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This section is for members (and non-members at the discretion of the Webmaster) to advertise that they can help other family historians find information about their Isle of Wight ancestors. Feel free to contact the Webmaster if you can offer your help.

Please note : The GDPR regulations which came into force in May 2018 require that you give explicit consent for your contact details to be held by us. By default, all offers received prior to this date are assumed to be compliant with your consent being given. If you do not wish to have your contact details used in this manner, let us know and we must then remove your offer, or act as a go-between to pass on your details to anyone wishing to communicate with you. See Our DPA Policy for more details.

I have had a number of research enquiries recently where the correspondent has failed to even give me their own name, and the details of the research required have been very sketchy. I'd like to remind correspondents that, in order to assist them as best we can, we need as much precise detail as possible of names, dates and places. Although we try to be as helpful as we can, a request such as "provide me with details of all my ancestors in the Isle of Wight" will not be considered.

Also, please do not e-mail more than one person with the same research request as this is not only time-wasting, but also goes against the spirit of the voluntary offers made, and may result in lookup services being withdrawn.

Lookup services for the Isle of Wight

This is a country wide service undertaken by volunteers to do some initial research for family historians from local resources.
(If using this service, please only ask for the services of one of the LOOK-UP volunteers)

Pamela Sim offers her services to look up records in the IW County Record office for people unable to do this for themselves. Although she does not charge expenses she would welcome a small donation to a local charity of which she is a Trustee. :
Play Lane Millennium Green Trust

Use Everyclick as your search engine and raise money for Play Lane Millennium Green

Click for email address of Pamela Sim.

[entry verified 15th July 2012]

Mrs Ann Barrett
is a LOOK-UP volunteer for the Isle of Wight. Ann is unable to go to the Record Office at the moment to do research but she does have a considerable amount of material at her own home and can often use these resources to help people. She can be contacted by email.
The time Ann gives to the research, she gives freely but if any expenses are involved such as petrol, postage, copying etc. then obviously these are charged to the enquirer. Sad to say some people have taken advantage of Ann in the past.

Click for email address of Ann Barrett.

[entry verified 18th August 2010]

Other offers of help

Mike Dyble offers the following assistance :

I am a descendant of the JACKMANs who lived on the Isle of Wight, specifically Jacob Jackman, baptised Shorwell 14th May 1781 who was my 4g grandfather. My Grandmother was Bessie Helena Jackman b 28 Apr 1898. When my mother died in 2013 I inherited a huge number (1000's) of family photos and cuttings. Some of the Jackman family from the late 19th and early 20th Century are represented (by 1919 they were living in Balham, London), so if anyone recognises these names in their family tree I have some pictures that may be of interest. I am trying to ensure that anything of interest is made available to anyone who wants it. I have already had a couple of minor successes from links with other parts of the country (The Jackman family had an amazing journey from Newport, Isle of Wight in the 1830's via Bristol, Jersey, to London by 1900).

So far I have found links to:

Isle of Wight, Norfolk, London, East Riding of Yorkshire, Bristol, Jersey, Guernsey, Kent, Hampshire, West Sussex, and Cambridgeshire!

I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Click for email address of Mike Dyble.

[entry submitted 10th October 2017]

The Descendant Detective

Member Sharon Beddard now offers a family history research service. See her website at for details of what she can do. Please note - this is a chargeable service, so please agree expected charges with Sharon before committing to any research that she may undertake on your behalf. Sharon offers one hour free consultancy to establish what you would like to have done, and what she can do on your behalf.

See also Sharon's Facebook page at The Descendant Detective

Sharon Beddard:- Cowes and East Cowes a speciality

Email: Click for email address
(Submitted 4 October 2017)
Family Bible for THOMPSON - STAINER married 1871

Sarah Skeldon writes :

I have the Family Bible belonging to Henry John THOMPSON and his wife, Emily STAINER, who were married on 2nd September 1871 at St Thomas' Church, Ryde.
By a stroke of good fortune, the "family pages" have been filled in with, as far as I can make out, details of some of three generations of this family and their descendants, including birthdates of their many children, some marriages, some deaths and so on, the last entry being a death in 1963.
I would be happy to transcribe for you all the information contained on these pages so that you can try to ascertain whether anyone in the IWFHS is researching this family. If you do find such a person - preferably a relative - I would be happy to deliver the Bible to them, if they live on the Island, or post it to them if they pay the carriage (bearing in mind it one of the old-fashioned enormous heavy things!).
Why am I doing this? Well, for two reasons: 1) because, as a family historian for the past 30 years, I like to reunite family memorabilia with their families and 2) because I was lucky enough to obtain my own Family Bible with entries dating back to the 1700's, through a random act of kindness by a fellow genealogist, and ever since have tried to the same thing for other people.

Email: Click for email address of Sarah Skeldon
(Submitted November 2016)

Death Certificates - BURT and MORRIS

I have several Death Certificates which i ordered but which are not for the people I hoped they would be ! They are for :

1. William BURT, died 5 Aug 1849 @ Union Street Ryde, aged 46, occupation: Agent, cause: Cholera, Anne Rosa Matilda Burt in attendance.

2. William BURT, died 5 May 1852 @ Orchard Street Newport, aged 80, formerly a Shoemaker, cause: Old Age Elizabeth Burt present.

3. Emma MORRIS, died 19 Mar 1864 @ Hearn Street Newport, aged 47, occupation: Needlewoman, cause: Angina Pectoris, Ann Morris present.

4. Maria MORRIS, died 20 Jun 1867 @High Street Cowes, aged 68, Widow of Richard Morris, cause: Typhoid Fever/ Congestion of Lungs, Elizabeth Cook of Sun Hill West Cowes present

If anyone would like any of them, please contact me. They are free but any donations made would go towards IWFHS funds.

Email: Click for email address of Jenny Hocking
(Submitted 4 July 2016)

Dora Mary Babbidge

I have been working on my family tree and my Great Grandmother was Dora Mary BABBIDGE. I found she and her family lived on the Isle of Wight. I have a family history of her if any one wants it. She married Sidney KENT and their daughter Agnes Edith KENT came to Canada when she was very young and married George MOODY. They are my grandparents.

Email: Click for email address of Robert Blakey [in Ontario, Canada]
(Submitted 10 December 2015)
Harvey's Almanac - Sandown c 1903

Member Peter Austin-Smith has a copy of Harvey's Almanac for Sandown, c 1903; George Harvey (b. 1850) was his great-grandfather.
The booklet contains a history (old and new) of Sandown, as well as stories, advertisements, and miscellaneous information. Mention is made of various groups not only in Sandown, but Bembridge and Lake and their principal members. If anyone is interested, he could look up names in it.

Email: Click for email address of Peter Austin-Smith [in Nova Scotia]
(Submitted 19 November 2014)


Members Paul & Vanessa Slade operate a genealogical service under the banner WightHeirs. See their website for details of what they can do. Please note - this is a chargeable service, so please agree expected charges with them before committing to any research that they undertake on your behalf.

Paul & Vanessa Slade

Email: Click for email address
(Submitted 6 December 2013)

Birth Certificate - WHEELER - 1889

I have available a copy birth certificate for Charles George WHEELER (born 20 July 1889, local Register Office reference R60/E128) which I will pass on to any researcher - I suggest they e-mail me for scan in the first instance.

Peter Attrill, Member No 3245

Email: Click for email address
(Submitted 8 August 2013)

Electoral Roll - Isle of Wight 1938

I have a copy of the Electoral Roll for the Isle of Wight taken in 1938. I am willing to do lookups for names in the Roll.

Ginny Wade, Member No 3132

Email: Click for email address
(Submitted 31 January 2013)

Jewish community in Portsmouth

A request to all members please. I am assisting the Jewish community in Portsmouth build a comprehensive picture of their congregation and it has been noted that there were several Jewish families on the Island, plus several resident in the local hospitals treating TB. Should you chance across any lesser known records [i.e. not the obvious ones like census and civil reg] would you be kind enough to note down the details and pass them on to me? It goes without saying that if any members have found themselves to have a Jewish ancestor I will happily look in my database and pass on info. Please note that I am Anglican myself so I have only recorded the English data not the Hebrew, though I do have photos of virtually every Jewish headstone in the Portsmouth area now I believe and I am happy to share.

Terry Bridger, Member No 0322

Email: Click for email address
(Submitted 8 October 2012)

Australian look up services

Meredith JONES, a non-member, has kindly offered to do lookups in Australian record collections : she writes :

Locally, I have easy access to the South Australian Biographical Indexes, the National Archives which hold the immigration lists, and through the Lower Eyre Peninsula family history group I have access to the micro fiche on births, death and marriages from each state. When I am in Adelaide I often visit the Maritime Museum which holds a number of shipping records and passenger lists. The State Library in Adelaide also has detailed section. Each state has a migration list which is not too diffifult to wade through if you know what to look for.

Meredith Jones, South Australia

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[submitted 6th August 2012]

1838 book inscription from Ryde

At a recent local (Cambridgeshire) FHS sale I picked up a book entitled "Doddridges Rise" with the following inscription

RYDE 1838

It is rather a longshot but I wondered if any of your members have a Philadelphia and an Eliza Jane in their ancestral tree. It would be lovely if I could unite them with the book.

Look forward to hearing from you

Carol James

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[submitted 12th March 2012]

LOOKUP in New South Wales

I have recently joined our local FHS, and am helping to transcribe local records, so I am learning firsthand what is involved, but enjoying it at the same time.

If any members need any help with look ups for NSW, Australia, particularly the Hunter Valley area I would be more than happy to try and help them.

Eddie Winship, Member no 3107

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[submitted 17th October 2011]

STROUD family

I found the website very interesting as apparently, my grandparents on my mother's side had a farm at the bottom of Salter’s Road - I was born on the Island in Ryde, and spent the war in Wellwood, the big house which is now part of Wellwood Glade where my grandfather was butler to Archie TATTENHALL who owned it.
After the war we lived first at No.2 Butts Road Haylands and then my parents took over the Town Club in Star Street where I stayed until National Service took me away from my Island and friends forever!! My Grandfather was Laurence STROUD of St Helens, my Grandmother was Lucy MEECHAM whose two brothers are remembered on the Binstead War Memorial.
My maternal grandfather was George SQUIBB who lived at No.1 Cemetery Road and worked for Pickfords. My mother was Phyllis Eva May SQUIBB who married my father George Henry STROUD and I was their first child born 10th May 1938.

Should you have anyone enquiring about the Stroud family, I would be grateful if you would give them my e-mail address

That excludes Customs and Excise as my great-great grandfather smuggled brandy from France to Binstead for a living!!

John Stroud

Click for email address
[submitted 18th September 2011]

Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery Burials Database

Den Budden has now created a database of all the Burials at Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery. Many of those buried there are from the Island, including at least 5 men who died during the Great War, and at least 8 men who died during World War II. Den is happy to provide details of any burials.

Den Budden

Click for email address
[submitted 1st September 2011]

Elizabeth Ruby Chandler

I am the Grand Niece of Elizabeth Ruby Chandler O.B.E. & Mayor of Newport in 1930; wife of William Henry Chandler. She was the sister of my Grandfather, Thomas Darlington, Freeman of Chester. I have done this family research and would be happy to hear from any one who is researching or who needs help.

The plaque naming Mrs Chandler at Church Litten - click on image for larger version

Maureen Endicott, Canada

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[submitted 24th September 2010]

Unwanted Death certificate - DYER, 1860

I have wrongly ordered a death certificate for James DYER, died 27 Feb 1860 in Godshill at the age of 71, occupation: Carpenter. If anyone would like it for free, please send me an e-mail :

Best wishes,
Lisa Nap
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Click for email address
[submitted 28th August 2009]

Unwanted Marriage certificate - BUCKETT / WHITEWOOD

We wrongly ordered the marriage certificate of Wilfred Hedley Buckett, son of Frederick Albert Buckett, and Winifred Whitewood, daughter of Henery Whitewood. Marriage date was 6th May 1923, at the Church of All Saints, Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

We ordered this in error in 2004. If anyone would like it free, please e-mail me :

Lynn & Tom Gerrard (Melbourne) Click for email address
[5th August 2009, verified 18th August 2010]

Family documents on offer
The Society has recently acquired a number of documents and certificates which probably came from house clearances. If anyone can show a connection to the people and families mentioned, we would be happy to pass the documents on. If there are no claimants, we will pass them to the County Record Office.

Documents are:

Death Certificate for Avis Jones, Sandown, 1944
Death Certificate for Elizabeth Taylor, Sandown, 1942
Copy Death Certificate for Norah Russell, Whitwell, 1987
Certificate of Baptism, Patricia Holbrook, Bembridge, 1958

Please contact Geoff Allan to claim any of these documents. Click for email address
[8th January 2009, verified 18th August 2010]


By using index cards in the Newport records office relating to the GROVES family I have recorded all the GROVES births/baptisms, marriages, deaths/burials and cemetery records. Since returning to Australia, I have transferred and created a computer record of all this information and supplemented it with information from the various census, LDS records and BMD records. Although I am still in the final throes of editing the computer file, I am quite happy to share this information with any person who is interested. Eventually, when I am happy with the information I plan to send a copy to the Newport records office along with a copy to the IOW FHS.
David Groves (IWFHS Member 2016) Click for email address
[entry verified 18th August 2010]


Mrs Yvonne Doornekamp, (Mem.1833) has offered to help members with their Australian research by looking up the following records in each state in Australia. She says, "Members must know which state they want the lookup in. I have many other records. I can do further research if members wish me to but I would need to charge a research fee for research, initial look-ups are free."
Births 1836-1920, Marriages 1836-1942 Deaths 1836-1985,Inquests 1840-1985
Marine Births Deaths &Marriages 1853-1920
Births 1829-1919, Marriages 1829-1939, Deaths 1829-1954.
Births 1788-1918, Marriages 1788-1955, Deaths 1788-1975.
Births 1803-1905, Marriages1803-1919, Deaths1803-1919.
Births 1841-1905, Marriages 1841-1930, Deaths 1841-1980.
Births 1842-1922, Marriages 1842-1927, Deaths 1842-1966
To contact Yvonne Doornekamp: Click for email address

[entry verified 11 June 2017]

I am researching the MATTHEWS name on the Isle of Wight and have PC-held files of all instances of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials, census returns and Wills recorded at the Records Office and Myddleton House. The first baptism was recorded in 1569 and over 1,000 of us have been born on the island since. I would be very pleased to help anyone, and in turn they help me piece together all this information into families and family trees.
Jon Matthews
Email: Click for email address
[entry verified 6th October 2017]

The records of the Bluecoat Charity School for Girls contain over 1,000 name references, including, ages, parents, abode, their lives at school and where they went after leaving, also the Mistresses and Matrons. I have researched and indexed these records and am willing to find all references to a given surname.
Mrs Ann Barrett, Click for email address
[entry verified 18th August 2010]


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