Family Pages

On these pages we present family information which members have sent us. So if you would like to share some, or part, of your Island family stories, then let us have them! Please give as much information about the subject including names, dates, and locations if you can, plus any supporting source information to support the details of your research.

Please send any stories (preferably in Word format) and any images (preferably in jpeg format) to the Webmaster. A hard copy could be used and returned if necessary Click for email address

BRETT family, British Columbia, early 20th C BURDEN family BUTT family CULLIN, Harry Barton and Mary FIELD, Albert E. and Rebecca - formerly of Ventnor, emigrated to Australia GRAY family of Lake; one at least emigrated to Canada GROVES family HARVEY, Alfred James and William Edwin LEAHY, John MATTHEWS family tree from Peter Matthews MEW / MEUX families MILLER, Charles and family NEWMAN, Matthew (b. 1829) and family ROLF, Minnie Jane (b. 1879) and family SIRKETT, Walter (b. 1878) and family TOOGOOD, Joseph and Kezia - formerly of Ventnor, emigrated to Australia


7 Nov 2019 : added BRETT family information from Morris Wadds