Family Pages - BRETT, Ada Harriet (née Garrett)


Ada was born on 3rd January 1868, Ryde, Isle of Wight, the daughter of John Garrett and Sarah Garrett (née Attrill). The attached documents her life, mostly in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada as an early emigrant raising four children, of whom three survived, on a homestead and in remote frontier communities. The contents are based on archival research including government records, newspapers, property records and B.C. City Directories, phone books, surviving photos and family stories. I have taken the liberty of making choices and assumptions when weaving this history.
I am passing her "Life Story" on to your society for what ever purpose and use you see fit. I have worked with and researched in four small community archives here in BC who have requested Ada's Life Story. Five family photo albums and hundreds of negatives have survived which have been shared with community archives.
It is a living document with the possibility of finding more details of her life in the future when more newspapers are digitized and made available to the public.
The photo of a young Ada could have been taken prior to 1886 when I believe she left for Canada or taken after her arrival in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Possibly around the time of her marriage in 1888. The photo of a more mature Ada would have been taken in Nelson, B.C. circa 1915.

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Morris Wadds, her Grandson, (Member no 3826), British Columbia, Canada