3 April 1740 at Portsmouth until the fleet sailed for the West Indies in late October 1740, but I am keen to discuss that further with an expert on Isle of Wight literary history.
Many thanks in advance for your time, Kind regards
Don Shelton
New Zealand
The gentleman's magazine - Volume 10 - Page 309
Don Sheldon [link opens in new tab or window]
Auckland, New Zealand
Submitted :
29 Jan 2017
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de Fretwell Memorial
Many years ago friends, now deceased, who lived on the Island took me to a church, ?smallest, ?highest, ?oldest, and one of the older memorials in the church, fairly high on the wall, was to a (Lord) de Fretwell. I have looked at all the memorials listed on the Isle of Wight church memorial website, and there is no mention of a de Fretwell. Fretwell is my family name and I was hoping to pass on the correct information to a cousin researching the family tree!
I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.
Jane Macfarlane [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Dec 2016
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I'm seeking help on the slim chance that Joseph BRESHER's father was a soldier who may have joined the 60th Regiment when in 1797 it recruited in Cowes Isle of Wight.
In 1811 Joseph was born near Salamanca, Spain. The 60th was there with Wellington so there may be a connection.
In 1830 Joseph himself joined the 60th in Southampton. Two sons and one grandson later joined the 60th.
I am writing to this group seeking help in locating records of a Bresher on the IOW in the late 1700's and early 1800's.
I also read that Germans immigrants were a part of that population at one time.
The 60th began in North America to fight the French - and to do so recruited immigrant German and Swiss protestants.
Norman Johnsen [link opens in new tab or window]
Tucson, Arizona
Submitted :
06 Dec 2016
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CUMMINS, William
I am endeavouring to trace the ancestors of William CUMMINS who died in Washington County, Arkansas 24 October 1864.
I live in Wiltshire, UK but my Mother's father was American and William Cummins his Great Grandfather. I have established a genetic link to the family in the USA via 23andme and "cousins" there have provided me with information about William Cummins which states that he was born on the Isle of Wight on 9 December 1814.
Its not known when William emigrated to the USA, however, one of the websites, FamilySearch, has details of a William Cummins born in 1814 arriving in New York in abt 1834 aboard The Albion. From the link on your website I have found a ship called Albion registered at Cowes in 1813.
Any information would be welcomed.
Alison Graham-Wells [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Oct 2016
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EASON family
Looking for information on the family of Samuel and Elvina EASON, (both from Jersey) who were in Monkton St, Ryde, on the 1881 Census. Elvina died in 1882, and Samuel still appears on IoW Census returns up to 1911. Samuel was a Hairdresser. There is some confusion over the names of their children.
Any additional information will be welcomed.
Heather Hill Gibson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Aug 2016
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LININGTON, Elizabeth
I am looking for any information on Thomas LININGTON and especially his daughter, Elizabeth. I had homed in on an Elizabeth as being the wife of my William ODELL ancestor but discovered that the Elizabeth was disabled and never married. I am drawn to Thomas as he is one of few Liningtons who had a daughter of that name. She is said to have been born around 1808, according to the 1851 census, in Kingston but 1861 states Portsea, Hampshire.
She married William Odell in 1833 at Northwood and is buried there (1874). I was also drawn to Thomas as he appears to have been married at Northwood in 1801. I am hoping that this is my ancestor as I have her marriage and her death but no info on her birth/christening. Can anyone help in finding her and her parents.
Andy Wood [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1897
Submitted :
10 Aug 2016
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I am informed that I have the wrong Jane MOREY in my family tree? A member of the Guild of One Name Studies contacted me to say I have different information regarding Jane Morey. I committed the sin of guessing she was of my family and have been proven to be wrong. I was told to go down the William Morey of Newport route who also had a daughter, Jane. Can anyone help in putting me on the right route to finding my Morey ancestors.
William Morey was baptised 2 Feb 1761?, married 1784. Jane Morey was baptised 31 July 1785
Andy Wood [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1897
Submitted :
10 Aug 2016
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JONES, Charles
I am seeking assistance in tracing the ancestors of a Charles JONES (alias SILVERTHORNE). This man was convicted in the Old Bailey on 12 May 1831 at 16 years of age and sentenced to transportation to New South Wales for life. His Conditional Pardon signed by Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy, Governor Of New South Wales, on 11 July 1847 records Charles as being a native of the Isle of Wight, a shoemaker, born in 1814.
Peter Jones [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
09 Aug 2016
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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SYKES, Alfred
My father's brother Alfred SYKES lived at 107 St Mary's Road, Cowes in 1947. I am trying to learn what became of him and his family.
Birth date and place of birth: Morecambe, Lancashire 1891
Father: Alfred Mellar
Mother: Mary Jane Mellar late Sykes formerly Toulmin
Alfred Sykes may have had a daughter named Ann who married a police officer named HICKS.
Thank you for any assistance you may give.
Elizabeth Sykes Ferraro [link opens in new tab or window]
Peru, NY, USA
Submitted :
20 Jun 2016
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Vernon Square, Ryde
I am currently compiling a history of Vernon Square, off Melville Street, Ryde. The land on which Vernon Square was formed was purchased by William Houghton BANKS, a naval surgeon, in 1828 from the Lind Estate. It was formerly used by the rope makers to lay out their ropes.
My theory is that it was named after Admiral Edward VERNON a famous 18th century admiral. Incidentally George Washington's brother served under Vernon and returned to America and hence the family home became Mount Vernon after his admiral.
I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding any of the above, historic photos of the square etc?
Jon Dent [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Jun 2016
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I would be most grateful if society members could help me with an enquiry about my ancestors Mary VOGAM and Robert DENHAM who were married at Godshill in 1769. Their marriage records do not indicate any information about Mary Vogam and the witness is probably a parish clerk. All I can find out is that she was buried at Whitwell on 21 July 1794. Any information at all about her and her antecedents would be much appreciated.
David Jaspar Utley [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
26 May 2016
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DENNIS, William
I was wondering if anyone could give me any information regarding my 5th great grandfather William DENNIS who was born in Carisbrooke in 1720. I think he married Ann FARLEY born 1759. I have managed to get a certain amount of information from Ancestry but I don’t know how reliable this is. Any assistance will be welcomed.
Peter Denness [link opens in new tab or window]
Newmarket, Suffolk
Submitted :
18 May 2016
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DYER, Charlotte
I am doing research into the family of Charlotte DYER born 1811, she married George HERBERT in 1833.
She had 7 children and died shortly after the birth of the last in 1843.
It is the ancestors of Charlotte that I am looking for. I believe her parents were Thomas DYER born 1785 and Mary RIDET but beyond that I have nothing.
Any help you could give me would be greatly received.
Pat Wingrove [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
14 May 2016
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PITTS, William
I am a member of the Devon Family History Society (12711) and am wondering if, or how I can seek information on my wife's Gt. Gt. Grandfather William PITTS, born Cowes in 1801, parents John and Jane (nee Ingram) married 21st June 1797 at St.Dunstan's in the East, London. I have found William's marriage to Charlotte Tucker in Exeter on November 29th 1832, but have found a possible son of William who was born c.1822 in Devon (who was subsequently sentenced to 7 years transportation to Hobart, and who died on 24th April 1846, during the passage). This leads me to think that there was a possible marriage in I.O.W. to a girl when William was 21.
William came to Sidmouth and had 9 children with Charlotte, and his mother Jane was also living with him. He eventually became a veterinary surgeon, as his father John was when he died in 1838 in Sidmouth. Any information would be most appreciated, or guidance how I can proceed through your site.
Michael Hooper [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Apr 2016
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Andrew LIDDELL, born 1808 Glasgow, and died 12 July 1870 Isle of Wight was my g.g.grandfather. For many years he was the Shipyard Manager, Medina Docks, Isle of Wight. I should be grateful of any information or photographs concerning my g.g.grandfather, his wife, Mary Ann and his daughters, Mary Reid, Henrietta, Agnes Sarah (my g,grandmother) and Elvira. Thanking you in anticipation.
Audrey Clark [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
06 Apr 2016
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PETLEY and DRAYTON families
I have a collection of old family photos, mostly unidentified. I would love to be able to identify some more.
I assume I have some distant relatives perhaps still on the Isle of Wight, PETLEY and DRAYTON families perhaps. I can offer photographs of; PETLEY, Agnes Sarah - born 1857, lived in St Mary's Rd and Medina Rd, married (my great grandfather Ishmael RICKMAN) in Northwood Church in 1878
OWEN, Emma - her mother, born Nov, 1825, married James Richard PETLEY, whitesmith
I would love to discover any photos of :
PETLEY, James Richard - born Mar 1822 in Margate Kent, but married Emma Owen in Jan 1844, and died on the Isle of Wight in June 1894 and is buried there. PETLEY, Ellen Fanny - born 1867, his daughter (Agnes' sister) but also my other great grandmother (my grandparents were cousins) who married Albert LEE (and moved to run a grocery in Southampton)
LEE, Albert James - also married in Northwood Church in 1889. He also comes from an Isle of Wight family - Frank LEE and Ann HUNT, whose father James HUNT was a lodgehouse keeper in Bonchurch at Clematis Cottage (writing of this slightly illegible but next to Woodbine Cottage) in 1851
Any more information about James Richard PETLEY, or his burial, or the Bonchurch addresses, or anything related would be greatly appreciated.
Heather Hill [link opens in new tab or window]
Western Australia
Submitted :
29 Mar 2016
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I am looking to see if there is any further information on the marriage entry of EDWARD PENFOLD and REBECCA LINSLEY in 27 Jun 1746, Newchurch. (Obtained from Ancestry marriages) (I would like to find the occupation of Edward or anything further about him)
I see that Ancestry Family Trees, which I am very wary of, have this Rebecca Linsley as Mary Linzee and connected to the Linzee Family. I have put together Edward and Rebecca's Family who were born at Portsea between 1747 and 1862. (this has been done from Findmypast) I have not been able to locate possible burials for either Edward or Rebecca.
I also note that LINSLEY seems to be a name from Durham and Yorkshire.
Kaye Cameron [link opens in new tab or window]
Brisbane, Australia
Submitted :
20 Feb 2016
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Norton Green, Freshwater
We are collecting information on the properties and residents of Norton Green, Freshwater. We would like to speak to anyone who has information or photos that will help us in our quest who perhaps lived in Norton Green or who has had relatives who lived in The Green.

Many thanks in advance ...
Penny Green [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
12 Jan 2016
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Lord family
I am trying to find out who the birth father was of my grandfather Alfred William LORD and his sister Kate LORD born Ventnor Isle of Wight. Alfred William Lord was born 1874/5. Kate Lord was born 1872. Their mother was Ruth Lord and she did not add their father on birth certificate. Any information on their father would be greatly appreciated. From what little information I have states that they lived on Newport road in Ventnor [1881 Census].
Patricia Lord [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
12 Jan 2016
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Southford Farm, Whitwell
I am trying to find out about my Grandfather Peter THOMPSON, born 1928 in London. In 1949 he emigrated to Australia and his last address was Southford Farm, Whitwell and his occupation was a farm worker.
I'd love to find out some more about Southford farm - what type of farm it was, and any photos of Whitwell in the late 1940's. It seems Southford Farm was owned by the LOWE family at the time my Grandfather was there. My Nana says that he had family on the Isle of Wight, but I've been unable to clarify whether he was related to them.
If anyone has any information about the history of Southford farm, it would be greatly appreciated!
Natasha Bradwell [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Dec 2015
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I am trying to trace the history of the family of my g-g-g-grandfather, Charles UNDERWOOD.
As much as my gtr-grandfather achieved in life, he did so being unable to read or write, and as most of his children were brought up the same, most of our history is verbal rather than written – except that recorded by the following generations.
Charles was born in Norwood c1809. His mother was Margaret Mary McCAUL (said to have come from Brading?) and his father was Charles UNDERWOOD Snr – as far as the hand-me-down family history goes. Margaret's father may have been Henry McCAUL.
Chas Jnr arrived in Sydney aboard the barque 'Ann' in 1833, the ship having left London on May 1 that year, and he is listed on the ship's log book as aged 24 and with the occupation of Groom.
From the time he landed in the colony of New South Wales on 13 November 1833 he did very well for himself, first being employed as a cab driver, then becoming well-known for his expertise with horses. He started his own livery stable business before expanding out to owning stagecoaches. Among the different enterprises he ran at the same time was taking a lease over the 200 acres of the seaside region of Bondi Beach for the purpose of sheep husbandry. He married a midwife, Mary McCarthy in 1840, and together they had 11 children, with 3 of the them being born in Sydney.
His considerable business footprint in Sydney led to the opportunity in 1846 of becoming the under-manager of a vast sheep station – Gowrie - on the Darling Downs in what is now Queensland, becoming that state's pioneers. His 8th child, Mary Alice, was one of the very first children born to the new colony of Queensland.
Chas and Mary's descendants are fortunate to have a cousin whose husband has compiled a detailed record of the family almost up to the present day, and of which contains nearly 3,000 names, quite a number of them still living.
Any help to piece his beginnings will be sincerely appreciated.
Laurie O'Neill [link opens in new tab or window]
New South Wales, Australia
Submitted :
07 Dec 2015
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McDONALD, Thomas Anderson
We are trying to trace an ancestor of ours, Thomas Anderson McDONALD, born about 1821 on the Isle of Wight.
We can find no entries relating to his birth or his parents. We would be most grateful if you could give us any help in finding any information about him.
Caroline Milne [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 Nov 2015
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LEECH, Margaret (died 1837)
I wonder if any of your members have any further information on:

Margaret Leech, minor Romantic poet, who died at Rookley Cottage, 22 January 1837 (Hampshire Advertiser 28 January 1837). She left a will and was the beneficiary of her brother John's will. He died Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1820. Her cottage was later sold.

She was buried at Godshill Churchyard.
She did not marry.
She published Poems on Various Subjects, London 1816.
Ref :- Online copy. Abebooks copy. Jackson, Romantic Poetry..., p. 198
Andrew Ashfield [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
06 Nov 2015
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COOK, Isaac
We live in Australia and I am researching my husband's ancestors.
We came to a halt with Isaac COOK b (1796-1797) died 1871 Godshill. And that is about all we know. If anyone can help that would be great.
I am coming to the Isle of Wight 19-21 Oct 2015 and hope I may find something.
Tini Coot [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Sep 2015
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EDNEY, Sarah
I would like help to find the death or burial of Sarah EDNEY born 5 October 1816 daughter of Joseph EDNEY. She died sometime between 1816 and 1828. I would be pleased to offer a donation for any information that can be found. Thank you.
Bernard Edney [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Sep 2015
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INCE, Horatio Arthur aka JAMES, Henry
My name is Amy Sutton and I am researching my husband's genealogy. All records indicated that a branch of his family lived and died on the Isle of Wight. The family name is INCE from Wales and specifically the individual we are searching for is Horatio Arthur INCE born 1855. His father was Henry Robert INCE born 1829 in Tring Hertfordshire and died on the Isle of Wight in 1899 and his wife was Catherine. We know Horatio was arrested at age 11 for stealing coal from a Mrs Squire on St Johns Road, Ryde as noted in the Hampshire Advertiser.
The reason for my inquiry is that Horatio disappears from 1875 to 1885 and changed his name at some point to Henry JAMES marrying two women at the same time and then traveling to America. But the family stayed connected to the Isle of Wight. They were painters and carpenters, Any help you can give me would provide peace of mind to the family. Thank you so very much for your help.
Amy Sutton [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Aug 2015
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DeFORREST, Richard Bernard
I am looking for information on Richard Bernard DeFORREST born in Ryde, Isle of Wight about 1901. His parents were James DeFORREST and Frances ANDREWS. I live in Canada and am assisting the daughter of Richard DeForrest to find her family roots. I looked in the 1841 census but did not find any DeForrest families. Richard moved to Canada where he married and had his family. [His marriage certificate gives his place of birth, and that of his father's, as Ryde, Isle of Wight]. His daughter Edna, who is elderly and legally blind now searches to know her family roots and history. Any information would be most appreciated.
Katie Denis [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Aug 2015
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Regiments on Isle of Wight in 1806
I am seeking information on the following :- 'Army Regiments in the Newport area about 1806.'
The background to my request relates to my wife's ancestor Richard JOHNSON born 1785 in Bildeston, Suffolk, married Ann TERRY (also from Bildeston) 7 Jan 1806 in Newport. In 1841, back in Bildeston, his occupation is 'Army Pension'.
I would like to search army records for him but must first find likely Regiments, hence my requested information. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Ray McLean [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 Aug 2015
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Porchfield Methodist Church
A neighbour of ours has asked us to take some photos of the old Porchfield Methodist church while we are in the island next week.
I believe her husband was baptised there many years ago and before she returns to Canada, where they now live asked us if it would be possible to get some indoor pictures and possibly a picture of the font.
I realise now that the church has become a private dwelling so taking picture inside or out may be an invasion of somebody's privacy, but I wondered if anyone knows the whereabouts of the font and whether a photograph of it would be possible?
Jon Lord [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
03 Aug 2015
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GREENHAM, Cornelius and Jane
I am trying to locate the final resting place of my Great Great Grandparents Cornelius and Jane GREENHAM. Cornelius was born in St Helens, Isle of Wight in 1798 and died on 10 September 1861 at Sea View, St Helens. Jane was born in Ryde and died on 8 May 1868 in Simeon Street, Ryde (Maiden name YATES). The 1851 census details Cornelius as a captain of a yacht and the 1861 census shows him as a fisherman. Both detail their residence as Seaview.

I have looked around the Cemetery at St Helens but without any success and searched the various databases associated with the island, again without success. Can anyone suggest a suitable approach please.
Doreen Ridden [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
22 Jul 2015
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BLACKBURMES, Alfred Thomas
According to the 1911 Census for Surbiton, Alfred Thomas BLACKBURMES (sometimes transcribed as BLACKBURNES), aged 40, was born on the Isle of Wight.

However I can find no trace of his Birth registration or any other evidence to link him to the Island.

Any help in finding out more about this man, his parents and his family would be welcomed. His children later used the surname HAYWARD-BLACKBURMES.
Mark Hayward [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Jul 2015
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My great-grandfather John LEAHY is buried in Shanklin. (Died in 1906). John was an army doctor in India . I’m wondering if any of your members has any information to give about him or his family. My Grandmother Maud was a daughter.
Mrs Didi Magnin [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jul 2015
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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YOUNG, William and family
I am trying to find information on the Young family who lived on the Isle of Wight, from whom I am descended. The details I have are:
William YOUNG (born circa 1739) married Anna BARTON
His two sons:
1. John Young, born 2 Mar 1765, Newport, Isle of Wight, died 21 April, 1817, Shoreditch, London, married Katherine BELCHER, 25 Dec 1799, St Andrew, Holborn
2. Richard Young born 21 Sep 1784, died 29 Jan 1867, possibly married to Jane Rebecca, emigrated to USA

I am hoping to fill in a few gaps in this family tree and connect with others searching the same family.

The image shows what we believe to be the Young's house in Freshwater, and any assistance in identifying this and its location would also be welcomed.

click to enlarge
Liz Koh [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
10 Jul 2015
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EVANS, Bertram Sutton
I am researching Captain Bertram Sutton EVANS of the Royal Navy, who married Ethel Florence BOCQUET in 1902 and they lived at Little Orchard, St Helens. Bertie, who came from Godalming, Surrey, died in 1919 but Ethel continued to live at Little Orchard until she passed away in 1953. Their daughter Patricia Jeanette (Patsy) SAUNDERS and husband Frederick Lewis (Jim) SAUNDERS also lived and died on the island. It is understood that they had two children, David and Patrick SAUNDERS. I am keen to contact these or any other descendants or extended family members and hopefully find a photograph of Captain Evans to use in a book I am writing about him.
Denise Beddows [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
02 Jul 2015
Verified : 14 Jul 2015
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TYLER family
I am researching the TYLER family, who lived on the Isle Of Wight in the 1700s and onwards.
The earliest record I have is for the marriage of John TYLER and Mary STEPHENS on 12 September 1772, in Shalfleet.
However, I cannot find his birth/baptism or his death/burial.
Would any member be able to suggest where I should look next?
Julian Lloyd [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
22 Jun 2015
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British Resistance organisation
We research the British Resistance organisation of which there were 14 patrols on the Isle of Wight.
We are in desperate need of someone local to help collate local knowledge, look into members and help us produce some patrol reports for our website.
I wondered if you guys may be able to help please?
Here is what we know so far.
and here
I posted yesterday on this page and have had some interest :
I have also just had a voice mail from a lady on the island who says her father was involved.
We could really just do with some local help. Can you help us ?
Tom Sykes [link opens in new tab or window]
British Resistance Archive / CART
Submitted :
19 Jun 2015
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BULL, John H
I would like family information on John H. BULL born Nov 1857 in Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England. He emigrated to the US in 1886 bringing with him my grandmother, Harriet Elizabeth, who was about 4 years old at the time.
I believe he married a Sarah Ann LIDSTONE (1849 - 1894) while still in England and they also had a son, Hector John who died as a three year old in 1886 and is buried in East Cowes Cemetery. However, when John Bull emigrated to the US in 1886, Sarah was not with him and I've always wondered what happened to that side of the family and why little Hector John died so young.
I would also like to know who were John Bull's parents, grandparents, etc and where they're all buried, and also any descendants who are still living. A possible maiden name of his mother is Harriet MEW, but it could also be FURMIDGE. I've been searching for years so any information anyone can send me would be much appreciated.
Joyce Clark Butler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
19 Jun 2015
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DONOVAN, Richard
Richard DONOVAN was a resident of the small Swiss town of Reckingen from 1929-39. Expelled at the start of WW II he died in London in 1940.
He and his family spent some time at Castle Hill House in Cowes in the 1920s. His mother was Maria Vicenza de Pereda, Countess of Riva, and his father, the Rev. Percy Donovan. She married twice, the second husband being Frederick BECHER.
I am trying to find out more about the Donovan family and their time on the Isle of Wight. I have much more information, too much for this request, but would be pleased to hear from anyone with any further details.
Ilse Carlen [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
29 May 2015
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TOSH, Jessie
I am looking for some records of my grandmother while she was on the Isle of Wight.
Her name is Jessie TOSH (née BEVERLEY) and according to her marriage certificate she was a lady’s maid at Landguard Manor.
She was married on 3 April 1919 at the United Methodist church, Newport Street, Ryde, IOW to my Grandfather a WWI Australian soldier.
She was born 17 Oct 1891 and died on 20 Apr 1975.
She was Scottish so am wondering why she was at Landguard Manor during WWI and what was Landguard Manor used for during WWI.
She married my grandfather Alexander William TOSH (also Scottish) just after the war ended. I was also wondering how they would have met as my grandfather was from Australia and what was he doing on the IOW.
He did go on leave a couple of times during the war but his records just states "on leave in England".
My mother always told us that her mother was a ladies' maid to a very important person in UK. So who was in charge of Landguard Manor during WWI ?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Ross Ramm [link opens in new tab or window]
Western Australia
Submitted :
14 May 2015
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I have been searching for my g-g -grandmother and g-g -grandfather. I think their names were Sarah (possible Ann but it is a short second name) Duncanson and Isaac Harris. I know they were living on the Isle of Wight in 1837 when my g-grandfather Thomas Duncanson Harris was born at Newport.
From his marriage certificate, dated 1865 : Thomas Harris, bachelor, and Elizabeth Mary Hardy at the Zion Chapel Newport. Thomas's father is recorded as Isaac Harris, coal miner and Elizabeth's father is Alfred Hardy, bricklayer.
Thomas is 28 years old and Elizabeth 23 years, indicating that he was born about 1837.
On the birth of my grandfather Frank Duncanson at Cowes on 4th June 1878 at Royal Exchange Whippingham, Thomas Duncanson Harris is listed as the father and a bricklayer and Elizabeth Mary Harris as the mother.
In 1842 Elizabeth Mary Hardy was born at Cowes to Alfred Hardy and Elizabeth Hardy née Paul.
I would like more information about Isaac Harris and his other children and his burial site. I was told by family that both Isaac Harris and his wife Sarah Jane Croft were born in Scotland in 1810 and 1811 respectively. Isaac was reputed to be born on Lewis with Harris. Elizabeth Mary Hardy's parents were also reputed in family papers to have come from Lewis with Harris but I cannot find that connection as yet...
Any assistance is welcomed.
Beryl Smith, née Harris [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
06 Apr 2015
Verified : 16 Nov 2020
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SALTER, Charles
I have reached an impasse in my research and would like to ask Members for any help they can give. Essentially it is the same as posted by Carol Morgan in 2013, but with more information on Maria. (I contacted Carol, but no response).

Charles Salter married Maria Chessell in 1837 in Northwood. where they were recorded in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses. They had 9 children, the last being Mary Jane Salter, born 1853. After that there is no record of the residence or death of Charles (to confuse matters, from my research another Charles Salter is recorded as a boarder in the 1861/71/81 Census returns, who died in 1885 in Carisbrooke).
Maria Salter remarried a John James Davey in Newchurch, IOW in 1857 and was described as 'Widow Salter' on the Marriage Cert. She died in 1859 in Farnham, Surrey.
The children were dispersed to various relatives, but no trace can be found for Charles.
Any information, including 'family myths and legends' would be appreciated.
Mike Salter [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
06 Apr 2015
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SHAW, Harry Morgan
My name is Alan SHAW and I have been researching my family history and I have my gt gt gt grandfather as Harry Morgan SHAW born around 1815 possibly in Lymington. His father was a Thomas SHAW and his mother was Mary MORGAN.
Harry married Mary Ann WAY in 1840 at Calbourne Church. They had two children in the Isle of Wight. Mary SHAW and Harry Lancelot SHAW who both died young.
Harry Morgan Shaw was a jeweller/silversmith in Newport, but went bankrupt in 1844. I have no further information on him at all. He was not on any census after the 1841 census, although Mary Ann was classified as married in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses and a widow in the 1881 census.
I was wondering whether anyone can provide any further information about Harry Morgan SHAW.
Alan Shaw [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Mar 2015
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Maternity Homes for unwed mothers ?
I would like to know if there were were maternity homes for unwed mothers on the Isle of Wight in 1908 ...
Peter Austin-Smith [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1317
Submitted :
02 Mar 2015
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Godshill cottages
My gt.grandfather, George HARVEY from Sandown apparently spent some time recuperating in his home village of Godshill in the early 1900's and was supposed to have been lodged in one of the much photographed cottages on the hill in front of the church. Does anyone know who owned them around that time?
Peter Austin-Smith [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1317
Submitted :
02 Mar 2015
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Servants' Registers
Was there a servants' register for the Isle of Wight in 1908 and if so, where might I find it?
Peter Austin-Smith [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1317
Submitted :
02 Mar 2015
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The Church and Chapel people of East Cowes exhibition
East Cowes Heritage Centre is focussing their next exhibition on "The Church and Chapel people of East Cowes"
To run from April - June 2015 it will include St Mildred's Church Whippingham.
Do you have any interesting details or photographs of notable past members of East Cowes congregations or clergy?
Perhaps you have ancestors who were connected with churches or chapels in the town? If so we would like to hear from you.
The East Cowes Heritage Centre at 8 Clarence Road, East Cowes PO32 6EP is open Mon - Sat 10am - 1pm Weds 10am - 4pm
East Cowes Heritage Centre [link opens in new tab or window]
8 Clarence Road, East Cowes PO32 6EP
Submitted :
23 Feb 2015
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PELLEY family
I am a New Zealand descendant of one William PELLEY/PELLY, born on the Isle of Wight around 1814, married to Mary who was born in 1806 or 1816. His son Frank, born c. 1847 also on the Isle of Wight, married in New Zealand and was my great great grandfather. Your records of births show a number of people most likely born to William and Mary, or related to them in some way.

The records I have found so far associate William, Mary and Frank with Newchurch, Ryde, and possibly Alverstoke.

I am led to believe that the original Pelleys were Flemish, and may have been named Pellen, or Pellaines - but am unsure about when they may have arrived on the Isle.

I am hoping that one of your members may be able to shed some light on this family for me.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you might be able to offer in this matter.
Ruth Leach [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
30 Jan 2015
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First Salvation Army funeral
I was looking, after many years, at the results of a conversation I'd had with my (now deceased) Aunt a long time ago regarding "The first Salvation Army Funeral on the Isle of Wight".
Unfortunately my rather scrambled notes taken at the time don't make clear to whom the reference was. I believe it might be the father of JOHN HARRY {HENRY} CASS or possibly the father of his mother who was a BARRAT.
The BARRAT connection had a link to the "Blacksmiths Arms" and my notes record that the recipient of the funeral "worked in pubs before conversion".
I wonder if any members know who was the first Salvationist to be buried on the Island? If so I would be delighted to hear from them .
Keith Beddow [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Jan 2015
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WADE, Edward
My partner and I have bought a little gaff cutter built in St. Helens Isle of Wight in 1907. The boat was built and designed by Edward WADE. I have found only a picture of the Wade boatyard (you can see my boat on my web site (the website is in Italian)) but I would like to investigate any information about the Wade family and their boats.

click on images to enlarge

Can you help me in any way?
Michelle Tredwell [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 Jan 2015
Verified : 13 Jan 2015
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Jack Sydney Reading
The images show a query from the latest LSARS journal.
I think that this boy in the photograph might be JOHN SYDNEY READING who was living on the Isle of Wight when he gained his RHS medal and certificate in 1916 (Aged 15).
He was the son of JOHN BARWICK READING, a Superintendent of Trinity House, who died and was buried in East Cowes in 1907.
JOHN SYDNEY READING went to school in Newport, since his name appears on their Roll of Honour for WW2. He is also listed on the East Cowes War Memorial.
The Isle of Wight County Press reported his medal award in 1916, but there were no photographs used at this date.
Any help you can give to identify the young boy will be most welcomed - I will of course happily pay any reasonable expenses involved.

click images to enlarge
David Mole [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 Jan 2015
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Newport Grammar School - Graham Goulding
I have done some research on Graham Goulding who was killed in the Malaya Campaign in 1954. It occurred to me that he was an old boy of Newport Grammar School and that an obituary to him might have been published in the school magazine and indeed he might have had a valete in the magazine when he left school. Is anyone aware of any archive of old IOW school magazines?
Anthony Bevis [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1491
Submitted :
29 Dec 2014
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I'm looking for information about my Great Grand Father's history.

I was told that he and his family came from the Isle of Wight... His name was Blynn CURTIS, born in or about 1811, and went to sea at the age of 12 years. He was in a Mutiny on the vessel USS Creole, a slave ship, and was taken in to the Island of Nassau 1841.

I was told his brothers came to US with a father.

Passed down from my mother and her brothers - I have no other information.

Thank you
Arthur H Adolphsen [link opens in new tab or window]
Hope, ME, USA
Submitted :
19 Dec 2014
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JACKMAN / WOOD families
I'm looking for information on the JACKMAN and WOOD family from Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Charlie JACKMAN and Emily CANNING (AKA Emily VINE and later Rose WOOD) had 3 children, Helen Emily Jackman b. 1897, Isle of Wight, d. 1984, Portsmouth, Hampshire; Robert Charlie Jackman b. 1899, Isle of Wight; and Rose May Jackman b. 1900 - 1971 born Isle of Wight, d. 1971, Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Charlie Jackman died at sea and his widow married Robert Wood in 1904 in Newport, Isle of Wight; Robert had previously been married to Maud TREW but she died in 1903 leaving 2 sons Arthur Robert and Lionel Charles.
Robert and Emily Wood had 2 children - Leonard George Wood and Ivy Wood.
We have done extensive research but have come to a dead end:- we'd like to know what happened to the Jackman children and find any living descendants; we are also trying to find photos to go with the names of everyone.
My husband has inherited Robert Wood's Navy medals and we have had them remounted ready to frame and it would be wonderful to find a photo of him to put with it.
We are in Australia so we are finding this part difficult.
Any help would be appreciated.
Shauna Wood [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Dec 2014
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Gladstone Cottage, Oakfield Hill, Ryde
I wonder if any members of the society would know where Gladstone Cottage, Oakfield Hill, Ryde, Isle of Wight, was and what was it used for. I have a Vera CLEMENT was born there in 1908.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Peter Wallace [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0868
Submitted :
17 Dec 2014
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HUMPHREYS, Harriott Catherine
Has anyone any knowledge or information about Harriott Catherine HUMPHREYS who died in Godshill district on the Island aged only 20 years in 1881 June quarter.

Does anyone know what the IoW connection was with this family?
Tim Sargeant [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 Dec 2014
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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MASTERS family, East Cowes
I am looking for :

Firstly the Workshop that was in East Cowes, owned by David MASTERS and his brothers; (Where was it and are there any photographs?)

David MASTERS married Sarah BATSTONE

Is Batstone cottage still there?

The graves of JAMES MASTERS born in 1755 in Boldre, Hampshire, who died in 1822 East Cowes

His 2 wives: Elizabeth MASTERS (née JONES), who died on the 10th July 1785 at Whippingham I.O.W

and HANNAH MASTERS (née WIMBLETON, born Brading/Breading), who died in the first Quarter 1838 East Cowes. [Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England Death Registration England and Wales Vol 8 page 174]

The grave of George MASTERS, son of Elizabeth MASTERS (née JONES)
[George MASTERS, was baptised 28th December 1783 East Cowes, Isle of Wight, England and died in 1849 East Cowes age 66 years].

Any assistance will be welcomed. I can also help anyone wishing to find out more about the MASTERS family.
Valerie Bennetts [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 Dec 2014
Verified : 19 Nov 2020
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WILLIAMS, Dorothy Geraldine Forbes
Anne Isabella, Ellen, and Edith Mary Turner were great-grandaughters of James Forbes of Kingairloch, Scotland and Hutton Hall, Essex (1756-1829) from whom my wife is descended. There are a few more IoW connections which may be of interest.
James Forbes married twice and had two daughters from the first marriage. One was Maria Isabella who married Maj. Gen. David Forbes and among their eight children was Charles Forbes who appears to have retired to the Isle of Wight after a career in India. He died 28 Dec 1892 and lived at the Castle, Ryde. His wife Mary followed three months later. Incidentally, Charles's first cousin Charlotte was the wife of the Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman.
James had eleven children from his second marriage. Among them was a daughter Sarah who married Rear-Admiral Edward Richard Williams. Their daughter Sarah married Arthur Holden Turner and they are the parents of Anne Isabella, Edith Lynda, and Ellen. Edith Lynda was baptised at All Saints, Ryde on 5 Oct 1870. Sarah Forbes had a brother William and among his seven children was a daughter Magdalen who married Charles Irwin Williams. They had three children apparently among whom was a daughter Dorothy Geraldine Forbes Williams. I believe she was born in Canada in February 1893 but she died on the Isle of Wight in the last quarter of 1993. If anyone has any information, I would be very interested in knowing more about her. I believe that she had a sister Olive and probably a brother.
Other descendants of James Forbes settled in Southsea.
Jan Laury [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Nov 2014
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PORTER / WILLIAMS early 19th C
I am a direct descendent of Ruth How PORTER and Edward Waterloo WILLIAMS. Edward was born in 1817 on the Isle of Wight to John (Inn Keeper) and Jane WiILLIAMS. Unfortunately that is all I know about his parents.
Ruth was born 1821 to Thomas PORTER and Ann DYER. I believe that Thomas is the son of Richard PORTER who was a organist. If anyone knows anything about these families I hope you could help me fill in some gaps or even some clues.
Tony Smith [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
28 Oct 2014
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My grandmother, Peggy Ellen SINNICKS, was born on 21 Aug 1928, and adopted at birth. From her Birth certificate, she was born at 3 Webberia, Park Road, St Helens.
This presumably means St Helens Parish, rather than St Helens village, and relates to Park Road, St John's, Ryde.
I would like to find out more about this property and whether it still exists.
Martin Lewis [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Oct 2014
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If I could ask for your help on a point of my family genealogy looking back to England from America!?! Very recently, I was quite excited to find that my Great Grandfather, born 1898, Ohio, USA, was not Leonard Duncanson, but rather Dunkinson, and quite interestingly, his father, Samuel Dunkinson, born 1851, was the son of Robert Dunkinson, born 1812, "Isle of White", England.
As a sailing fan, and knowing of the Cowes Regatta, I thought immediately that this must be a misspelling by the 1840 and 1850 census taker in Pennsylvania!? Later U.S. Census, and death certificate, report Robert's birth place as "England", omitting reference to his exact birth location on your beautiful island.
Your website has some information on Dunkinson genealogy, increasing my hope that "White" was in fact "Wight". My mother, of course, confirmed the spelling "Dunkinson" and remembered her mother saying that her great grandfather was born on the Isle of Wight... So much for my long believed Scottish heritage!? By 1840, Robert Dunkinson was married to Mary Boweon, born in Pennsylvania about 1811, living in Greene Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, with 3 children ages 1 to 9. By 1860, the family had moved a few miles south to Guilford Township, Franklin County, having by now a large family of 11 children, 7 living.
It would be a tremendous pleasure if either you or one of your members could consider my query, and perhaps direct me to information on my ancestor's birth or possibly to a family link, perhaps yet living on the Island!
Capt. David Lovingood [link opens in new tab or window]
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Submitted :
16 Oct 2014
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PORTER, Elizabeth
I would be pleased to know about Elizabeth PORTER,(ca 1759-1836) from Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight. She is the mother of a drawer and painter who lived in France : Peter Tom Hawke.

Elizabeth PORTER married John HAWKE or HAWKES, a Roman Catholic, in Newport on 27 July 1795.
Thomas Porter was possibly a brother of Elizabeth ?
John PORTER and Henriette HOW or Harriet HOW are Elizabeth's father and mother.
I'm searching about which records may give John Hawke's parents.
The name of John Hawke's mother is 'S. HYNCH' or HINCH
(John died in Saint-Servan near Saint Malo in 1818 and Elizabeth Porter in 1836). They arrived in Brittany in 1815 but still owned properties in Carisbrooke.
Thanks for anythings about these families : -How, Porter, Hawke, Hynch
Marie-Françoise Bastit [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
25 Sep 2014
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COOPER, Gilbert William
Carisbrooke Castle Museum would like to reunite a WW I Victory medal with any descendants of the recipient's family - it was awarded to Pte 8213 Gilbert William Cooper, 2nd Battalion, Dorset Regiment who died on 5 June 1916 in India. He had connections with Freshwater and Sandown. If you can show a family connection we would be delighted to return it.
Wight at War : [link opens in new tab or window]
Carisbrooke Castle Museum
Submitted :
24 Sep 2014
Verified : 24 Sep 2014
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Georgian theatres in Newport
I've recently come across a pair of petitions from one James STRATFORD, renewing the licensing on his theatre in Newport, from 1807 and 1808 - would you or any of your members be aware of any theatres in Newport from that period? There's no further information on the petitions themselves (though I've included transcriptions below) and my own research has brought nothing up so far.

1807 NBC/18/7

To The worshipful the mayor & magistrates of the borough of Newport - The humble petition of James Stratford prayeth for the renewal of his licence for 60 nights from the date hereof until the sessions in October 1808 and your petitioner will at all time study to deserve the favour of the worshipful bench and be [-?-] a most grateful recollection of the preference they have been pleased to give him

Oct-26th-1807 - J Stratford

1808 NBC/18/7

James Stratford (the manager of the theatre) returns his grateful thanks to the worship:c the mayor and worthies of Newport for the preference & Protection they have so kindly given him for which he will ever remain thankful

Stratford entreats the renewal of his licence of the worshipful bench and assures(?) them his best endeavours will ever be exerted for this amusement When honoured with their permission & trusts(?) his conduct will always merit their fond opinion

Newport Oct 31st
Brice Stratford [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 Aug 2014
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JOYCE family
I am hoping someone can help me to find some more information about my paternal grandparents.
My grandfather was William George JOYCE born 12 March 1875 at 39 Union Road, Ryde.
His birth certificate states that his father was William JOYCE a cab driver and his mother was Jane JOYCE formerly KINGSWELL.
I can find no record of a William JOYCE marrying a Jane KINGSWELL.
On the IWFHS website it shows 6 children with the mothers name being KINGSWELL. William George b 1872 and died 1872, Anne born 1877, Charles Henry born 1879, Frederick Ernest born 1882 and Leonard born 1888.
William George JOYCE married Gertrude Holly HAYLES, the daughter of Charles James HAYLES and Elizabeth Ann MOUNCHER on 19 November 1902 where it states that his address was Rustic Cottage, Bellevue Road, Ryde.
In the 1901 Census there is a William and Jane Joyce living at 12 Bellevue Road, Ryde. There are 3 other family members at this address: Annie 24, Frederick 19 and Leonard 13.
I do not know if this is William JOYCE and Jane MARTIN or William JOYCE and Jane KINGSWELL
Sometime before the 1911 Census my grandfather changed his name to Harry SIMMS and was living in High Street, East Meon, Petersfield and working as a grocer.
My grandparents came to Australia between 1913-1915. My father and his twin brother still had the name Joyce on their birth certificates although their surname was Simms.
I believe that my great-grandfather William had a sister Emma who married a Henry SIMMS in 1866.

I do hope that someone in the IOW can throw some light on my history.
Wendy Sherry (née Simms) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jul 2014
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HOOKER, George : descendants
My grandmother, Clara HOOKER was born in Northwood, Isle of Wight on 29 May 1877 to parents George Henry HOOKER and Elizabeth BAILEY. She and her sister, Jessie Annie Hooker (born 1875) travelled together to Australia in approx 1897.

We will be visiting the Isle of Wight for four days commencing 7th June 2015 and would like to make contact with any descendants of George Henry Hooker. We notice there are some Hooker names in the Isle of Wight white pages.

Please contact us if you can help.
Bob and Heather Weir [link opens in new tab or window]
Western Australia
Submitted :
06 Jul 2014
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WILLIAMS, Laura Jane and Florence Ethel
My great-aunt Laura Jane Williams and her daughter Florence Ethel Williams have been on my 'Most Wanted' list for a very long time and over the years, I have returned to their story again and again, sifting through the meager collection of records of their lives, hoping for one of those eureka moments.

This is what I know:
Laura Jane WILLIAMS was born 19 January 1867 at 31 St Johns Road in Ryde on the Isle of Wight to parents George WILLIAMS and Harriet STOREY and was baptised on 7 Apr 1867 at Holy Trinity Church in Ryde. She appears in both the 1871 and 1881 censuses residing with her parents on St. John's Road. On 9 November 1886, she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Florence Ethel WILLIAMS and when registering the birth, she gave her name as Lorry WILLIAMS and her occupation as a bookkeeper. Last seen in the 1891 census at her parent's house at 75 St John's Road in Ryde, she seems to have disappeared afterwards without a trace.

Laura's daughter Florence was born 9 November 1886 at 79 St Johns Road in Ryde and was last seen in the census records in 1901, living with her grandparents. After 1901, Florence Ethel WILLIAMS seems to have disappeared without a trace as well.

This entry originally appeared on my blog, Out of My Tree Genealogy, at

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of descendants of these two ladies or what happened to them is urged to contact me!
Barb Starmans [link opens in new tab or window]
Ontario, Canada
Submitted :
29 Jun 2014
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The Poplars, Orchardleigh Road, Shanklin
I have been researching my mother's family, surname BRENNEN, and have found the IWFHS website extremely helpful and easy to use.
I visited the Island last year hoping to revisit my grandmother's old house, but sadly this had been knocked down and some smaller houses built in the area.
I am hoping you may be able to put me in contact with someone who will have some old photos of the area and maybe hopefully be able to purchase some copies of these photos.
The address of the house was: 13 Orchardleigh Road, Shanklin, I.O.W. The house itself was called The Poplars.
Linda Wright [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
22 May 2014
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BUCKELL, William
A group of colleagues and I are carrying out research into the 1815 Apothecaries Act in order to make contributions to a small seminar planned for July next year to mark the 200th anniversary of this Act which played a significant role in the development of medical education.

For my part I have chosen to research all the candidates who took the new exam (which later became known as the L.S.A.) during the first 12 months (i.e. August 1815-July 1816).

In order to be eligible to take the exam each candidate had to show evidence of at least 5 years apprenticeship to an apothecary, as well as demonstrating a minimum of 6 months Hospital training and having undertaken courses in anatomy and physiology, the treatment and practice of medicine, chemistry and material medica.

It appears that candidate No 51, who took the exam on March 7th 1816, had links to the Isle of Wight. The details recorded in the 'Candidates Qualifications Book' (MS 8241/1 Box 132 in the archives of the Society of Apothecaries) are as follows:-

William BUCKELL, age 21 years, apprenticed to William Jefferies BECKINSALE of the 'City of Newfarun' (? this is very indistinct) for 5 years. He took 4 courses in anatomy and physiology, 4 courses in the treatment and practice of medicine, 4 courses in chemistry, and 4 courses in material medica. He had also worked for 12 months as a Surgeon's Pupil at St George's Hospital. He was examined by Mr Brande and passed. No record was made at the time of his place of intended residence, but this was later shown, in a list compiled some years later of all the successful candidates in the early years, as being the Isle of Wight.

In these early years the exam was entirely oral so no other paper records exist. As I am sure you appreciate this early date (preceding the BMD register) makes life somewhat difficult.

Any thing at all that you can tell me about any of the above would be most greatly appreciated and if I find anything further I would be happy to share it. I know from my own past genealogical research just how helpful family historians can be.
Julie Papworth [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 May 2014
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POLLARD (née LININGTON), Margaret Gertrude ... and the Dame of Sark
My grandmother Margaret Gertrude POLLARD (née LININGTON) always talked about knowing and staying with The Dame of Sark (Sibyl Hathaway) : I know she travelled to Guernsey in Sept 1919 as I have her passport with entry stamps ! According to Sibyl's biography " ... and by Christmas 1919 were all happily settled in Guernsey, surrounded by my late husband's relations and many of my close friends..." and this was just after the death of her husband.

I also have two poems, hand written, on the back of a local shop receipt (not on writing paper!) and based on the theme of 'living on after the death of a loved one'.

The problem I have is ... she was from a totally different social circle; my grandmother claimed she had always worked in service for the people that lived in those big lovely houses (although I have never found it in the census).

The only logical answer is that she was invited to accompany one of her employers as a maid or travelling companion. Who was this? I have no idea but would love to know.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
Ken Lardner [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0455
Submitted :
10 Apr 2014
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Shooting Competitions
I am looking for information as to when (date or month in the year) competitions with rifle clubs on the Island would have taken place. I am interested in C H Richardson cup 1919 and The Fitzcox Ladies Cup 1927. My grandmother, Olive WADE, won the above two.

The reason for the request is so that I can check on any newspaper reports of the time - it makes it easier to find if a precise date is known.
Ginny Wade [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 3132
Submitted :
15 Mar 2014
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PERRY family
I am seeking any information on the PERRY family who lived in Fishouse (Fishbourne) and Kite Hill, Wootton Bridge between 1710 and 1787. From the IOW Burial Card Index I have found an Elizabeth (wife of James Perry of Fishouse) registered at Holy Cross Church, Binstead in 1710, Robert (son of James) - 1741 at Holy Cross, Hannah (wife of James) - 1745, Elizabeth (daughter of James) - 1762. A James Perry died in 1786 and his wife Charity in 1787. From the above dates I think there were two or possibly three James. His daughter Mary married John POPHAM in 1787 and John became tenants at Kite Hill House and Farm.
Lesley Abraham [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0540
Submitted :
15 Mar 2014
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I have traced the BUCKELL side of my family back as far as my gggg grandfather THOMAS BUCKELL (surgeon) who married ELIZA BARTON at Carisbrooke on 16 December 1818. As far as I know they had seven children: Frances J b. 1821, George A b. 1822, Eliza b. 1827, Thomas Barton b. 1832/4, Fanny Johnson b. 1834?, Leonard b. 1835?, Ann b. 1838.

THOMAS BUCKELL (surgeon) was born about 1790, baptised Godshill 15th May 1791. His parents were Robert Buckell and Mary. He died in Newport on 17th April 1846, the death being registered by Jane Buckell who was present at the death, Sea Street, Newport. Newspaper references show that a THOMAS BUCKELL living at West Standen Farm in September 1793 and Little Pann in October 1804, but these are possibly not him, but other relatives. ROBERT BUCKELL of Rookley farm may be his brother.

I have not been able to find firm evidence of his siblings, although I am fairly sure he had brothers - Robert and William, or of his mother's maiden name, although I think this may be KEMP.

I would welcome any information about the above.
Jenny Beasley [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 3357
Submitted :
12 Mar 2014
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BARNES, Richard and COLLINS, Hannah
I am seeking information on a marriage 15th February 1798 Godshill Hampshire between Richard BARNES and Hannah COLLINS.

I am a member of and my local Family History Society but have been unable to obtain the actual church record which I am hoping might contain a little more information, such as whether either party had been married previously, their age,occupation, witnesses etc.

Any assistance you are able to provide re this information or direction as to where I might obtain it would be appreciated.
Peter Curtis [link opens in new tab or window]
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Submitted :
12 Mar 2014
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MANNERS, Ann(a)/Annie
I would like help in finding information on the following person/family.

Ann(a)/Annie MANNERS born Ryde, Hampshire ca 1863

I have found a couple of entries in the census returns :

1881 Census RG11/1159/F Page 38
Annie Manners 18yo Servant : 23 Ashburton Road, Portsea, Hampshire - born in Ryde IOW

1881 Census RG11/1178/F Page 23?
Anna L Manners 17yo Servant : 8 Princes Street, Ryde, Hampshire

1871 Census RG10/1162/F Page 6?
37 Upper Field Place, Carisbrooke, Newport, Isle of Wight
Manners Annie F 10 Daur Scholar Newport, Hampshire

I believe that an A MANNERS married my Great Great Grandfather Edward RANDALL B.1849 in Tring, Hertfordshire.

Any information would be hugely welcomed as I have been unable to get very far from ascertaining individuals etc.
Martin Sawyer [link opens in new tab or window]
Saxmundham, Suffolk
Submitted :
04 Mar 2014
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Royal Welch Fusiliers in WW I
Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum seek WW1 photos

We at the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum in Caernarfon are starting the mammoth task of looking for photos of individual soldiers from the RWF who were killed in the Great War.

We are trying to put each man's name on display on a screen on the centenary of his death and would dearly love to be able to add a photograph of each man to go with his name. It is a huge undertaking as there were over 10,400 men from the RWF that were killed. But even if we only get a fraction of the photographs we believe it is worth doing. Many of the RWF were from all over so we are asking please could you help?

You can help us by circulating our plea to anybody who is interested. Many families have photographs tucked away so this might prompt them to seek them out. We accept scans or copies and any that appeared in newspapers, which often carried obituaries including photographs.

We need as much information as possible to go with the photo to make sure we fit the right photo to the right man – but sometimes a name and date of death might be all we need.
Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
25 Feb 2014
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SCOTT-ROGERS, Reginald Williams
I am a Chinese Navy Researcher in Hong Kong, and I am doing research about the First Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895, in which Captain Reginald William Scott-Rogers, RN was involved.

Captain Scott-Rogers has a Memorial plaque at Thorley Church, where he was a benefactor. He lived from 1851-1910, and was unmarried. He is buried in Yarmouth St James' Church Cemetery.

Has anyone any further information on this Captain, and in particular any photographs of him ?

Many thanks if you can help ...
Sam Chow [link opens in new tab or window]
Hong Kong
Submitted :
20 Feb 2014
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WOODFORD, George and ENGLAND, Emily
I am currently researching my family history and have found direct ancestors that were born in the Isle of Wight. I am looking for help to find some information on the below people so that I can continue my search, or if someone can trace back further.

George WOODFORD, born about 1862, Ryde, Isle of Wight
Emily Ellen ENGLAND, born about 1864, Ryde, Isle of Wight

They migrated to Australia sometime before they got married in 1885 in Penrith, NSW. These are both my great great grandparents so I'm very interested to find any sort of information about them and the ancestors before them.
Jade Anderson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Feb 2014
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LEAL, Albert Henry
I would very much appreciate any assistance in researching my husband's family who came to Canada from the Isle of Wight.

My husband, William LEAL, is a descendant of Albert Henry LEAL and Charlotte GUBBINS who lived in Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Their son, Hugh Leslie Edward LEAL & wife Mary LIVINGSTON lived in Tweed, Ontario and had two children: a daughter Nina Jane LEAL and a son Allan Alexander LEAL, who is my husband's late father. Hugh & Mary LEAL moved to Windsor, Ontario and that's where we (my husband, son, and I) and a small clan of Leals still live today.

I was wondering if there are any members of this Leal family in the Isle of Wight today who share our common descendants that would be willing to share a little of their family history with their Canadian cousin?

Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Yvette Ladouceur Leal [link opens in new tab or window]
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Submitted :
06 Feb 2014
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My Great Grandfather was a John BREEN, born in Wexford, Ireland in 1831. His wife was a Mary GRIFFIN, who I believe was born in Waterford, Ireland in 1846 and they married in Greenwich in about 1862. I believe they had three children, Thomas, John and Susan. My Grandfather would be their son, John, who I understand was born on the Isle of Wight, when his father was serving at Yaverland. I have so far not been able to trace any birth record for him. He was supposedly born in 1866. By the 1901 census his family was back in Woolwich.

I am trying to get further back than my Grandfather, and so far have not been able to prove the above to be my Great Grandparents. Would very much like to get hold of a birth record for my Grandfather which would hopefully give me the relevant information.

I would be very grateful for any help anyone is able to offer.
Sally Argent [link opens in new tab or window]
Chichester, Sussex
Submitted :
24 Jan 2014
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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CASS, William and Frances
I'm trying to find out when William CASS and his wife Frances Margaret CASS died.

They are at The Blacksmith's Arms in Albert St, Cowes in the 1891 Census and Frances is in the 1901 census as a widow of 76 yrs.

I wondered if the William Cass who died in 1899 in Cowes was him.

I have tried to find a death for a Frances Margaret Cass but the only one I can see about this time has an age of 31 yrs and is in London.

I wondered if any of your members could shine any light on them?

I would be willing to re-imburse any expenses they incur.

They are my great-great grandparents on my mother's side!
Keith Beddow [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
10 Jan 2014
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WALE / CAWES families
We are looking to further our knowledge of the WALE / CAWES families from Northwood or Newport pre-1820. Here's what we have so far and hope someone out there can take us back into the 1700's

Here's what we know so far:

William WALE and Elizabeth CAWES were the parents of Elizabeth WALE (b Newport 1814). Elizabeth first married William RICHARDS 20th Oct 1838 at St John's Northwood and then John GREEN in 1846 in London following William's death.

Any further information welcomed !
Bob & Penny Latham [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2649
Submitted :
03 Jan 2014
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CHIVERTON, Isaac and LEAL, Louisa (née Chiverton)
Isaac CHIVERTON and Louisa LEAL (née Chiverton)

I am researching my great-great-grandmother Louisa LEAL (née Chiverton) and her father Isaac.

We have a copy of a Chiverton family tree from the Pedigree Index of the IWFHS which gives Isaac's birth date as 1781. This fits with the census returns from 1841 and 1851. The tree says that Isaac was a son of James CHIVERTON and Elizabeth KINGSWELL (married 1774 in Newchurch). Despite our best efforts we have been unable to confirm this parentage as we have been unable to find a baptismal record for Isaac. We know from parish registers that Isaac married Ann LININGTON at Arreton on 6 July 1809, had four children (Hannah baptised 21 April 1811 Newchurch, Eliza baptised 10 April 1814 Newchurch, Louisa baptised 5 April 1822 Brading, William baptised 26 February 1826 Brading), and Isaac died in 1854, aged 72. He was on the Paupers' List in 1834, wherein he said that he was born in Langbridge, Newchurch. Can anyone confirm details of Isaac's birth and also his ancestry?

Isaac's daughter Louisa married Henry LALE at All Saints, Newchurch in 1843, although the family name became spelt as LEAL thereafter. Louisa died in 1886 and Henry in 1888, and they are both buried in the churchyard at St Peter's, Havenstreet. Our question is that, although we have a baptismal date for Louisa, we do not have a birth date, and there is a story within our family, which we have also had from elsewhere, that Louisa was a foundling of some sort. Needless to say, we are well aware that this story need not be taken too literally, but that there may be some elements of truth in it. Does anyone out there also know this story?
Chris Davis [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2800
Submitted :
31 Dec 2013
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BANNISTER and SWIFT in and around Northwood
My family history interests are the BANNISTER and SWIFT surnames in and around Northwood ...

I am especially interested in tracing the death/burial of Elizabeth KING (née BANNISTER), born c. 1834. Her parents were James and Mary Ann (néw SWIFT). Elizabeth married in mainland England and seemed to travel around with her gamekeeper husband John as his job required. Their son John was born in January 1862 in Easton, Norfolk. (The KINGs were from Norfolk near Bridgham). The widowed father and his son came to Scotland sometime afterwards. Elizabeth remains a bit of a mystery and I’d love to trace her death certificate and her burial. The latter may be on the Isle of Wight.
Alison Cook [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0625
Submitted :
03 Dec 2013
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YOUNG, Henry
I am researching my Great Grandfather Henry YOUNG (Brickmaker) who left the Isle of Wight in 1852 with his wife Ellen (née PITMAN) & son William. They arrived in Australia in February 1853; sadly both Ellen & William died within a couple of months of their arrival.

Henry's parents were Isaac YOUNG 1793-1863 & Kezia (née KENT) 1796-1865; they seem to have spent most of their lives in Newbridge,which is where they both died.

Henry had 2 brothers, William and George,who are listed as Baker and Miller in Census Records.

As I will be visiting the Isle of Wight next year I would dearly love to be able to wander around the area in which they lived; and especially visit their grave sites.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas that may assist me.
Phyllis Honey [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Dec 2013
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RIDE, George
I am looking for information on my 3 x great grandfather George RIDE, who was born about 1797 in supposedly, Newport in the Isle of Wight. I have not been able to find any records as yet of any RIDE/RYDE coming from here. He was married in 1815 in Sittingbourne, Kent and was a Miller and lived there until his death in 1855. He and Ann INGOLD his wife had about 8 children, but they all lived in and around Kent. I am considering getting a copy of his death certificate to see if this has any information on it.

I belong to the Guild of One Name Studies (6146) and RIDE/RYDE/WRIDE is the name I am researching. George is currently a brick wall in my own line as I do not know who his parents were.

Any Information would be appreciated.
Julie Ryde [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
23 Nov 2013
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KIMBER, Joseph
I am looking for details of Joseph KIMBER - married to Mary BUTCHER 26 May 1774 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight.
I have a copy of the Parish Register entry for Freshwater for this event. However, I cannot throw any light as to where and when he was born. Latest information from the Isle of Wight House of Industry records show a Joseph Kimber being buried 13 May 1818 although I think somewhere along the line his name has been misread and reads 'Joseph Himber'. I think an 'H' and a 'K' can be easily misread. The House of Industry Records show him to be 79 years old when he died which perhaps places his birth date as circa 1739 and making his age on marriage as 35.
If anyone researching this family or can throw any light on birth/baptism and location of these events I would much appreciate hearing from you.
Alan Kimber [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1807
Submitted :
22 Nov 2013
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I am researching Henry TAYLOR, who came to my attention as being the third husband of my GGGGrandmother, Betsy SHEPPERD/GODDEN/READ. They were married in 1863 in Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Henry Taylor states that he is 40 years of age (born 1823), his father was James TAYLER (a gardener) and his mother was Martha BICKERTON (or BICKERSON - the hand script is a little unclear). He is a Mariner and he was born on the Isle of Wight. He and Betsy had two daughters - Martha Lydia (1863-1865) and Lydia Martha (1866-1868). This is the last reference, in 1868 on Lydia's death certificate, I have for Henry Taylor as he disappears from the records. Betsy TAYLOR takes up the rent on a cottage in Sussex Street, Sydney. She runs it successfully as a boarding house until her death in 1879 - all paperwork and legal work is in her name only.

The records which I find for Henry Taylor in IOW are as follows :-

* 1851 Census - Henry Taylor is a lodger with Charles and Fanny Grist at 10 Newtown St., Calbourne. He is 28, b. 1823, is a boatman, b. in IOW, unmarried. Next door lives Henry and Jane ABROOKE. Henry Abrooke is a mariner, born 1873 at Shalfleet, and Jane née TAYLOR, was born in Calbourne in 1784, died 1859. Was she a relative of Henry Taylor ?

* Henry Taylor seems to become a Mariner - recorded on the Fitzjames, Liverpool arr. Sydney 1860, Seaman, b. IOW, age 34.

* Henry Taylor - recorded as a Seaman on the Amherst - South Sea Islands, arr, Sydney 1862, age 37, from IOW., b. IOW.

* Did Henry Taylor go back to IOW after 1868? In Death records is found :- Henry Taylor Birth year - 1823, Age 50, [GRO reference: Mar qtr 1873, District Isle of Wight 2b. 359]

Any information regarding Henry Taylor and any for his family would be appreciated.
Nina Butler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 Nov 2013
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JUDD family
I'm seeking any information on the family of John JUDD born 19 August 1787 Nether Wallop (Hampshire), who died 3 May 1865 at the House of Industry, Carisbrooke. His wife was Anne DENHAM born about 1793 in Arreton, who died October 1876 in Newport.

They had five children :
Eliza Judd
George Judd
Henry Judd
Charles Judd
Daniel Judd

I'm also trying to trace John's parents : -
James JUDD born 1765 in Nether Wallop, and I think his wife's name is Elizabeth PIKE born abt 1765 in Sussex. They were married 2 November 1786 in Nether Wallop.

If anyone could help I would be grateful.
Tammy Schutz [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
29 Oct 2013
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I am attempting to verify the birth of my GGG Grandmother Edith JOBLIN and in particular who her father was. I believe she was born 11 October, 1821 in the House of Industry to Jane JOBLIN.I have a hint that her father was Edward DOWNER but nothing to verify this and have no idea about Jane’s reason for being there. I am also not sure if Edward was there. It doesn’t appear that they married each other as Jane married William HORNE in 1828 and was still a JOBLIN at this time. At this stage I am assuming that the Edward DOWNER in question, if in fact it is him, is the one born 1796 to Edward DOWNER and Ann CHIVERTON. He married Mary NEWNHAM the year after Edith’s birth.
Suzanne Honnery [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
19 Oct 2013
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URRY, William and descendants
In my ancestry research I go back to the dates of 1670

William URRY 1670-1708 of Carrisbrooke HAMPSHIRE
His parents were John and Martha URRY.

Born 1670, William married in 1696 to Jane PARTRIDGE; she died in 1743.
They had 5 children between 1697 and 1708.
Jane, John, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth.

Their only son John married Ann [surname unknown]
They had 7 children between 1727 and 1741
Sarah, James, John, William, David, Ann and Mary

So the URRY generations go on through to 1820

Edward George URRY, born 1820 Newport HAMPSHIRE, married Maria DENNES born 1828
They married in 28 July 1844 in St Thomas Church Newport HAMPSHIRE.
Edward George URRY had 11 children.
One of these children was my G.G. Grandfather - Edward URRY born July 1855 Newport.
He emigrated to New Zealand about 1881.
Edward married Ann JONES in 1881 and they had one daughter in New Zealand, Winifred born 1881 (My G. Grandmother)
Edward died in New Zealand in May 1909 of epilepsy.

I am interested in contacting anyone who is connected to these URRYs in the Isle of Wight.
In particular Edward who was born July 1855 at Newport his parents being Edward George URRY and Maria DENNES.

I live in Australia but do plan to visit the Isle of Wight in the future and it would be a plus if I could meet other members of this family.
Yvonne Santos [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
10 Oct 2013
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GRIST family
I am trying to make contact with members of the GRIST family.
My maternal grand-mother was born Sylvia Janet GRIST in 1887 at Blackwater, although the family was from Calbourne from where they moved to Freshwater in 1892 to Rockstone Cottage.
My Great-Grand-parents were Joseph GRIST and his wife Gertrude née THORNE. Joseph was on the Freshwater Parish council for 27 years as was his brother Ben. I would like to know more about the GRIST family.
Kevin Murphy [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 3021
Submitted :
26 Sep 2013
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BARTLETT, William and descendants
My family research is into the Bartlett family.

My starting point is from my 3 x Gt grandfather William Bartlett, born in 1796 in Brading. He later moved to Lambeth, where he is traceable through the censuses and family Bible. I visited the IOW Record Office a year or two ago and copied out the Parish baptism, marriage and death records of the Bartletts from the index cards. This and the censuses and IGI have enabled me to be confident that my research is accurate to as far back as 1761. In this year a William Bartlett (father of my ancestor Thomas Bartlett b.1767 Godshill) married Mary Wallbrig. However, the IGI gives her birth as c1748, which would make her about 13 in 1761! So, something doesn't seem right unless she was married so very young. I haven't been to the Island for a year or two so can't double check her birth record and wondered whether any other member could throw some light on Mary Wallbrig and her family.

Grateful for any help.
Janet Dawson [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2400
Submitted :
23 Sep 2013
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Isle of Wight Railway 150th Anniversary
I am a member of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway (IWSR) Museum and Archives department, which is organising an exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Isle of Wight Railway (IWR) on 23 August 2014. The exhibition will be held in rotation from March 2014 at Ryde, Sandown and Shanklin Public Libraries and at the Haven Street HQ of the IWSR. It is intended to include material about the people who built, managed and used the railway. We are hoping to augment and extend the information that we already have with information, particularly about the following people involved with the IWR:

Capt. MARK HUISH – A Director of the railway and who was previously the General Manager of the London and North Western Railway
HENRY BOND – Contractor who built the IWR
JOHN (later Sir) FOWLER – Engineer previously of the Metropolitan and other railways. We would like to obtain information about his time on the Island.
GEORGE HEMLEY – Engineman who drove the first train on the IWR. Although born in Leighton Buzzard it is believed that he was previously with the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.
JOHN WILLS – Ryde Station Master, dismissed for drunkenness in June 1865
A W HAYDON – Brading Station Master 1864
JOHN BUCKNALL –Sandown Station Master from 1864 until his death on 3 November 1877
ROBERT EDWARD WIGHT (OR WHITE) – Shanklin Station Master 1864, but moved to Ryde in June 1865

A longer term project of the the IWSR Museum and Archives Dept is to build a database of all Island railway personnel from the 1860’s to the present. To that end we are interested in hearing from anyone with such information, photographs etc. Please contact the undersigned by email, or in writing c/o Isle of Wight Steam Railway, The Railway Station, Haven Street, Nr Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 4DS.
Bob Fowler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Sep 2013
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NEWMAN, Walter Saunders
I am researching a steam yacht (launched 1906) that was chartered by the Royal Navy in WW1 and came across an anomaly. When in private hands, the master of the vessel was Walter Saunders NEWMAN (1864-1932 born in Cowes); he appears to have married the same woman (Ellen Adele ROWE - born West Cowes) twice in 1887 and 1891 on the IoW. I have found some information on but wondered if there are family members still on the Island who could shed some light? I was hoping to find some details of Walter's WW1 service (possibly Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve as he would have been 50+) but so far no luck.

The yacht - Portia - owned by Herbert Anderton Foster, family partner in Black Dyke Mills, was registered in Southampton and the archive there has the crew lists for several years which is where I located his details.
Ted Robbens [link opens in new tab or window]
East Preston, West Sussex
Submitted :
23 Sep 2013
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ROWELL, Reginald
My great uncle Reginald ROWELL was killed in action in the Great War, on 13 November 1916, aged 36. He was serving with the Dorsetshire Regiment. He had previously served in the Royal Navy. See his biography page at Rowell, Reginald on the Memorials and Monuments website.

Has anyone, by any chance a photo of Reginald Rowell ? It would be much appreciated.
Trevor Rowell [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
19 Sep 2013
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My name is Lynn Mortimer-Couch. I am the great-granddaughter of Aubrey Blakiston, Master of Lamerton Fox Hounds who owned 'Castle House' (St Helens) in and around 1905.

Once my Great Grandmother Lelia (née Harris) Blakiston died in 1915 (she and Aubrey were estranged a long time), Aubrey married Mabel Freda Callaway (30 years his junior) who was born, raised and died on the Isle of Wight. Does anyone know of that family: father, Ernest Augustus Callaway and mother, Theresa Ida Burden?

Any assistance is appreciated
Lynn Mortimer-Couch [link opens in new tab or window]
Seattle, Washington, USA
Submitted :
19 Sep 2013
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Kite Hill Farm
I am researching the tenants of Kite Hill House and Farm, Kite Hill, Wootton Bridge.

The house and farm were part of the large FLEMING Estages on the Island throughout the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s. I have looked at the Fleming Estate website but they only have a few names and dates which I have added to my list. So, if anyone knows of an ancestor who was a tenant at Kite HIll House and/or farm, please let me know.
Lesley Abraham [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0540
Submitted :
14 Aug 2013
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TROLLOPE, Arthur and Lydia
I am searching for a couple of my ancestors and I just wondered if anyone in the society had ever come across them.

They were Arthur and Lydia TROLLOPE. After getting married in Norwich, Norfolk in 1890 they moved to Freshwater on the Isle of Wight to take up the position of schoolmaster and schoolmistress. They had 4 children there although 1 daughter died aged 11 back in Norwich.

I know they were still there at the time of the census in 1911 but after that I seem to have lost track of them.

Thank you for reading this and any help you might be able to give is much appreciated.
Cliff Leeds [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
12 Aug 2013
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WILLIAMS, Edward Stephen and Sarah Ann
Edward Stephen WILLIAMS was born about 1855 to Henry WILLIAMS and Miriam PARKS on the Isle of Wight. He was one of 10 children, the others being Henry Parks, Miriam, Sophia Jane, Stephen Parks, Emmeline, twins George and Georgina, Elisha, and Herbert James.

On the 18th of January 1880 Edward married Sarah MCTAGGART from Scotland, Newport Street, Ryde. We are assuming that Sarah and Edward, who was a baker, met when she, Sarah was visiting her aunt Ann MCTAGGART then in the employ of a Miss Fanny SHEPHERD who was, in 1871, living in Ryde. (She later moved to Bath).

In 1882 Sarah Ann was born to Edward and Sarah. Sarah Ann's christening is recorded as being at Holy Trinity, Cowes.

In 1885, leaving her husband and daughter, Sarah (née McTaggart) sailed from Plymouth to Melbourne, Australia.

Sarah Ann later joins her great aunt in the employ of Fanny Shepherd in Bath.

We would very much like to know what happened to Edward, and Sarah Ann, and what the circumstances were surrounding Sarah's travelling to Australia.
Siubhan Leslie [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
08 Aug 2013
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My 2 x great aunt Ellen SHEPARD was born at Newport between April and June 1856. She appears in the censuses from 1861 to 1891, and married Frederick COTTRELL at the Isle of Wight Register Office on the 3rd October 1891. From then onwards I can find no trace whatsoever of either her or of her giving birth to any children despite trying various spellings of Shepard and Cottrell. Does anyone know what might have happened to her between marriage and death ?
Graham Culllin [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2075
Submitted :
05 Aug 2013
Verified : 03 Dec 2013
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There are many of my relatives I would like to trace but particularly Mary MIDLANE.

In our family we possess a Sampler stitched by a Mary MIDLANE (and I know there are quite a few) when she was aged twelve; the last time I saw the Sampler I worked out that she was born in 1804. I have found two possible Marys in the Society's list and they both married a SNUDDEN.

There is also a Martha MIDLANE who lived in Westfield Road in St Helens in the early 1950's. My grandfather told me this as when moved to a bungalow in the same road he discovered his cousin living there with a sister. I have a feeling Martha was unmarried.

I hope with this small amount of information somebody may be able to help.
Joan Bartlett [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 3195
Submitted :
29 Jul 2013
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MUNT, Moses & NEW, Emma
Emma NEW married Moses MUNT in 1858 at Brighstone. Mr Moses Munt lost his life in the lifeboat disaster at the time of the wreck of the Sirenia at Atherfield in 1888.
Emma NEW was from my direct line.
Whilst I have a lot of information regarding the MUNT family I do not have any photographs of either Moses or Emma.
Emma died in 1932 and this quote is from her obituary :

"Mrs Munt did admirable work in the district as a midwife and nurse, her plucky fighting against adversity and many estimable qualities gaining her the respect of the community"

I thought it was just a possibility that their photographs may have appeared in a local publication - can anyone help ?
Lee New [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0709
Submitted :
26 Jul 2013
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I am trying to trace the parents of a John BENTON who died in Australia who according to his death certificate was born at Newport, Isle of Wight to John BENTON and Elizabeth W. about 1809. He moved to Australia in the early 1850s and was married to a Caroline STRANGWIGE. In the 1851 England census he is listed as an unmarried visitor at 29 Manor Place, Lambeth, London and she is listed as unmarried with 4 children as head of house under name Strangwige, occupation Lodging House keeper. The census also gives his place of birth as Isle of Wight and age 42 which correlates with being born about 1809. In the census he gives his occupation as assistant treasurer to a theatre. The Australia John Benton worked at Drury Lane, Covent Garden and Vauxhall Gardens from around 1832 to 1850. There is information that an Elizabeth BENTON worked at Drury Lane and was married to a John BENTON but her maiden name was CATNACH.

Hope you may assist me solve this piece of my family history.
Sam Murray [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Jul 2013
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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SNUDDEN, Sir William
I am looking for information about Sir William SNUDDEN my 9th Grand Grandfather born in 1581 at Niton Isle of Wight. He died in 1666.

He married Ann CHESSELL in 1612, any information and help would be appreciated.
John Johnson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
03 Jul 2013
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Can any one help me with some information about one of my ancestors, namely Sarah BALLARD, born in 1794 in Whippingham. Her parents I believe were Charles & Anne (née Read) Ballard who were married on 30 December 1788. Sarah had 2 siblings, Charles & Jane who were christened on 29th July 1792. That is all the information I have found on Sarah's family. Does anyone know anything else about her parents and siblings?

Also, after the birth of Sarah's first son, George in 1816 (no father known), she married a John URRY on 7th February 1819 at Whippingham with whom she had 2 children - Mary Anne, born May 1819 and Sarah Jane, born December 1828. After John Urry died, she married James WHEELER on 1st February 1841. This marriage supported 5 children of James Wheeler from a previous marriage and the 2 children of Sarah and John Urry. What I have been unable to determine is "Who was James Wheeler married to before he married Sarah?" James' children are William (1827), Charles (1829), Joseph (1831), Mary (1835) and Richard (1837). These birth dates are approximate. Can any one assist with this puzzle as its a big gap in my research.

Thanks in anticipation for your assistance with these 2 questions - Researching from Australia is not easy!
Robert (Bob) Ballard [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 3292
Submitted :
14 Jun 2013
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BENNETT, Bernard & PASKINS, Ruby
Bernard Bennett click image to enlarge

The image shows Bernard LIONEL BENNETT (back centre), who was my grandfather, who married Ruby Julie PASKINS on 31 July 1919 at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Newtown, Isle of Wight, and I would like to know who the other people in the photo are.
Shirley Bailey (née Gatward) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
26 May 2013
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I am researching my family history but have come to a full stop with John BUCKETT who came from Carisbrooke. He appears to have been born in 1761 and died in 1823. I am having more joy with the female line - he apparently married a Betty JOLLIFFE.

If anyone could do a little digging for me I would be grateful for more information on John BUCKETT.
Lindsay Whitehurst [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
26 May 2013
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CUDLIP(P) family
I am hoping someone can give me a suggestion on who to contact regarding finding my husband's family. From what I can find out they left in April 1820 on the Brig Henry Clay bound for America. They arrived at Port of Havre de Grace, Maryland, Sept 1820. The family group consisted of :

Mother, Louiza CUDLIP (or CUDLIPP) age 38, son Frederick, age 11, daughter Louiza, age 12, Daughter Eliza age 12, son John, age unknown, son George 4.

The information I found said that they could have sailed from Portsmouth. All the passengers (apart from 2 who were French) are believed to have originated on the Isle of Wight.

I have been unable to locate Louiza Cudlipp's husband / the father of this family.

If anyone has information regarding births / baptism for this family, I would greatly appreciate it.
Myrna Cudlipp [link opens in new tab or window]
Dallas, Texas, USA
Submitted :
18 May 2013
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I am looking for the death of Thomas GIBBENS, married to Leah GIDGE. Their children were Thomas Gidge Gibbens and Elizabeth Sarah Gibbens.Thomas was born 1829 in Blandford, Dorset. They lived in West Cowes. Leah died 1887 and I can find no further trace of Thomas.

Elizabeth GIBBENS married Isaac BRAKE. They had 2 children. Thomas GIBBENS is my gt gt grandfather.

Laraine Jaspers [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2830
Submitted :
17 May 2013
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I am researching the following names from the Isle of Wight for a dear lady in her eighties, whose Mother was born there in 1907. Here is the information I have so far ...

Albert Joseph SPENCER married Alice Matilda LEE in the June quarter of 1887 in the IOW.

Apparently, there were five children, Alice Matilda (born 1887), Charles A (born 1889), Albert Joseph (born 1891), Harriett (born 1894) and Elizabeth (born 1896). There is a newspaper report in the Isle of Wight Observer dated 11th June 1898, suggesting, that four of the children had been neglected, and were sent to the workhouse, I feel, because their parents were sent to prison. There is also another neglect case in the same newspaper in 1899!

My brick wall starts with Alice Matilda Spencer born 1887, who 'married' Thomas Albert SIMMONDS, I say 'married' because I can not find a marriage of an Alice Matilda Spencer to a Thomas Albert Simmonds. I have their daughter's birth certificate, she was Alice Matilda Annie Simmonds, born in the IOW on 30th August 1907, parents, Thomas Albert Simmonds, a Private in the 1st Batt Royal Fusiliers, based in Parkhurst, and Alice Matilda Simmonds, formerly Spencer.

I am unable to find the death of Alice Matilda Simmonds, or her 'husband' Thomas Albert Simmonds. The additional problem being, that I really have no idea where Thomas came from, although his army records show Ealing, London, and I am really only guessing, that Alice Matilda Annie's Mother's family, are the Spencers mentioned in this request.

The Army records show that Thomas Albert Simmonds married Louisa PRATT, in Harmondsworth in 1911, and they had 2 daughters Louisa Irene (b 1911) and Dorthy May (b 1913) born in Brentford.

If anyone has any information which can give me more information about Thomas Albert Simmonds and Alice Matilda Simmonds (Spencer) such as whether she remarried, when and where they died, or if they emigrated, I would be most grateful.
Carol Penn [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 May 2013
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William Phillips Jr Hannah Christina Ryneal click images to enlarge

I am doing family history research on the Phillips family who originally came from the Isle of Wight, England.

I have attached a picture of my great-grandfather, William PHILLIPS, Jr. who was born on the Isle of Wight, March 24, 1832 - he married Hannah Christina RYNEAL from Ilsfeld, Germany (picture attached)
He came to American in 1840 with his family. I am trying to find information on my great-great grandfather, William PHILLIPS, Sr.
Any information would be helpful.
Janie Phillips Wentz [link opens in new tab or window]
Harrisburg, PA, USA
Submitted :
11 May 2013
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Henry Paskins and King George V click image to enlarge

The image shows HM King George V at the helm of his yacht Britannia. On the left in dark clothing is Henry PASKINS, my Great Great Grandfather, acting as Pilot. Henry PASKINS had his own fishing boats on the Isle of Wight, I think it was oysters he caught. He died in 1935.
My Granddad was Bernard Lionel BENNETT who married Ruby Julia PASKINS at Holy Spirit, Newtown in 1919 and their children were Joyce and Donald. My mother was Joyce BENNETT who married Harry GATWARD.

Does anyone have any other information on Henry Paskins ?
Shirley Bailey (née Gatward) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 May 2013
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OWEN, Thomas
My 3x Gt Grandparents Thomas OWEN and Eleanor QUIGLEY were married in Carisbrooke on 27 July 1814. (Pallot's) The information I have from the OPR transcript is that Thomas was a 'Sergeant Garrison Staff'.
I have no further details about them and would like to trace their origins.
Can someone advise how I might find out more about them?
What does 'Garrison Staff' mean?
Was it regular army or militia?
I have tried online military records and have asked a Kew researcher, but am still no nearer understanding what role he played or which Regiment Thomas Owen was serving in.
I realise that the island was heavily garrisoned during the Napoleonic Wars, and would like to learn more.

Where did the Quigleys came from? I believe it to be an Irish surname and there still appear to be Owens and Quigleys resident on the Island.
We have Eleanor's death cert in 1872, when she is described as 'Widow of Thos Owen, gentleman'.

Another fact I'd like verified is the birth of their daughter Mary (and any other children) – I have her from census details as being born in Carisbrooke/Newport in 1816.

It would be great to be able to search the relevant OPR and glean more details.

I would really appreciate some help with this, especially for my dad, who is in his 80's and is called Thomas Owen after his Gt Gt Grandfather.
Sue Veitch [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
07 May 2013
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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I have been researching my family whose name is BRADING and who come from the Island. So far I know that Jane Charlotte BRADING was born c. 1827. Jane died 26 December 1890. She lived in Flora Cottage, Arthur Street, Ryde. Jane had a son, William Frederick BRADING who ran Brading Coal Merchants in Mount Street Ryde. However I was told that William Frederick was brought up by his grandfather who ran a pub in Haven Street Ryde.

William Frederick married Jane Ann SIBBICK in 1876 from St Anthony’s in Cornwall. They had 11 children although Maurice died as an infant.

Frederick & Jane's children:
Mary Evangeline 1876
Alfred William 1878
Frank Cecil 1880
Oliver Percy 1882
Maurice Heckford 1883
Charlotte Emmeline 1884
Frances Sarah 1886
Nathaniel Heckford 1888
Stanley Ernest 1890
George Heward 1892
Reginald Robert 1893

William and Jane moved to Argyll Street, but the house is no longer there.

Frank Cecil BRADING (the third child) is my great grandfather. He had polio as a child and became a tailor. He worked in Basingstoke for a naval tailor (Burberry?) and there met and married Florence RAY in 1906. They returned to the Island and lived in Totland Bay where they had 2 lodgers and ran a tailors business. After this they moved to Mountfield. They had 3 children, Beryl, Aubrey and Dorothy Joan. I believe Mountfield became a caravan site. After this my great grandparents bought Dimbola in Freshwater Bay, which they ran as a hotel. They also had The Glen, Sentry Mead, The Granville and The Osborne. My grandmother is Beryl who married Edgar HANHAM and lived at Ashbourne House in Freshwater Bay. My gran helped run Dimbola and also helped my granddad in his grocery store. During the war Dimbola was used by the army and was returned in poor condition. My great grandparents moved to Parkstone in Dorset and retired. My dad was Patrick HANHAM and he returned to live in Ryde much later as did my grandmother. Both have now passed away.

I have quite a few photos but would love to know more about my great grandad's 9 surviving brothers and sisters and also who was Jane Charlotte's husband etc.

Sue Lupton (née Hanham) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
22 Apr 2013
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The Dormers, Cowes
I wondered if anyone had information re The Dormers, Cowes, Isle of Wight. My great aunt Minne Allen TAYLOR married Reginald Stephen CHANDLER in Brighton on 22 Feb 1916.

I have a copy of a printed slip which says Minnie A Tayler (not Taylor) Married at All Saints Church, Brighton, February 22nd 1916, with Mr & Mrs Reginald S Chandler's compliments. The Dormers, Cowes, I.W.

The Dormers was their address after marriage. I wondered if that house still existed? It may have been Reginald's mother's address also (Matilda Mary YOUNG - she had remarried, her maiden name was RUGG), as he was born in Cowes, but Minnie was not. She was orphaned at a young age. (I can give more information on her family if required).

The YOUNG family, with Reginald CHAMBERS, were at 23 High St, Cowes in 1911, where they were involved in the cab trade. Matilda Mary YOUNG died in 1912, while her husband Albert Alexander YOUNG died in 1914.
Lynne Earland [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Apr 2013
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WILLIAMS, David, b 1779 and WILLIAMS, Thomas, b 1762
DAVID WILLIAMS (my great great grandfather) was born at Wootton on the IoW, vide the 1851 Census, which gives his age in 1851 as 72: at that time he was living at 15 Medina Terrace, West Cowes. He died on 25 May 1856. His death certificate shows that he was then living at Sea View, West Cowes, and that he was aged 77.Both sources suggest a year of birth of 1779.

David apparently had many siblings - Ann (1764 -?), William (1764-1828), Richard (1767-1770), Margaret (1770-?), another Ann (1772-?), (which suggests that the first Ann had already died), Ralph (1776-?), Amelia (1787-1793) and Jane (1795-?) - but the sources that gave me these names have not been able to provide corroborating evidence.

David married Phebe Moore of Calbourne IoW on 16 May 1800 at Arreton IoW, and would have left IoW (probably between 1805 and 1808) to move to Cornwall, where he was a Coast Guard. He was still in Padstow at the time of the 1841 Census, but by the 1851 Census he had retired (with the rank of Inspecting Commander of the Coastguard) and had returned to the Isle of Wight, as above.

What am I hoping to find? I'm trying to find details of David's parents, and ideally back beyond them. I believe David's father was named William, but unfortunately have nothing to support that.

THOMAS WILLIAMS was born at Newchurch IoW in 1762 - England and Wales Christening Records 1530-1906 give a Christening date of 20 June 1862 and name his parents as William and Elizabeth Williams. William was a Royal Navy Captain who died on service abroad in 1778. Thomas was also in the Royal Navy, retiring as an Admiral and dying at Burwood in Surrey in 1841 (I have his death certificate).Pallot's Marriage Index for England: 1780-1837 records that in 1792 'Williams, Thomas (of New Church, Upper Ryde, Isle of Wight [married] Cooper, Jane (of Sonning, Berks). The marriage took place at Steventon in Hampshire, but they met when Jane was on holiday on the IoW with her cousin, Jane Austen.That Thomas was there at the time suggests to me that he still had family connections on the Island.I believe, but have not yet found the proof, that he had a brother Edward who was also a Royal Navy Captain and whom I assume was also born on the Island.

What am I hoping to find?Further details of Thomas's parents, William and Elizabeth; confirmation of the existence of a brother Edward, including date of birth; and if they exist, details of any other addition, I'm trying to ascertain whether Thomas and David (first entry above) had a common ancestry - at the moment, Thomas is only an 'alleged' ancestor'. I am encouraged by the fact that their birth places were not far apart and that they both followed maritime careers, as did their descendants, but apart from that, all I have to go on is a long-standing but briefly documented family tradition that the two of them are related. There is also the fact that their fathers were both named William, but clearly they were different people. I have a tremendous amount of detail on both David's and Thomas's career, but nothing that helps me on the above points.
Tony Williams [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
26 Mar 2013
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GRANT, Emily
EMILY GRANT, b.31.01.1894 Chorlton Lancashire

Daughter of George Henry Grant (b.1867 d.1940 Ventnor) and Mary Hannah Robinon (b.1872 d.1949). They lived on Lowtherville Road, Ventnor.

Emily is my great grandmother and I am desperately trying to find out what happened to her as I have been unable to trace either a marriage or death record for her.

She had 3 children, Ivy b.1918, Derrick b.1926 and Leonard b.1928. Derrick and Leonard were born in Forest House Workhouse in Newport. Her last known whereabouts was Forest House, where she was sent back to in 1931 for theft of stockings. After this she seems to disappear. Searches at Newport records office have not turned up anything new to help us. It is unknown as to whether she stayed on the Island or went to the mainland.

The last anecdotal sighting of her was in Ventnor between the late 1960's-early 1980's.

Does anyone know of what happened to her? I would love to find out if she married and eventually find where she was buried. If anyone has any information at all (big or small!) I would be delighted to hear from you.
Liz Butler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Mar 2013
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I live in Tasmania and am trying to trace ancestors from the Isle of Wight.

I am looking for the parents of a lady called Mary BLAKE born c. 1810 whose birth was recorded (in Census returns) at Gosport but I believe came from Cowes. (According to a family tree drawn up in the 1940s by my father and grandmother). She married Henry GRIFFITHS in 1839 in Stroud. He was an Independent Minister who had worked on the Isle of Wight prior to their marriage. Henry was my great great grandmother's sister. According to a family Bible, Mary and Henry were both buried in Mary's father's grave in West Cowes. (She was buried on 7 July 1886, and he was buried on 20 August 1891).

I believe that Mary's father was called Thomas, but I know nothing of his history or the name of Mary's mother.

Henry and Mary Griffiths had two children - Medina Sarah (b 1840) and Ernest Howard (b 1852). Medina Sarah was a headmistress of a school in Saltaire which my grandmother attended for a time. I was named after Medina. I have in my possession a portable writing desk that was given to Mary Blake by her father in April 1830, and it has passed down in my family through other members also called Medina.

If you can help in any way I would be very grateful.
Sally Rackham (Sarah Medina) (née Lewis) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Mar 2013
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My 4x grandfather left the Isle of Wight in about 1827. His name was John TOOGOOD and he was born in Northwood Parish, Cowes, in 1807. His parents' names were John and Mary.

John (1807) was a mariner and then an excise officer. He went to Liverpool in about 1828 and married in 1829 (Ellen POTTER). He died young, aged just 26, in 1833. He is buried in St Patricks, Toxteth (then a fashionable area). I believe he was a cholera victim.

The Toogood name is rare on Merseyside. There is another strand that originates from West Knoyle, Wilts. And maybe another from Bristol.

The Toogoods were artisanal and entrepreneurial.

We would like to know more about our Isle of Wight heritage. But we are in Liverpool and have no online access to Isle of Wight parish records for that period (and hopefully earlier).

Does anyone have any info regarding our Isle of Wight Toogoods?

I have a ref that a John Toogood co-rented some land in 1798 in Northwood, Cowes.

Our last Toogood is Amelia. She was born in Liverpool in 1862 and died there in 1918. She married a John McCARTHY (my 2x grandfather) in c. 1880.
Anthony McCarthy [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
08 Mar 2013
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RODMELL family
I have recently discovered that my mother and her two sisters were taken into care around 1929 and were sent to Ryde. I have a Communicants Manual that was given to my mother in 1929 in memory of her confirmation at All Saints, Ryde. My mother Louisa RODMELL and her sisters Alice and Rose were living in Stepney London when their mother died.

Can anyone help? I have tried entering children's homes and church schools in search engines that cover the Ryde area but did not come up with anything. I am assuming that the organisation that cared for my mother was run by the church rather than the state. I do not know the length of time the girls were cared for in Ryde I do know that they eventually returned to their father's care.

I have only just started to trace my family tree and would appreciate any assistance.
Linda Samuels [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
05 Mar 2013
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I am trying to find out about Ida PARKER, a widow, who I think came to the Isle of Wight in the 1920's and stayed until she came to Norfolk in 1958.
She lived at Little Alma, 7 West Street, Seaview in 1933. I understand she had very little money as her husband died of war wounds but after the war and she was not awarded a widow's pension. Can anyone tell me anything about her home at that time, how long she lived on the Island and if she always lived at the same place. Did she work?

Any information would be very much appreciated.
Charlotte Paton [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 Feb 2013
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I am requesting help in trying to trace a family which would complete my AVERY tree.

Charlotte AVERY (1848/49 - 1889) married in 1872, at St Michael's Church, Swanmore, George Thomas WHITE (1852/53 - 1916). It appears they had one daughter :- Annie Florence WHITE (b.1873 Ryde d. 1948 East Isle of Wight).

An Annie Florence WHITE married a Frank William COOK in 1895 at St John's Church, Newport & this is the path I followed only to be told this morning by a person researching this line that I've gone completely off track & it now appears I should have been following COOKE instead of COOK.

Through your brilliant BMD I have found :-
1] William Henry COOKE (b.1900) who was either married 3 times :- 1918 = Mildred Rogers, 1922 = Lily Smith & 1927 = Daisy Catherine Pierce, or else there are 3 men named William Henry COOKE.
2] Eva Minnie COOKE (b.1901) who married a Robert DICKIE, in 1925 at St Mary's, Carisbrooke & I have their children as Jean DICKIE (b.1926), and Robert Cooke DICKIE (b.1928) - both born in Newport.

Any other information on this line would be gratefully received to complete a tree of this family who seemed to be torn apart after the early death of their mother.
Barbara Avery [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
27 Feb 2013
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DAVIS, William Albert
Has anyone any photos of staff from the Royal Spithead Hotel in Bembridge c 1913-16? - to try to identify a William Albert DAVIS who was head cook before he joined the 2nd and 1st Hants Yeomanry for 8 months before transferring to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves in June 1917. He died at Arras March 1918, aged 27 years. A cousin of mine has just got his name put onto the Southampton Cenotaph as it was missing and would very very interested in an image of him.
Sara Davis [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
20 Feb 2013
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BURKE, Annie
During WWl (approx 1916/1917) my Great Grandmother returned to the UK from Brisbane Australia, while my Great Grandfather was serving in the War. I am trying to find more about her but all I have is a name and address on my Great Grandfather's 'Attestation Paper'.

Her name was Annie BURKE (née BISHOP) and the address is - Vallambrasa (?) St.Johns Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

As far as I know she never returned to Australia even though some of her children remained here. My Great Grandfather died at sea 1918 when his ship was torpedoed.

My Great Grandfather was Richard Joseph Burke born in Ireland c1868, who died 9th September 1918, when the ship he was on, the RMS Missanabie, was torpedoed of the coast of Ireland, returning to England from Canada. He enlisted in the army here in Australia in 1914, transferred to the Imperial Army 1915 and then to the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force - Canadian Forestry Corps 1916.

I don't have much other information except that family members seem to think they arrived in Australia between 1906-1910 and that my Great Grandmother returned to the UK when my Grandfather (deceased) was around 20.

Does anyone know of her or if the address in St John's Road is correct?
Maria Stewart [link opens in new tab or window]
South Australia
Submitted :
11 Feb 2013
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Seaview Regatta 1911

click on images to enlarge

This is a photo of the regatta taken August 1911 glued to a letter from Jim COLES to Gerald SIRKETT. The post card has been written by Gerald's mother Mabel SIRKETT. It would be nice to see what she originally wrote and to whom so if anyone has advice about how to remove it from the letter without damage to either I would be grateful.

Jim COLES mentions the names of several of the people in the photo. (transcription below).

June 22 1963

Many thanks for your "Those were the days" P.C. I was Secretary of the Visitors Regatta in 1910, so in 1911 was still very much in the swim of such things.
I recognise several faces viz. Mr OHLENSCHLAGER with the megaphone starting - presumably - a swimming race between the Diving Boards: he also used to start the Running Races from the Pier to the first Diving Board: my father inspired these.
He was the grandfather of Mrs Tony SOMERS (Shoreside) & of Col. WHITCOMBE's Son-in-Law Richard. Or {Dr}? Then from left to right Cynthia KENNEDY whose father built Crows Nest (now Bonny Blink) Noel BARRACLOUGH a London Magistrate Tracy FOWLER(d) husband of Connie (CAWS) Budge THOMPSON(d) (brother of Mrs Bertie DREW) & Dr CARTER sitting in our Berthon Canvas boat, recording: my Father sitting (side face) in our other Canvas Boat.
I'll put the Card with my Album of about the same date, and bring the lot down to Woodlands to show people - those WERE the days!

.............. {Post card glued on here}............

some wedges(?) & an Axe Yours Jim COLES
Cynthia Sirkett [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2539
Submitted :
06 Feb 2013
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SQUIRES family
Has anyone any information about the Squires family that were believed to be living in the Newport area during WW1? Rifleman Albert Thomas SQUIRES, private, Hampshire Regiment 3rd/8th Battalion, No33153, is commemorated on the memorial in the Drill Hall at Newport; and his name is also on the commemorative plaque at Carisbrooke. He died in Palestine on 19th April 1917. Born in 1883, he was the son of John and Ellen Squires of Portsmouth. He married - Maude(?) or Ethel Mary(?) - in Portsmouth in March 1908. His wife was the godmother of my husband's mother: Patricia Squires JOHNSON, who was born at Hunny Hill in July 1915. But all contact was lost when she was very young.

If you have any information about that Squires family, including photographs, please email me.
Jill Cooke [link opens in new tab or window]
Devon, Member no 3239
Submitted :
31 Jan 2013
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My great-great-grandfather on my mother's side was one James Midlane. He was so named in his marriage record, all the census returns for which he was alive, and in various other documents, including the Letters of Administration issued when he died intestate in 1886 on the mainland, leaving a widow Jane nee Perkins. He was born about 1807/8 in Brading Parish but the only likely record I can find in that parish is for one James Jonathan Hopkins Midlane born on 23rd August 1807 and baptized on 6th September 1807; parents James and Mary Midlane.

Can anyone explain this anomaly, please? I can find no other trace in the records of a man with the three such forenames - nor any likely trace of a man with the name of Jonathan Hopkins!
Derek Lemarchand [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2692
Submitted :
16 Jan 2013
Verified : 03 Dec 2013
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SALTER, Charles and Maria
I wonder if anyone can help me with a puzzle I have with my 3rd great grandparents.

I am trying to find out what happened to the SALTER family between 1853 and 1861. In the 1851 census Charles Albert Salter (1817-1885) and his wife Maria née CHESSELL (b 1816), were living at Holyrood Street, Newport, with their children Charles, William, Henry, Sarah, Albert, Maurice, Ellen and Emma. Their youngest child Mary Jane was born in Newport in 1853.

I can't find either parent in the 1861 census, but the siblings were dispersed, some of them to family in Farnham, Surrey. Two of the younger children Maurice (14) and Ellen (12) were with their grandmother Sarah Chessell in Northwood. I can't find any more information about the two youngest children, Emma or Mary Jane.

I know that Charles was a baker in 1869 as he was a witness at his son Maurice's wedding, and when his daughter Ellen got married in 1875 he was a grocer, but I can't find him on any census after 1851. Neither can I find anything at all about Maria, even a record of her death.

I'd be really pleased if anyone can help me with any information at all about any of the Salters.
Carol Morgan [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jan 2013
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Elm Grove, Newport
The styles of properties in this road make me suspect that it was developed in a piecemeal way. Can anyone answer these questions, or suggest where I could look for answers:

1. When was Elm Grove developed and who owned the land?
2. What was the tenure of properties in this road - leasehold or freehold?
3. If many of the properties were in fact tenanted, who were the landlords/was the landlord?
4. My husband's family has a connection with Nos 33 and 29. In the 1901 Census, his grandfather Frank COOKE, then aged 27 yrs, was the head of household and sole occupant. (Ten years later he was working as a miller and living at West Mill Cottage. There is no further reference to No 33.) No 29 is of greater interest. It was bought by the same Frank Cooke in the mid-1920s for his eldest daughter when she got married, and it stayed in the ownership of the Cooke family for over sixty years.

Jill Cooke [link opens in new tab or window]
Devon, Member no 3239
Submitted :
13 Jan 2013
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BOSWELL, Richard Elson
I am looking for information on Richard Elson BOSWELL born on a ship off the Isle of Wight 1861. He emigrated to Australia and married Catherine MULHALL. His father's name was Richard and his mother's first name was Jane.

I would appreciate any information anyone may have.
Sharyn Pryor [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
13 Jan 2013
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Roach's Mill, Carisbrooke Road, Newport in 1911
This would have been a flour mill, using - I think - traditional 'stone-ground' methods.

In the 1911 Census, my husband's paternal grandfather, Frank COOKE, was living at West Mill Cottage, Carisbrooke Road, Newport, with his young family. He describes himself as: 'General Miller and Stoneman Assistant, Roach's Mill'.

Does anyone know anything about this mill? Who was the eponymous 'Roach'? Are there any old photographs of the mill or of West Mill Cottage?

For interest, please note that in 1902 Frank COOKE had married Annie Louisa HAYTER (mentioned in an earlier post) at St Paul's, Barton.

13 Jan 2013 : This has now been identified as West Mill, owned by John Roach. Thanks to all who responded
Jill Cooke [link opens in new tab or window]
Devon, Member no 3239
Submitted :
10 Jan 2013
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1-2 St Thomas Square, Ryde in 1901
There must have been a Draper's shop at 1 & 2 St Thomas Square, Ryde in 1901. In the census, one housekeeper, fourteen draper assistants, and two domestic servants were recorded as living there. One of the servants was Annie Louisa HAYTER, my husband's paternal grandmother. She was then 22 and unmarried.

This seems to have been a big shop. Has anyone got any information about it, and/or photographs?
Jill Cooke [link opens in new tab or window]
Devon, Member no 3239
Submitted :
10 Jan 2013
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BROWN, Alexander James
I am really not sure that anyone can help me here but here goes. Alexander James BROWN's father Charles was born in Scotland and seems to have had a successful career, first as a builder and then a civil engineer with the Admiralty up till age 81 and beyond. Possibly that is how his son Alexander James Brown got a job on the IOW at a time when much building would have been in progress when Queen Victoria and Albert included the village of Whippingham as part of the Royal estate of Osborne House, which I think was administered by the Admiralty. Most of the details come from census records and the names, dates, ages etc., all fit in with what we already have. Their time on the IOW was fairly short about 3 or 4 years at most. Then they departed for NZ with 4 children and my Great Grandmother was born soon after their arrival in Auckland. I will add here, that my Grandmother was heard to say often "I do not know what happened over there on the IOW, but with all those poets there, who knows", not verbatim but obviously there is some question as to whether there was some kind of relationship with one of the poets over there.
My Mum, my Grandmother, my sister, myself and all of our children are very poetical and write poetry!
Helen Youngman [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
10 Jan 2013
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PAYNE, Cissie
I know this is a long shot but in the late 1960's I visited a relative's house in Swanmore, Ryde. My grandparents and I were treated to afternoon tea and while we were there my great-aunt (?) Cissie brought out the family album. As far as I recall her name was Cissie PAYNE but I have been unable to trace her. The album was enormous and packed full of old photos and she explained who everyone was and how the PAYNE / DOWNER / GATRELL families were intertwined over the years. She would have been born around 1900 or just before. Can anyone help locate her family or suggest where I might find this album ?
Linda Monkhouse [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 2908
Submitted :
28 Dec 2012
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YEATS family
I have three photos of my ancestors, who I have traced to the Isle of Wight. I attach them now in the hope that someone might know something about them.

They are Charles YEATS, born 1821 in Newchurch and his wife, Dinah WHITEWOOD, also born in 1821 in Newchurch, and their daughter, my great grandmother, Bessie YEATS, born in 1864 in Ryde. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who can tell me anything about them!

click images to enlarge
Caroline Morrissey [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Dec 2012
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FROST, George
I am looking into my English ancestry, Particularly my 8 x great grand father George FROST, whom I believe was from Binstead, but left for Winter Harbor, Maine, USA in 1635 with a Dr. Richard VINES and Captain Stephen REEKES on The "Swift". Do you know of any resources in which I might be able to find more information regarding him or others he may have left behind on the Isle of Wight? Anything you can do to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.
Jonah J. Frost [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
29 Nov 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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DAVIES family

click image to enlarge

Thomas DAVIES was a coastguard stationed at Needs, Ore, and also Lymington, Hayling Bridge, Southsea and Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. Born 1872 in Wales, he joined the Royal Navy and then the coastguard service. He also went to Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire before returning to the South coast. He had children born at some of these places, including one in 1917 whilst he was at Freshwater. He died on 13th May 1950.

This photo shows Thomas Davies (right) with two sons, David Edgerton James Davies (left) and Thomas John Davies (centre).

The child pictured centre, was born in 1917 at Freshwater, so the photo was probably taken ca1918/19.

The owner of this photograph (Kay Farndon) and I would like to find out if anyone having Coastguard connections has any information about the time that the DAVIES family were at the Freshwater Coastguard Station ca 1917 +
Ann Barrett [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0227
Submitted :
12 Nov 2012
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SMITH, George Henry
I have been researching my grandfather George Henry SMITH born 25th August 1866 at Curates Cottage, Freshwater Isle of Wight. His father was Edward SMITH, a gardener and his mother Emily Louisa PAGE, a servant. They had 5 children as follows:

Emily Elizabeth b 1863
Edward James b 1864
George Henry b 1866
John Walter b 1868
Catherine Louisa b 1874

George Henry left the island in 1884 to join the Navy, serving 10 years, after which he joined the merchant service, Union Castle in Southampton. He married a Southampton girl Emily JURD in 1909, and he served on hospital ships in the first world war.

We can find no record of when and where he died, except that he was still alive on my father's birth certificate in March 1918.

His wife Emily died in 1923. After this my father who was only 5 was looked after by his mother's sister, Elizabeth JURD.

Most of the SMITH family mentioned above stayed on the island, mostly around Freshwater village and with many links to All Saints church. I wonder if there are any living relatives still on the island or elsewhere, and if so, could they please contact me so we can share any information about our family links?
Diana Moore [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 3192
Submitted :
31 Oct 2012
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FOY, James and Mary
I'm in Townsville, Queensland & hoping to locate relatives who may still live on the Isle of Wight.
I am also hoping to find information about the family of James & Mary FOY, please.

Name: Elizabeth Mary Foy
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date: 26 Dec 1790
Baptism/Christening Place: Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Birth Date: 20 Nov 1789
Father's Name: James Foy
Mother's Name: Mary
Edward Colebrook
Bride's Name: Elizabeth Mary Foy
Marriage Date: 21 Sep 1808
Marriage Place: Northwood, Hampshire,England

Denyse Bonney [link opens in new tab or window]
Queensland, Australia
Submitted :
15 Oct 2012
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Wave Crest Hotel, Shanklin
I've been looking for a picture of the Wave Crest Hotel, Esplanade, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. It was merged with the Ocean View and is now called Shanklin Beach Hotel.

I have had no luck finding anything and have looked everywhere on the web, can anyone help me please ?
Kay Harris [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
12 Oct 2012
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Jewish community in Portsmouth
A request to all members please. I am assisting the Jewish community in Portsmouth build a comprehensive picture of their congregation and it has been noted that there were several Jewish families on the Island, plus several resident in the local hospitals treating TB. Should you chance across any lesser known records [i.e. not the obvious ones like census and civil reg] would you be kind enough to note down the details and pass them on to me? It goes without saying that if any members have found themselves to have a Jewish ancestor I will happily look in my database and pass on info. Please note that I am Anglican myself so I have only recorded the English data not the Hebrew, though I do have photos of virtually every Jewish headstone in the Portsmouth area now I believe and I am happy to share.
Terry Bridger [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 0322
Submitted :
08 Oct 2012
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I would like further information on this family :

Philip and Amelia BOWES : Newport, Isle of Wight.
Their son William is my gggg grandfather.
William BOWES married Elizabeth COUSINS, and their children were :

        Mary Springer
[ Mary Springer Bowes was the first child of Elizabeth Cousins and William Bowes. There is a bastardy report in Hampshire stating her father was a butcher named Springer, but she was named Mary Springer Bowes and born into the William Bowes household. ]
1798 Joseph
1800 John
1802 James
1804 Lancelot
1805 Charles
1806 Richard Foquett
1808 Elizabeth Foquett who is my ggg grandmother(married BARKER)
1810 Ann Cousins

All moved to Prince Edward Island [PEI] 1810 and I have a good deal of information of them from 1810 to the present.

Now to go backwards, I want to find the BOWES/Foquett connections.

Here is a list of the people I want to integrate into the roots of this family:

My William Bowes' father was Philip Bowes and his mother was Amelia Lewis.(documented) I got this from the IOW historical society... and it is backed up by the information at Keillor House archives in New Brunswick.

Philip Bowes is listed as a cabinet maker in Newport, 1766.
Our William Bowes, son of Philip, was in the English Army/Navy sent to PEI in 1810.
His first son William Foquett Bowes was born 1791 in London and went to PEI and Nova Scotia as a teacher.
John and James were in the printing business in Halifax NS.
Richard was a mariner.

Another William Bowes in the Isle of Wight was a tailor who married an Ann Foquett in 1767. He could have been a brother of Philip.
Jane Foquett of Carisbrooke was the daughter of John Foquett (1740) a tailor and she married, on 6 Dec. 1767, William Cousins of Newport, a tailor.
There is a John Foquett, tailor of Newport 1740
There is a John Foquett of Newport in 1723 probably father of the previous (1740) John Foquett.
There is a Lancelot Foquett between 1760 and 1786, a landwaiter with the Customs House. He is probably a son of John Foquett, 1740.

Then there is a John Bowes, cabinet maker in West Cowes 1777.
William Bowes, son of Phillip and Amelia, married Eliz. Cousins named one of their sons JOHN and another LANCELOT. What was the relationship between the two Lancelots?

AS FOR COUSINs COUZINS, CUSIONS there are many deviations who are probably just bad spellers, or unconcerned but nevertheless related in the IOW area.

According to the staff list IOW Customs Dept. :

1790 T (probably Thomas) Bowes was Chief Mate
1816 Richard Cousins was a Mariner
1816 William Cousins was a Mariner
1825 Thomas Couzins was a Glut Tidewaiter

And William Cousins, the tailor who married Ann Foquett 1767. The above Richard, William and Thomas are probably brothers and Wm Cousins and Jane Foquett could be their grandparents.

Any help would be appreciated.
Ms Winifred Cherry [link opens in new tab or window]
New Mexico, USA
Submitted :
02 Oct 2012
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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DAWES family
I recently donated a lot of journals and magazines to your Society, and I am hoping therefore that you may be able to reciprocate by letting me know if you have anyone in the Society that knows if the DAWES family of St Helens has already been traced back further than Richard Daw/Dawes? I don't want to double up on something that may already be in print.

As I live on the island, I have been asked (by a friend who lives in the north of England (who has a family connection)) to find out what I can about Richard DAW and his wife Jane CALLOWAY, and their children. I am aware that a lot has been written about Sophie and her extraordinary life, but all I know of Richard is that he was a fisherman/smuggler out of St Helens.

The Daw/Dawes, or at least Richard (Dickey) and his daughter Sophie are so famous on the island, I cannot believe that this tree has not yet been totally unearthed. However, it appears that there is no record on-line or in the books that I have found of Richard's marriage to Jane in c1775, nor Richard's birth on the island. Nor is there a record on-line of the birth of Sophie, leading to a suspicion that she was baptised under another name, or her roots are a partial fiction.

I am hoping to go the Record Office next week to look at the parish records for St Helens and the workhouse records, but if you have a member who knows anything of interest about Richard Daw, I should be very pleased to hear from them. I am not a professional researcher. I am just an enthusiastic family history buff.
Mrs Brenda Bunkham [link opens in new tab or window]
Sandown, Isle of Wight
Submitted :
11 Sep 2012
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HUDSON, Walter
My Great Grandfather Walter HUDSON was born 17 Aug 1905 in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, son of John and Georgina HUDSON. I have researched and found a lot of information on Walter up until the 1930's.

On the 1929 Electoral Roll it shows Walter Hudson and wife, Leah Selina Kate Hudson at 1 Market Hill, Cowes.

On the October 1931 Electoral Roll they were at Alma House Sun Hill, West Cowes with a William RAWSTHORNE as a Lodger.

By October 1932 none of these were registered at this address : in 1934 & 1935 Leah and William are living together at 3 Park Gardens, Uxbridge as per the Electoral Roll. However, since 1931 Walter has not been seen or registered anywhere that I can find, not even a death or remarriage.

No family members know what happened to him and my Great Grandmother never ever spoke of him. I'm really hoping that someone will be able to help me solve this problem and convince me that my Great Grandfather has not been buried under the patio!

Living in hope!
Denise Bull [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
11 Sep 2012
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SCOTT family, Calbourne
I am interested in the SCOTT family from Calbourne - my great-grandmother was Rosa Caroline SCOTT, youngest child of William SCOTT and Frances WAY.

William (b. 17 Feb. 1818) and Frances (b. 18 April 1821) married on 13 March 1840 and the family story is that they had to elope because of the opposition of Frances' father, David WAY, a miller. They had 12 children: Frances Jane (b.1841), Ellen Mary (1843), William Edward (1845), Emily Marian (1847), Selina Charlotte (1949), Annie Catherine (1851), Elizabeth Hannah (1853), Walter Way (1855), Arthur James (1857), Louisa Edith (1858), Charles Leonard (1959) and Rosa Caroline (1862). Of these, two died in infancy (William and Louisa) and two in young adulthood (Emily and Elizabeth).

My late father, who was born in Portsmouth and brought up in Gosport, recalled visiting cousins in the Isle of Wight as a child.

I have traced some of the family through the census records from 1841 to 1911 and I have found some very helpful information on your site but inevitably I have gaps! I would be most interested to hear from anyone else descended from this extensive family or who has researched the Scotts and of course I would be happy to share information.
Linda Briggs [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
25 Aug 2012
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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NURSE, Betty
My Mum was evacuated to the Isle of Wight during the war from Portsmouth and I was wondering if there was any chance of finding out who she stayed with during that time. A very long shot I know!

My Mum's name was Betty Dorothy NURSE and she was born 19th July, 1926 in 14 Alexandra Road Portsmouth. Not too sure of the address where she was living at the time of her evacuation but it could have been Pretoria Road, Portsmouth. Her siblings were all quite a bit older so she was the only one evacuated during the war.

She used to tell the story that when she went back to Portsmouth her school had been destroyed in the bombing!!!!

I certainly do appreciate any help you may be able to give me
Barbara McGovern [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
22 Aug 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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COOPER, Percy Frederick
I am hoping to find information on my Great Grandfather Percy Frederick COOPER, born 25th May 1887, Newport, IOW, England to Henry COOPER & Annie COOPER (née NORRIS). Henry was also married to Charlotte HOLLIS prior to Annie.

Charlotte & Henry had 3 children - William Henry, Walter George & John COOPER.

Annie & Henry's children were Charlotte Ellen, Charles James, James Charlie, Edward Burtie, Alfred Harry, Lucy Annie, Leonard Henry, Henry George Leonard & Percy Frederick.

My great grandfather was part of the army in England prior to departing for Australia around 1911. I would like to be able to find out more about this time in his life along with any other information about his family.

Unfortunately I have found it difficult to trace my family history once I got to England. I don't know Henry's middle name & am not sure of any of the marriages or deaths that have occurred with Percy's brothers & sisters.

I do know that the name of the family home or its location was 'Bellmeade', however it may have been spelt differently.

Any help you may be able to offer me would be greatly appreciated.
Bec Oehm (née Cooper) [link opens in new tab or window]
Young, NSW, Australia
Submitted :
06 Aug 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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GRANT, Harriet
I am looking for any connections to Harriet GRANT born 1805/1806, who was married in England to John HAYDEN possibly around 1825/1826; her parents may have been John and Betty GRANT.

Thanking you for any help you can give me.
Kath Ross [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 2755
Submitted :
30 Jul 2012
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I was on the Island in 2012 looking for some missing volumes of the diaries of my great aunt, Edith Appleton, who served in France and Belgium as a QAIMNS Sister throughout the Great War. Unsurprisingly, I didn't find them! However, the search continues and I am keen to speak to any individual collectors on the IoW who just might have picked up the items over the years. See for more information.

What I am after is some way of contacting people who may involved in what I guess would be a very informal network of collectors who may have picked up the diaries on a stall or table at a sale and are unaware of their significance. Given that my great aunt died over 50 years ago I realise that it is very unlikely the missing volumes are still around but if I don't try I shall never find them. The diaries themselves are in 4 'volumes'. Volume one comprises 19 typed pages and the other three volumes are handwritten in three journals covering a total of over 400 pages. There are a number of delightful small sketches in volumes 2 to 4 as well as a few other items: press cuttings, three poems, a sheet of used blotting paper and some rough notes pages. They can be seen here:

You can see more about Edith Appleton and her amazing diaries on the website I created for her here: The website also has details of the book version of her diaries which was published by the Imperial War Museum this March. Extracts were also broadcast on Radio 4 in 2011.

I am grateful for any help you can give me.
Dick Robinson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Jul 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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COOPER, John & William
I was wondering if anybody had any information about a Cooper family from the Newport/Carisbrooke area of the Isle of Wight.

I have two brothers from the Isle of Wight living in Bromley Kent and recorded in Bromley's census from 1841 onwards.

John Cooper born 1805 approx (from census info)
William Cooper born 1808 approx (from census info)

They are both tailors by trade with a son of William taking over the business of John when his only son dies in his twenties.
Also according to family information (not proven) their father was called George and he was an Army Clothier who set up the original business in Bromley but both brothers consistently use Isle of Wight as their place of birth on Census returns.
I can see from looking at Newport census returns there seems to be quite a few "Coopers who are tailors" (possibly the same family?) so if anybody can shed some light on my strays or even link their family to mine I would be pleased to hear from them.

I am not asking for anyone to do lookups for me just if anyone has a tree or information linking to mine.
Julia Milne [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Jun 2012
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I'm trying to find information on the ancestors of James MACKENZIE, who is buried in Old Windsor Churchyard, Berkshire. The inscription on the vault reads :


(With acknowledgments to the transcribers of the Churchyard inscriptions - see
Susan Griffiths [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Jun 2012
Verified : 16 Nov 2020
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FOSTER, Margaret & Ernest
I would like to find any obituaries for these two people who died on the Isle of Wight :

Margaret Betty FOSTER, died Jan 2003
Ernest Roland FOSTER, died Jan 2004

Thanks in advance

(Request being undertaken by a member as at 18 July 2012)

Brian Newell [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Jun 2012
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BOZYK, Wasyl
I've been looking for quite some time for information about my grandfather, and I did find an address : 68 Sandcroft Avenue, Ryde - Isle of Wight. His name was Wasyl BOZYK. He was born 12 February 1908, and died in 12 April 1980. Since I am not sure whether it really is him I have attached a photo of him. Maybe someone can recognize him. I would be very interested if there are still family members living on the Isle of Wight.
I thank you in advance.

click on image to enlarge
Bernhard Howenwarter [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jun 2012
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CURTIS burials at St Michael's Church, Shalfleet
Could somebody from the Shalfleet area possibly provide a digital photograph of a headstone or headstones at St Michael's Church, Shalfleet.Alice CURTIS née GREEN (died January 1946) and her two sons Harry Charles CURTIS (died Jan 1954) and Edward CURTIS (died April 1962). We're uncertain as to whether they are in a family grave or individual graves and it's also possible (although unlikely) that the grave/graves are unmarked.

We thank you in anticipation...

Editor's note : a quick visit to the Churchyard on 10 May 2012 revealed no obvious burial plots. Perhaps someone with more local knowledge can assist.

Penny (née Green) and Bob Latham [link opens in new tab or window]
France, Member no 2649
Submitted :
10 May 2012
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ARNOLD and BLOW families
I have just returned from a superb weekend on the island, and it has re awakened a desire to trace some direct ancestors. If you will allow, I would like to request assistance through your website, and I am happy to cover any expenses etc.

My direct ancestor Mary ARNOLD was born in Newport c 1770/1.
Her father was James ARNOLD born c 1740/50 in Arreton and had the occupation of Haberdasher.
Her mother was Esther BLOW born c 1740/50 in Newchurch, and they married in Newchurch in 1761.

I would like to rebuild the Arnold and Blow families and their ancestries.
Mary ARNOLD married John WHITE from Moreton in Essex, but I don't know when, and she was living (aged 70) with one of her daughters in the 1841 census. She died in 1842 in Moreton.

My guess is that she came to Moreton in service and married John there.
A second guess is that John was in the military and married her on the island, but I have found no trace of military history.
Mike Burnham [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Apr 2012
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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I am trying to trace any of my 'distant relatives' who might still live on the Isle of Wight. The ancestor names I am trying to trace are through Isaac BARNETT (born circa 1813) and Anna THEOBALD (his wife born circa 1815). Isaac was the son of Edward Barnett. Edward was in the Royal Navy and Isaac was a master mariner. Apparently Isaac died of Yellow Fever in Valparaiso, Chile - but I don't know any details other than that. Isaac and Anna are my gg-grandparents through my paternal grandmother.

Also I would like to trace members of Anna's family. They were a very large family. Her father's name was John THEOBALD who originated from Faversham, Kent - he was a Yeoman I believe. His wife's name was Elizabeth DORE - her father was Esquire Dore.That is all the information I have on them. All came from the Freshwater area.

Isaac and Anna's daughter Jane BARNETT was also born in Freshwater in 1854 and died in 1921 at Bromley-by-Bow, London E1. She had married a Frederick BRISTOW.

Can you give me any help or advice as to what I might be able to do to trace any living relations of Theobalds/Barnetts please ?
Sandra Holder (née Christian) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
05 Apr 2012
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I was contacted recently by an individual who was researching the ANDREWS Family of Andover. Someone from had seen a post of mine detailing Charlotte Maria Andrews b 1 Sept 1786 Hurstbourne Priors d. 17 Jan 1871 Wedmore, Somerset. She married John Barrow 1787-1853 who became the Magistrate of Wedmore. Charlotte had a sister, Caroline Georgiana Andrews b 1792 Amport, Hampshire d 17 Mar 1860 who married Rev Robert Wylde (Wylde Family of the Commandery and direct scion of Viscount Robert Tracy II) 1774-1833. Ironically both of these sisters are in my direct line. Caroline Andrews Wylde's son, Henry Ernest Wylde b 1832 Claverdon, Warwickshire d 29 Apr 1881 New City, Rockland County, New York....married her sister, Charlotte Andrews Barrow's granddaughter, Elizabeth Barrow b 3 Jan 1836 Upper Clapton, Middlesex (London) d. 25 Nov 1911 New City, Rockland County, New York. So one sister's son married the other sister's granddaughter.

A woman from Australia contacted me about a younger sister Augusta b Oct 1804 Cole Henley, Hampshire d 1901 New South Wales, Australia. She had married John Butt b. 1796 Houghton, Hampshire.

This was one child I had not documented in my family tree and was happy to add her.

I had not done any research into their parents John and Jane Andrews. Michelle, this woman from New South Wales, had discovered some death dates and info about John having estates in Andover and info about him being a Major in the Hants. Militia.

With a copy of the marriage record, it was determined that Jane WALLER was probably the maiden name of Jane ANDREWS. I found a copy of the marriage record which stated Jane Waller and John Andrews from Andover... married 26 June 1784 in Whippingham, Hampshire Isle of Wight. From the Gentleman Magazine, I determined that Jane, wife of Major John Adams, died in Stockbridge on 25 Dec 1828. It appears that the service might have occurred at Houghton Parish Church. It appears she was born around 1765... but I could not find any records of any WALLER family at Whippingham.

I do hope that you might have some insight into this family. I wanted to help Michelle from NSW and I have helped with some information but am at a brick wall.
Carole Cummings [link opens in new tab or window]
Plano, Texas, USA
Submitted :
03 Apr 2012
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PURDY family
I have found that my Great Grandmother was named EBURNE / nee HOTCHIN.
She had a sister called Elizabeth, who married an Odessa PURDY, who had been born in Brightlingsea, Essex, and had been a ship's Master, later in life on the "Matchless". They had 5 children, one of whom was called Alec, whom I believe became a Mayor of Newport.

Are any of these children still alive, or are there any photographs of that family? I recall a story that Odessa served on the J class yachts, of the period, and reportedly saved a VVIP out of the Solent.

Thank you in anticipation of a favourable reply.
Roger K. Bridle [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
28 Mar 2012
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HOLLIS, Benjamin Joseph
This is an ancestor of mine

I wonder if anyone can help with a little puzzle I have.

In 1891 Benjamin Joseph HOLLIS was living in Clarence Road and his occupation was Night Ferryman at the Floating Bridge.
In 1901 he was living in Clarence Road and his occupation was Night Ferryman

This is where it gets interesting

In 1911 he is living near Wimborne Dorset in what would appear a nice house and his occupation is stated as Retired Mariner (Living on own means) He was 46 at the time.
Now my guess is that a ferryman was not so highly paid that he could retire at 46 so where did he get his money ?
My thoughts are that he was perhaps more than a ferryman and had some interest in the company that ran the ferry.
My question is are there any records available to substantiate my thoughts ?
Trenuth Seager [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1831
Submitted :
06 Mar 2012
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HILL family
I am trying to trace the HILL family who were living on the IOW in the 18th century. I have Lt Colonel William HILL who was married to Elizabeth POPHAM (but no dates) - she died in 1809. They had children Lt Colonel Charles Fitzmaurice HILL, Vice Admiral Henry HILL ( my Great Great Grandfather), Archdeacon Justly HILL b 1783 in Bonchurch and Elizabeth HILL who married Thomas Trusty TRICKEY. I have visited St Boniface old church where there is a memorial on the wall inside to Rear Admiral Henry Hill and I believe he and his wife are buried in the church. Also there is a coat of arms on the wall called the Hill Hatchment which i would like to know more about.

I appear to be descended from an interesting family which I would love to know more about. I would appreciate any help I can get as when I search online records I always seem to draw a blank.
Sheila Carter (formerly Hill) [link opens in new tab or window]
Member No 3102
Submitted :
22 Feb 2012
Verified : 02 Dec 2013
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HUNT, Ann (née HOBBS)
I am trying to trace the HILL family who were living on the IOW in the 18th century. I have Lt Colonel William HILL who was married to Elizabeth POPHAM (but no dates) - she died in 1809. They had children Lt Colonel Charles Fitzmaurice HILL, Vice Admiral Henry HILL ( my Great Great Grandfather), Archdeacon Justly HILL b 1783 in Bonchurch and Elizabeth HILL who married Thomas Trusty TRICKEY. I have visited St Boniface old church where there is a memorial on the wall inside to Rear Admiral Henry Hill and I believe he and his wife are buried in the church. Also there is a coat of arms on the wall called the Hill Hatchment which i would like to know more about.

I appear to be descended from an interesting family which I would love to know more about. I would appreciate any help I can get as when I search online records I always seem to draw a blank.
Frank Hunt [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 2845
Submitted :
21 Feb 2012
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RUSSELL, Martha (Maggie), née MONK
I am trying to discover how my grandparents met.

My Grandmother's name was Martha MONK (sometimes she added Margaret), and in later life she was known as Maggie; she was born in Horton, Shropshire on 1st July 1883, but by 1891 both her parents are dead and Martha and two siblings are in the Cannock Union Workhouse Staffordshire.
In April 1898 she was in service in Penkridge with Lady Hatherton (I have a Common Prayer Book with these details written in the front); she next shows up in the 1901 census as Margaret M Monk, domestic servant, in Shipton Under Wychwood by Chipping Norton. 1911 shows her back in Birmingham with her sister and her husband in their boarding house.

The family have always believed that Martha was orphaned and brought up in a children's home on the Isle of Wight, hence she met my Grandfather convalescing after being gassed in the trenches in France. I believe she was on the Isle of Wight after 1911 probably in service, met my Grandfather, came back to Birmingham with him where his young daughters were being looked after by his parents. They married on the 2nd October 1915. My Grandfather's name was Charles Gilbert RUSSELL - he was a widower who was conscripted in the war - he was in the Somersetshire Light Infantry and Army Service Corps regimental nos 18419, ES/58074. After being discharged from the Army he found it difficult to find work, so rejoined the Army and was in Cologne in February 1920 as part of the Army of Occupation, by 1924 he was working as a civilian attached to the Army in Cologne, by 1924 he had taken ill and died age 46 in Cologne where he had a Military Funeral, and was buried in Cologne - unfortunately we are unable to visit his grave as it was destroyed in the second World War.

Martha and my mother came back to England and lived with Martha's sister for a while, she then remarried and brought up a rather a large family of step children.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful
Mrs Janice Scott [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
10 Jan 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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I am looking for any information on three Newbridge men :

George Good WHITTINGTON b 1875 Calbourne (registration district) d 1954 (North-west registration district). He farmed at Eades Farm and Orchard Farm, Newbridge and died childless.

Alfred Dudley MUNT b 1882 Calbourne d 1958 North-west. Known as Dudley, he lived at several addresses in Newbridge and Five Houses and was employed by George Whittington.

William James YOUNG b 1892 Calbourne d 1973. He lived at Northlands, Newbridge and was also employed by George Whittington and was involved with the Methodist Chapel. He also died childless.

Any anecdotes or photographs of the three would be especially welcome.
Hilary Higgins [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
10 Jan 2012
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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Isle of Wight Lace (book)
Can anybody help me trace a copy of "Isle of Wight Lace" by Edna Groves?

I am willing to pay a reasonable price for a copy.
Mrs Nita Doe [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2017
Submitted :
14 Dec 2011
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I am looking for a photo of HENRY MORRIS born 1830 Mottistone - died Newbridge 1915; also his wife FRANCES JANE YOUNG born Brighstone 1831- died Newbridge 1909. They are both buried in St Michael's Churchyard, Shalfleet. They were my paternal Great Great Grandparents.
Malcolm Morris [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2833
Submitted :
05 Dec 2011
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I'm searching for any information on James PARKER born about 1812 Freshwater, Isle of Wight. He was listed as a HM Customs Officer in 1861 Census in Cardiff.
Jennifer Robinson [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Nov 2011
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SQUIBB family
I am currently researching the SQUIBB family history. I have managed to find photos of my Grandfather's brothers Frank and Albert SQUIBB but none of their brother John Henry SQUIBB who married Amy Rowland (born in East Ham London on 30th Aug 1900). They were married on 20th May 1922 at Church of St. Helen, Eddington Road, St Helens, Isle of Wight, England. John died 10 Apr 1974 and Amy died 11 Apr 1990. They had two children: Peter, who married Mary LAWS; and Betty Amy, who married John PRESCOTT.
Graham Squibb [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
02 Nov 2011
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TOOGOOD, Charles
I wonder if I can get some help finding the family of my Great Grand Father?

His name was Charles TOOGOOD b. 1827 Calbourne.

He had a brother called Thomas (I think) and a sister called Kate who is said to have died aged 100+ - there may have been another child. I would love to find out something about them. I think he worked for a family called Cardwell.
Noreen Rozwadowski [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
23 Oct 2011
Verified : 11 Nov 2013
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My great-grandmother, Jane TYNER (born Cork County, Ireland in 1837) married John SMITH (born Sheerness, Kent, UK, in 1830). John was in the Royal Navy and possibly met Jane when he was on board HMS Hawke when it was based in Queenstown, Cork. Their first two children Rebecca Jane and Joseph were born in Ireland (1860 and 1862 respectively). John Smith was nominated to the Coastguard Service in July 1861 and posted to the Isle of Wight. The next four children Richard William (1863), Samuel Robert (1865), Margaret Ann (my grandmother, 1866) and Mary Ellen (1869) were born on the Isle of Wight.

I would very much like to find out more about my great-grandmother Jane as I only know her date of birth in 1837 in Ireland and death in 1901 on the Isle of Wight.

Any information on Jane or her family would be greatly appreciated.
Sue Christie [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand
Submitted :
17 Oct 2011
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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LOCK or JAMES, Alfred Leslie
I started researching my family history to try and find my grandfather but up to now have had no success and wondered if you would place a help wanted notice for me.

Has anyone any information about Alfred Leslie LOCK or Alfred Leslie JAMES. He was born Alfred Leslie JAMES on 26 March 1891 at Chillerton his mother was Rosa JAMES born 13 December 1867. Rosa married Frank Maurice LOCK on 21st September 1895 at Shalfleet. Alfred married my grandmother as Alfred Leslie LOCK and he disappeared just after the (first world) war and never heard of him again. My Grandmother's name was Lilian Heron PARTINGTON and they were married 23rd December 1916 at Preston Parish Church, North Yorkshire (near Hull). My grandmother, dad and myself were all born at Hull. I don't know if he still used the name LOCK or he reverted back to the name JAMES.

If anyone has any information I would be very grateful.
Patricia Mitchell [link opens in new tab or window]
The Netherlands, Member no 2563
Submitted :
03 Oct 2011
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DENHAM, Frederick James
My 2 x great grandfather was Frederick James DENHAM and he was a founder member of the Cowes Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society. He appeared in productions from 1898 to 1928 and I wondered if anyone would know whether there are any photographs of him anywhere.
Linda Wheeler [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
27 Sep 2011
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I wonder if you would be able to help me find out more information about my maternal Grandfather Joseph Victor Leslie FULLICK.
From your great website I have already managed to find out a lot of information but we are still to find out where he was born and I still haven't seen a photograph of him, neither has my mother as he passed away when she was only a child and her mother did not talk about him.
He came to a sad end commiting suicide at just 37 years old, the story being told in the IW County Press of May 1960. We managed to find out that he was buried at Mountjoy Cemetery, but with no sign of a headstone which was upsetting to see.
Any help would be greatly received. We have a copy of his birth certificate and know he married twice. We believed he worked at Saunders Roe when he returned from the army and lived with his second wife, [Annie Cowdray SIBLEY, née TRIGG], on Worsley Road in Newport.
Grace Corney [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Sep 2011
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LANEY family
My name is Simon LANEY and am researching the LANEY family in memory of the recent loss of my late Father David LANEY.

From my initial research it appears that the LANEY family is an old IOW family going back as far as 1770. It is at this point that things begin to dry up regards getting back any further. There is one possible theory that the Laney family originally came to the IOW as Huguenot exiles from what is now modern day Belgium. Any information would be welcomed.
Simon Laney [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
31 Aug 2011
Verified : 16 Nov 2013
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Dust Place, Whitwell
I have quite a few family members born in Dust Place Whitwell but I'm not able to locate its whereabouts. Perhaps its been demolished or had a name change? The earliest record I have of its existence is 1818.

Does anyone know of this place and even better have an old photograph?
Caroline Allen [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2647
Submitted :
15 Aug 2011
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I am researching my paternal grandfather's family; his name was Charles Frederick Lynam Owen STRINGER. His father died when my grandfather was a young child, and I have no information about the STRINGER family. My late grandmother told me Grandpa had been born on the Isle of Wight. So I was very excited tonight to find your website, and discover that my great uncle, Reginald STRINGER, was listed on your birth records, along with an older brother, Robert Henry, who died as an infant. However, my grandfather was not listed, so I assume he was not born on the Isle of Wight. I have a vague memory of my grandparents saying that Great Grandpa STRINGER had been a policeman. I do know that my grandfather, his brother and mother were living in Guildford, Surrey, running a pub, when my great grandfather STRINGER died (at his own hand, I believe).

I'm a retired, widowed teacher, living just out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I have a young granddaughter, who has inspired me to get started on family genealogy. I would love to make contact with anyone who could help me find out more about the STRINGER line of my family.
Elizabeth McArthur [link opens in new tab or window]
Aldergrove, BC, Canada
Submitted :
15 Aug 2011
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I am endeavouring to trace the movements of my great grandfather EMIL ESTORFFE. I have had very little success up to now but have over the years gleaned a couple of snippets of information that makes me certain that he was on the Isle of Wight during the period 1872 to 1890.

My father told me that he was a professional deep sea diver working on the docks in Siam so I will start my thoughts there. During the 1860s there was a great deal of unrest between the French and the local Siamese (Thai) people and I feel that he (Emil) who I believe was French left the area with his very young and pregnant wife and sailed for England where I think he arrived in Portsmouth some time in 1872 and resided a short while in Christchurch.

My thoughts are that he was invited by (at present unknown persons), to work on the construction of the various forts along the coast; of course being French he possibly would not be accepted by the English authorities and therefore became an illegal entrant with no identity papers and worked under subcontract to a building contractor and I believe he resided in or near Norton Lodge with his wife and son. But I do believe he had a benefactor probably connected to the Norton family.

My next clue is an entry in the 1891 census that a lady by the name of LOUISA ESTORFFE was residing in London at the residence of a ROBERT NORTON; she was listed as being a cook, and coming from Bedford - also on the list of occupants is a young man aged 19 listed as an accountants clerk also from Bedford, the link here his age is exactly the same as my grandfather, he has given his name as JOHN SPARKES but I think that it was a false name to protect him from any trouble should his mother be found to be in the country illegally.

If the young man was indeed my grandfather Frederick then the next thing I know is that he is back in the I.O.W. and has signed on in the army at one of the forts. I feel that he must have known my grandmother before he went to London; she was working at Norton Lodge and I believe lived in. It's possible that took him back and thought he could gain employment following in his father footsteps only to find that there was no further construction going on so he signed on in the royal engineers and was stationed at the fort just adjacent to Norton Lodge where he visited frequently and they were married in 1896. My grandmother's name was AGNES GOSDEN. [Note : Gosden family information has been provided to the Estorffe family by Hilary LLoyd (nee Gosden) already]

In order to get into the army I believe he had to tell a few white lies because he did not have a registered birth certificate and to make it difficult he said he was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, but I have done extensive research and have visited Christchurch and the address he gave does not exist but it would have been extremely difficult to get the information to the army and they probably did not even try. The rest of my grandfather's movements are well documented and known by me.

My request is: to find out more about the Norton family during that period, such as links with the navy or shipping in general, whether any of them were in any way connected to the building of the forts, was the gentleman in London, Robert Norton related to the Norton Lodge family?
Ben Estorffe [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 Jul 2011
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I am trying to trace Alfred STEVENS. He and his family (wife Julia, children Alfred and Julia) appear on the 1871 Census in Brighton where his place of birth is recorded as "Isle of White". His age is given as 53, making his birth year 1817/1818. I have had an E-mail from the record office on the Isle of Wight saying they can't find any records for them. I realise perhaps they were not married, but I can't find a baptismal entry for him.
So I am wondering if anyone else is researching Albert, and have they solved this problem.
Eric Stevens [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Jul 2011
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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TAYLOR burials at Binstead
I have been advised that William James TAYLOR died 1941 and is buried April 1941 at Binstead Old Cemetery. His wife Annie Louisa TAYLOR died 1950 and is buried with William. Apparently there was a newspaper report when Annie Louisa died giving all these details.

Is there a plan of the cemetery or can someone perhaps advise me where this grave is?

I have an A-Z of IOW, is the cemetery situated in Cemetery Rd Binstead, is there a new Binstead cemetery as well as an old Binstead cemetery?

I am visiting IOW in July [2011] with a friend from USA who would love to visit the grave as William and Annie were her great grandparents. I know that they were married at Holy Cross church and will take her there also.

I would really appreciate any help you can give me.
Margaret Rose [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2681
Submitted :
17 Jun 2011
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Refugees on the Isle of Wight in the 1950s
I wonder if any of your members could help answer a query I have about the Isle of Wight during the 1950s.

My husband's parents escaped from Hungary in 1956 during the revolution. They were both (separately) picked up by the Red Cross over the border and sent to a refugee camp on the Isle of Wight where they met and fell in love. They met up again months later in Calgary, Canada, married and have been together ever since.

My father-in-law has now sadly passed away and my mother-in-law can't remember where on the island the camp was.

My husband and I are coming, with our children, for a holiday to the Isle of Wight in the first week of July and I know it would mean a lot to my husband to visit the locale of the camp and I would be most grateful if anyone could find out its whereabouts for me.

(Please note that we live in London, not Canada, so have plenty of opportunities to visit the IOW if we cannot find out more in time for our visit in July 2011).
Mrs Justine Ragany [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Jun 2011
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I am currently researching the marriage and deaths of Annie Elizabeth Jane FAREY (nee PARSONS) (c1871-1937) and George Henry GLASSPELL (c1871-1945). (The variants GLASSPELL and GLASPELL appear in the records)

31 March 1901
(Census form) Annie (Elizabeth Jane) FAREY (Widow age 35) shown as a Boarder Housekeeper for a William ARNOLD (Widow age 70) and living at 1 Peartree Court, South Street, Newport, Isle of Wight.

31 March 1901
(Census form) George Henry GLASSPELL shown as a boarder and living at 1 Hazards Terrace, Sea Street, Newport, Isle of Wight

12 October 1901
(Marriage Certificate) Annie Elizabeth Jane FAREY (age 30) and living at 1 New Cut, Pyle Street, Newport, Isle of Wight married George Henry GLASSPELL (age 30) and living at 3 Sea Street, Newport, Isle of Wight

2 April 1911
(Census form) George GLASSPELL shown as Married and living with his parents at Brocks Lodge, Whippingham Road, Whippingham, East Cowes, Isle of Wight

2 April 1911
(Census form) Joseph Lockyer living at 2 Trafalgar Lane, Trafalgar Road, Newport, Isle of Wight

4 August 1937
(Death Certificate) Annie Elizabeth Jane GLASSPELL(age 71) ("Widow") died in Isle of Wight County Hospital, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Living at 2 Trafalgar Lane, Trafalgar Road, Newport, Isle of Wight. G. BURT living at the same address

8 December 1945
(Death Certificate) George Henry GLASSPELL (age 73) died at the house of Charles R. GLASSPELL (brother) 49 Adelaide Grove, East Cowes, Isle of Wight. No mention of wife.

Any assistance in ascertaining what happened to the marriage after 12 October 1901, why they were not living together on 2 April 1911, who G. BURT was and why they reported her death and why it is shown that Annie Elizabeth Jane was a widow on 4 August 1937 would be most gratefully received.
Melvyn Harrison [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
14 Jun 2011
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POTTER, Thomas and Mary
In April 1927 Newport had its largest military funeral it had ever seen of Lt Col Thomas POTTER DCM OBE of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. He died at Oakholme, Staplers, (the family home I grew up in) sadly no longer there.He is buried at Parkhurst Military Cemetery. The County Press write up on his funeral said he had been Quartermaster at Stirling Castle and had served all round the world and in the early 1920's he was a leader in the Territorial Army in Drill Hall Road. Although I have found out a great deal of information on him I would dearly like to find out what happened to his widow Mary Isobella Potter. She was the same age as him being 57 in 1927. The County Press stated there were also 2 daughters at the time of his death. When Thomas and Mary married in 1908 it was in Chatham, Kent, her certificate said she was a widow then, surname GIBBS. I know she was born 1872 in Nairn Scotland, Mary Isabella NOBLE.I would dearly like to know where she went after Thomas died and what happened to the daughters who sadly I do not have any names for.

I wonder if through your site anyone may be able to help me.
Angie Cook [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
24 May 2011
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Jane GROVES born c 1819 married Edward James CROSSIN (Shoe Maker) on the 25th. Mar 1839 in Carisbrooke.

I have found Jane in the 1871 & 1881 census, where she is listed as a widow.

Any information on Edward Crossin would be appreciated.
David Groves [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2016
Submitted :
23 May 2011
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JACKSON, Richard and Susan
I am researching my 3x grandparents Richard and Susan JACKSON. They were both born in Devon and went to live in Southampton so that he could work for Andrews Coach builders as he was a coach trimmer. In the 1871 census they are living at Hope cottage, Arthur st. Ryde with their 2 daughters and grandson Richard (he is the son of my 2x grandparents who stayed in Southampton). In the 1881 census there are just Richard and Susan JACKSON and Susan stated she is a coach lining maker.

We understand from family letters etc. that Richard the coach trimmer went to the IOW so that he could help make a carriage for Queen Victoria at Osborne House. (I have located a coach made in the IOW by Chivertons at a carriage museum in Devon).

I would dearly like to find out more ... I did write to Windsor Castle and Osborne House, but they did not have any information. Does any of your members have ideas to where I should go from here ... Do you have any links I could try?

I was so pleased to find not only the records of their deaths on your website, but also a photo of Susan's grave. [this is actually on the Ryde Social Heritage Website as she is buried in Ryde Cemetery - Ed.] Susan died November 1883 and Richard 1895 (but I have not found his grave). Also Richard (the grandson) became an ornamental plasterer and worked on the Dunbar room at Osborne House. He served his apprenticeship with Jackson and Sons of London and they carried out the work ... (we are still trying to find the link with these Jacksons!) So any information on him would be good .. i.e. school records etc ... as would any information on their lives in the IOW. I am happy to research if I knew what I was looking for!!

Richard JACKSON B Exeter 1815
Susan JACKSON B Devon about the same time
Richard JACKSON (grandson) born Southampton 1863

I have really enjoyed browsing your site ... enjoyed the postcards ... (I wonder is there a picture of Hope Cottage or Arthur st. Ryde)
Sandie Lyons (née Jackson) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
16 May 2011
Verified : 15 Nov 2013
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BROWNE, William Joseph
Please can you help! I visited the IOW records office in Oct 2009 but still need more information. My 3x great grandfather William Joseph BROWNE was born at Cowes in April 1774 but was taken by his parents to London to be baptised. When William baptised his first child Sofhia Brown(e) in 1800 it was at Carisbrooke but I am sure, because they came and went from the island, there must have been more family members there. Does anyone know of any records of addresses and residents at Carisbrooke in or around 1800 ? I do know that a place called Chappel Close may have been connected to the family.
Alan G. Browne [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
29 Apr 2011
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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BUCKLE, Judith
I am trying to locate my father's cousin Judith BUCKLE - her father was Frank Buckle and he was born and lived on Isle of Wight 1899 - his father was Matthew Buckle and mother Mary Elizabeth Buckle (née WATTON)

My father grew up in Africa and he used to correspond with her many years ago when they were still at school.

Any information would be most appreciated.
Moira Wight [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
28 Apr 2011
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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BAKER, Dorothy May
I am looking for any information on Dorothy May BAKER. I know she was living at South view, Bettesworth Road, Ryde in 1936 and I believe she lived in Salisbury at some point. If anyone has any information I would be beyond grateful.
Diane Howe [link opens in new tab or window]
Texas, USA
Submitted :
18 Apr 2011
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PETRE, Henry W.
I am a member of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and its Museum Sub Committee. We are organising an exhibition in 2012 to celebrate the opening 150 years ago of the Cowes and Newport Railway on the 16 June 1862. We hope to include information about some of the principal people involved, one of whom was Henry W PETRE, a Director and Chairman of the Railway. Other names that are of interest are:

Henry PINNOCK - Director
Robert J JEWEL - Director
Henry MARTIN - Director and Joint Engineer
John S BURKE - Director and Joint Engineer
Charles W EASTCOURT - Secretary (a local Cowes Solicitor)
John LAMBERT - Director
Albert H FERNANDEZ - Contractor
Alexander HINDMARSH - reputed to be the driver of the first train from Cowes to Newport.

I would be pleased to hear from any member who has information about any of the above or who can assist in any way. Also, it would be very useful to obtain copies of photographs of any of these people.
Bob Fowler [link opens in new tab or window]
Isle of Wight Steam Railway
Submitted :
01 Apr 2011
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BOWL[E]Y, Charles
For 20 years I have been trying to find the roots of my 5 x great grandfather Charles BOWLEY (Bowly). He spent many years as a Joyner at the Portsmouth Dockyard (from 1734 to 1782), he had his own pew in St George's Church, I have his Will giving details of all his children (no mention of his wife so presumably she had died), and I believe it is his burial I have found in St Mary's, Portsea in 1782. Also there is an Elizabeth Bowly (buried 1777).

Today I came across a marriage of a Charles BOWLY and Elizabeth HETHER on 8 September 1743 in the Newport Marriage Register Part 2 (taken from the Genealogist Site that I subscribe to). My Charles BOWLY had his first child Elizabeth baptised in St Mary's Portsea on 8 July 1744.

Does anyone know anything about any BOWLYs on the Island, or maybe it was his wife who lived there and he went there to marry. I would really like to try and make a connection.
Pam Miles (Bowley) [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Apr 2011
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WOOD, Dr Francis Henry
Does anyone have any information regarding a Doctor Francis Henry WOOD, of Ventnor circa 1880 ?

I know that he married Emily Florence Stoakes JONES (born 1849) at Dymchurch (Romney Marsh)) in 1869, and her address at the time of the 1881 census was 4, Marine Parade, Ventnor. Also that by 1891 she had been widowed, though I have been unable to locate a death certificate for him. Similarly I have not been able to identify if there were any children from the marriage.

As a quid pro quo I am happy to share my research on the Jones family around Romney Marsh, with connections to the Applefords and Westcotts of Ringwood/Millbrook.
Richard Jones [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
01 Mar 2011
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me find any information out about my gt gt gt grandmother. Her name was Louisa JACKMAN and she was born about 1833 in Newport IoW. By 1881 (on the Census return) she was living in Wolverhampton and married so she obviously left the Isle of Wight but since she was born before 1837 finding anything about her is difficult. She was married to a John MASON. All my other Mason ancestors lived in or around Wolverhampton so I thought that it was more likely that she left the Isle of Wight and met and married John Mason in England. She went on to have four children : William (12/9/1861) Alice (1864) Emily (1868) and Annie(1874).

I really wanted to know if there are other Jackmans living on the IoW around this time, is it a common name and does anyone have ancestors with the name of Jackman leaving the island between 1833 and 1861 (William was born in Wolverhampton) I wondered if her family had its roots on the Isle of Wight or if they were temporary as it were.
Emma Raynaud [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
23 Feb 2011
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TUTTON family
I have a question which one of our members may be able to help with : - I'd like any information about the TUTTON family who had a shop in Clarendon Road Shanklin between about 1932 to about 1950.

I believe that this was a grocer's and a cafe and was owned by my Grandfather Ernest Samuel Tutton with his wife (Ethel) Marion.
They had three children, Roy Ernest, who joined the Navy and was lost with HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow in 1939, Marguerite and Patricia.
I have no photos and have no further information.
Roy Stratton [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2995
Submitted :
20 Feb 2011
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I am seeking information regarding Martha BRISTOW who married Peter LOADER on 3 April 1699 at St. Mary's, Brook, thus becoming my 7 x Great-Grandmother.
Brian Loader [link opens in new tab or window]
Western Australia
Submitted :
02 Feb 2011
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My Gt Gt Gt Grandfather Hugh Hughes (1779-Abt 1846) married a lady from the Isle of Wight, called Dinah. I have not been able to trace the marriage or any clue to her surname. The 1851 census, when she is living with her son in Eyton shows she was born about 1779 in the Isle of Wight :-

1851 Eyton (9 Eyton) [HO109_2502_462, p3]

John HUGHES, Head, M, 31, Taylor, Marchwiel, Denbighshire
Margaret HUGHES, Wife, M, 29, ---, Eyton, Denbighshire
Walter HUGHES, Son, -, 2, ---, Eyton, Denbighshire
Charlotte HUGHES, Daughter, -, 8 mos ---, Eyton, Denbighshire
Dinah HUGHES, Mother, Wid, 72, Annuitant, Isle of Wite [sic]

She died on 22 June 1855 at Eyton, Bangor Is Y Coed, Denbighshire, Wales.
The death entry reads :-

Died 22 June 1855 at Eyton. Dinah Hughes, widow of Hugh Hughes, Tailor. Cause of Death: Paralysis 11 weeks certified. Informant Richard X Jones, present at the death, Eyton on 25 June 1855

I recognise this is a long shot but does anyone have a clue as to this lady's identity?
Tim Sylvester [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
02 Dec 2010
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Can anyone help me with my research regarding a soldier of the Great War please? Guy LEGGATT enlisted from Shorwell and his name appears on St. Peter's Church Roll of Honour as having enlisted from there but had since left. His address on enlistment as of 15th. September 1914 was Cheverton Cottage, Carisbrooke. He lists his occupation as a farmer. He serves through the Great War being discharged 23rd. September 1919 as Lieutenant R.F.A. Intended place of residence is given as Lee-on-Solent.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Joy Marshall [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Oct 2010
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Timothy Whites, Chemist, Ryde
Does anyone have a photograph of the old Timothy Whites chemist in the High Street at Ryde?
My partner's relation Sidney Chatfield was pharmacist there around 1954. All he can remember was that it was near the Catholic Church [?].
Lin Scott [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2009
Submitted :
18 Sep 2010
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LANG, Augustus
Augustus LANG married Violet WILKINS in 1932 in the Ryde district.
He died in 1968 aged 65, still in the same area. He was my great uncle; his father & mother were Robert & Mary LANG from Bicester Oxfordshire (my great grandparents).
I would be interested if any of your members could be connected?
David Lang [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
17 Aug 2010
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Hodges Coal yard, East Cowes
I was wanting to know if anyone had any information on what we think was a coal yard on or very close to Castle Street in East Cowes, near the chain ferry. It was owned or run by George Henry HODGES in the 1920s and 30s, of Yarborough Road - we even know he gave gifts of coal to people. After his death, ownership passed to his son, Charles or 'Charlie' HODGES. All that we know is that it was there. We don't know what it was called, when it started up, or exactly what it did - it does not even seem to be mentioned in 1935 Kelly's Directory for the Isle of Wight. As George Hodges was my great-grandfather, we have heard stories of this coal yard - long-gone relatives have even pointed out roughly where it was, but there seems to be no trace of it historically!! I was wondering if anyone had an old knowledge of East Cowes to tell us what it was called and what it did!
Kay Hodges [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2946
Submitted :
13 Aug 2010
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THORPE family
Dora Irene THORPE born 1895 Southampton, nee HILLMER, the daughter of William and Elizabeth HILLMER, married Percy George THORPE in 1921 at Steyning, Sussex. They had three sons Hillmer D THORPE (died in infancy), David Hillmer THORPE 1928 and Raymond G Hillmer THORPE 1931 all born Brighton. Percy and Dora moved to the island sometime after 1931, seemingly following her parents and remained for the rest of their lives. Percy died 1962 age 80, Dora died 1972. Could anyone kindly inform me where they lived, Percy's occupation, and where they are buried.

[Editor's note : Percy and Dora Thorpe appear in the 1938 Electoral Register at Palmyra, The Fairway, Lake; and in the 1947 Electoral Register at 9 St Catherine's Place, Ventnor]

An added and great bonus would be to learn if they have any descendants still on the island today.

[Editor's note : Using our BMD Index, David Hillmer Thorpe married Doreen O Hayles at St Mary's Church Cowes in 1956.]
Alan Booth [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Aug 2010
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HILLMER family
I would like to find further information about William and his remarkable wife Elizabeth Zilpha HILLMER. This couple moved to the island possibly around 1925 from their home at Falmer near Brighton.
Elizabeth, who in her maiden name of MENTOR, from about 1890, was the proprietor of a chain of ten photographic studios from Barrow in Furness to the south coast, opened a branch at 14 High Street, Newport in 1890 which ran till 1897. (This was later taken over by Ernest E Smerdon).
I should like to know where the Hillmers settled on the island. A clue might be that their deaths were recorded in Ventnor - Elizabeth age 80 in 1941 and William age 94 in 1943.

[Editor's note : William and Elizabeth Hillmer appear in the 1938 Electoral Register at 4 Cliff Path, Sandown]

It would be a real bonus also to learn where they are buried and if memorial inscriptions are recorded. I have full details of Elizabeth's earlier life and information on the above would complete the jigsaw.
Alan Booth [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
04 Aug 2010
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FRIPP family
I have been researching my family history for many years. I come from ag labs born in Hilton, a rural Dorset parish. My great grandfather Robert was born in Hilton in 1841 and was there in 1851 and 1861, but married Eliza Lane at the Independent Chapel, Georgeford, Ryde in 1866. He had four children, the first two being born in the IOW in 1871 and 1872 (my grandfather Robert, born Blythes, Chale, 1872). Great grandfather's brother William Thomas was also born in Hilton but moved to the IOW to marry Susanna Hardy in Chale in 1869. By 1881 great grandfather had moved back to Poole, and William Thomas moved back back some time between 1875 and 1877.

A visit to the Newport record office several years ago showed many Fripps on the island, some of whom were there before my lot moved over.

My question is:

Do you know any reason why agricultural labourers should move to the IOW in the 1860's? The move must have been quite traumatic for an uneducated poor family. Granted, this was the time of agricultural depression in Dorset and elsewhere, but was the IOW immune? Was there plenty of work? And what happened to make them come back to Dorset a few years later? Was this pattern of migration typical?
John Fripp [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
15 Jul 2010
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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COOK, Marjorie Helen (née SHARPE)
I am looking for information on Marjorie Helen COOK (née SHARPE) who was born 6th February 1923 and died Isle of Wight 1999.
Lin Scott [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2009
Submitted :
14 Jun 2010
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SMITH family
I have found the death of Betty Smith 1875 at Ryde and would help in finding her grave site or any family members connected to Betty. Also I have a James Smith who is buried with parents Nicholas and Martha Smith is there any way of finding out what year James was buried? Martha Smith was buried 22/5/1817 St George's Churchyard Arreton plot ref C 51 and the entry also mentions her son James.
Kath Ross (née Smith) [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 2755
Submitted :
22 Mar 2010
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MILLER, Charles
Looking for information on Charles MILLER b: 1874 Newport - his father George MILLER b: 1852 Alverstone who married Harriet Millmore b: 1852 Calbourne.
George's father is possibly Robert MILLER b: 1824 New Church who married Mary Griffin b: 1829 at St.Mary's Church.
Any information or pictures would be greatly appreciated to help bring my gr.grandfather Charles and his relatives 'alive' for future generations.
Elizabeth Scott [link opens in new tab or window]
Vancouver, Canada
Submitted :
02 Mar 2010
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I wonder if anyone has photos of Harriet MILLER (née MILLMORE) born Freshwater 1852 ref. Ca5/P69. Harriet married George Miller and died at Newport in 1933 ref. N56/404.

I am also looking for any photos of William Hillier b 1849, James Hillier b 1851 and their sister Mary Ann b 1852. Their parents were Henry Hillier & Mary Ann READ. All the Hilliers were born in Freshwater but Mary A Read was from Southsea.
Bob Hillier [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2428
Submitted :
12 Feb 2010
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I am trying to find out anything about Maurice Henry BILES (or Morris Henry BYLES) born in 1878 in Gunville, Newport, Isle of Wight who I believe married an Alice Emily LEE in 1918.
Also Maurice's sister Ada born 1883. I believe that their mother was Amelia Biles.
Lin Scott [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2009
Submitted :
20 Jan 2010
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COOPER, Ernest Frederick William
Does anyone have access to the records of the Ventnor Sanatorium for Diseases of the Chest.
I believe my grandfather Ernest Frederick William COOPER spent some time there. He was in the Rifle Brigade and enlisted at Parkhurst in 1906. He is proving to be very difficult to trace before 1920.
Laraine Jaspers [link opens in new tab or window]
New Zealand, Member no 2830
Submitted :
27 Oct 2009
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WHITE / SHEATH families
My great grandparents originated from IOW. Great grandfather was Stephen WHITE, born 1827, and Great grandmother was Maria SHEATH, born 1828. They were married in Hackney, London in 1855, presumably both having moved there to go into service. They then moved to Brighton, where they had 3 children, Annie, Elizabeth and George, my grandfather. I didn"t know any of them. I only have one picture of George and Carrie White, my grandparents, and none at all of anyone before them.

I am appealing for photos of the Whites and Sheaths. I know my oldest Aunt had albums of photos which were destroyed when she died, so presumably there were other copies of the photos.

Maria Sheath came from Whitwell, parents were Robert Sheath and Elizabeth STEPHENS. Stephen White came from Niton, parents were George White and Ann WOODNUTT.

Can anyone help?
Marion Hollingsbee [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1944
Submitted :
11 Jun 2009
Verified : 16 Aug 2010
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SMITH family, Newchurch
I have a brick wall in my research:- James Smith b. abt 1786, his wife Betty b. abt 1790/91 and son George c 1823 all at Newchurch - I'm trying to find siblings of George and parent's marriage; Betty was on census 1861 as mother of George; George Smith married in 1849 to Frances Young. Names I am researching FORD, HARBOR, PRICE, SMITH, WHITTINGTON, WOODFORD. Any help would be appreciated.
Kath Ross (née Smith) [link opens in new tab or window]
Australia, Member no 2755
Submitted :
27 Apr 2009
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WHITE, John Lee
John Lee WHITE: For some years I have been researching a 1905 Vauxhall 7/9hp motor car which was originally owned by John Lee White of 'Seafield', Ryde Isle of Wight.

Click to enlarge

J L White, (born Mar qr 1862) was the eldest son from the first marriage of J Samuel WHITE the famous Cowes Shipbuilder. What I have been trying to find out is when and where John Lee died and if he left a Will. It is of note that he does not appear in J Samuel's Will although his wife Mabel does. Mabel White came from a farming family also named 'White' at East Farleigh / Wateringbury near Maidstone Kent. J L does not appear at the Seafield address after 1912 (Although he had a yacht built about this time) but his wife is there until some years later. Can anyone help please?

Tim Sargeant [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Mar 2009
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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Motor Vehicle Licensing Records - Isle of Wight 1903-1925
The Isle of Wight Motorists' Association. T B H Cochrane / J Lee White.
With reference the above query re John Lee White and his 1905 Vauxhall 7/9hp; It would appear that when the Motor Vehicle Licensing Office (MTO) at Newport closed the old Register of Motor Vehicles containing the records of vehicles registered on the Island with 'DL' registrations from December 1903 until 1925 was given to a private collector. In spite of letters in the IoW County Press and visits to the Island I have so far been unable to locate this old register. Would any members have any knowledge of this ? I am trying to ascertain what the original registration number for this motor car was; It would appear to have been registered around April 1905. I do have records of some surviving veteran cars registered around this time and know that the IoW buses were registered 'in time for Easter' 1905 and these were DL75 to DL81 from photos at IoW RO. J L White was a founder member of the Isle of Wight Motorists' Association in November 1903 with headquarters at Warburton's Hotel and their inaugural motor meeting was at Carisbrooke Castle on 27th July 1905 with a 'Motor Gymkhana'. The Vauxhall went back to the mainland about 1909 / 1910 and got re-registered in Surrey as was the rule in those days. The President of the IoW Motorists' Association was Thomas B H Cochrane Deputy Governor of the Island who had a Dennis registered DL68 illustrated below :

click to enlarge

I understand that there was somewhere on the Island a photograph of this event but the person who told me about it could not remember where he had seen it. The IoW County Press gave a whole column report in their edition dated 29th July 1905 but no picture. Any ideas anyone ?

Tim Sargeant [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
21 Mar 2009
Verified : 14 Nov 2020
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WHITE, Frederick
I am looking for assistance in tracing the descendants of Superintendent Frederick White of the Metropolitan Police.
Frederick was born in 1879, a son of Isaac and Maria White of Stag Road, Lake.
He had brothers Charlie, Frank, George, and Arthur, and sisters Kate, Ellen, Jane and Mary.
He joined the Met. in 1901, was made Sergeant in 1906 and retired in 1937 as Divisional Superintendent.
He went to live in Woolston, Southampton and named his house in Porchester Road, "Vectis".
As far as I know, he had two sons, Frederick and Robert, but there my information dries up.

Unfortunately, I am also lacking information on his youngest brother Arthur, who also moved to the mainland.
I enclose a family photo in the hope that it might mean something to somebody.

family photo
Click to enlarge

Gwynn White [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2444
Submitted :
09 Feb 2009
Verified : 16 Aug 2010
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I am intrigued how people found employment on the mainland that caused them to move from their homes in the IOW.

George Alfred WILLIAMS b 1858 IOW and his sister Florence Jane WILLIAMS b 1860 both appear in the 1881 census, employed and boarding with families they subsequently married into (George Alfred with the Thrussells in Battersea and Florence Jane with the Carpenters in Willesden.) Their brothers and sister subsequently followed them. Clearly employment prospects were better on the mainland. The families they worked for / boarded with / married into do not seem to have come from IOW so I am wondering how the work would have been found. Any ideas?

(I'm descended from George Alfred Williams.)
Angela Tjay-Mazuri [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2642
Submitted :
28 Jan 2009
Verified : 22 Aug 2010
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Please can anyone help me with the 'Harbour' family from around the Arreton area ?

I am looking for information about the parents of my great-great grandfather Charles HARBOUR, born 21.1.1811 and baptised at Arreton on 17.11.1811.
The parish register shows his parents to be James Harbour and Jane ?. I have been unable to find any other details, partly due to the missing Arreton records.
In 1832 Charles married Ann SAUNDERS (1814-1843): they had 4 children, George, Ann, Ellen and Daniel.
Charles's 2nd marriage on 16.9.1845 was to Ann BUBB (1826-1869): their children were Maurice/Morris, Julia, Fanny, Martha, Alice, Jeanette/Janet, Kate, James Henry William, Rose, Ernest Alfred and Mary Eleanor. One or two of the older children used the HARBER spelling.

With there being so many children I am hoping that someone may have a Harbour somewhere in their family tree. I would be very grateful for any assistance.
Jane Padfield [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 2550
Submitted :
08 Nov 2008
Verified : 18 Aug 2010
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REDFERN of Cowes
I am researching the Redfern family of Cowes, who were fashion designers in Cowes and Paris in the 19th Century up to the 1930's. John Redfern was prominent in Cowes as a Draper and supplied costumes to many of the notables of the Cowes yachting fraternity, and also it is reputed, to Queen Victoria. He had premises in the High Street. He died in 1895. The business was taken over by Charles POYNTER, who later styled himself Charles Poynter Redfern. John and Harriett (nee Beazley) Redfern had four children, Stanley William, born in 1849, Frank, born in 1850, Annie, born in 1855 (married George Scott in 1875), and Ernest Arthur, born in 1856. John Redfern, his wife Harriett, and son Stanley are buried in the family vault at Northwood Cemetery. The County Press obituary for John Redfern names the two sons as Stanley RUSSELL and Ernest RUSSELL - possibly an error on their part, or did the sons change their surname for some reason? I am particularly interested in the French branch of the business, Maison Redfern.
Joanna Bracey [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
18 Aug 2008
Verified : 06 Nov 2013
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Does anybody have links with George RIDER (b. 1839) or Frances A HARDING (b. 1840). They married in 1860 St James, East Cowes. They had 9 children, Alice, Frances, Edward, Frederick, Edgar, Mabel, Bessie, Dorothy and Linda. Frederick Rider married Grace Ellen Victoria BEART in Wesleyan Chapel, Bangalore in 1901. They had 3 children, Frederick (b. 1902), Percival (b. 1904) and Dorothy (b. 1906). Dorothy Phyllis Edna Rider married William Henry Charles WAYMAN in Wesleyan Chapel, Bangalore in 1926. They had 5 children - Dorothy (b. 1926), Edward Frederick (b. 1929), William Henry (b. 1931), Maureen Phyllis (b. 1933) and Leonard James Arthur (b. 1940).
Sheila Danks [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
02 Jul 2008
Verified : 18 Aug 2010
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I am looking for any information on the BARDEN family in Newport, 1870s- 1920s. The family were located in around the Gunville and Carisbrooke areas and latterly at Coppins Bridge, Hunnyhill and Whitcombe. My Great Great Grandmother, (Elizabeth) Grace WEST nee BARDEN was a well known character around Newport and was often seen selling flowers etc. door to door to get money for a drink! If anyone knew of her I'd love to hear from you.
Jo Davis [link opens in new tab or window]
Submitted :
10 Jun 2008
Verified : 18 Aug 2010
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ELDRIDGE, Sabina Albertha
I am trying to trace the burial place of my Grandmother Sabina Albertha Eldridge née Scott born 30 Nov 1896. She died in a railway accident on the 4 Dec 1939 at Waterloo Railway Station. At the time she was relocating back to the Island following the outbreak of war. The records of the inquest cannot be traced and I have drawn a blank with cemeteries around Hounslow where her husband was stationed at the Barracks. I believe she was Roman Catholic and may have been brought back to the Island for Burial. A check of Quigley's and the National Burial index has also proved negative.
Any information or advice will be gratefully received.
John Eldridge [link opens in new tab or window]
Member no 1313
Submitted :
18 Nov 2007
Verified : 20 Aug 2010
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