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The Monumental Inscriptions Registers for the Churches of the Isle of Wight are, for the most part, held by the County Record Office (see their website )

The Indexes cover the following churches / cemeteries and periods :

Use this link Monumental Inscriptions Index Coverage to see which churchyard / cemetery inscriptions have been recorded.

Many of these Registers for the period 1901 to 2000 have been transcribed by Dave Gladdis, one of our members, and he has generously allowed us to present these as a searchable database. The records are searchable by Surname within a date range, for any church, or for a particular church. You can also search for all events registered at a particular church.

Note that an entry in a Monumental Inscriptions Register does not always mean that the person was buried in the Churchyard. Many Churches do not have burials; the person may have been buried in a municipal cemetery; later records may refer to services held where the person was subsequently cremated. Conversely, a burial in a particular churchyard or burial ground may not be recorded in the expected Burial Register.

Records showing a year only for burial date should be confirmed against original registers, where possible.

As with all such records there may be errors in transcription so it is best to check with the original registers if possible.

We have also started to transcribe the earlier (pre-1900) inscriptions for these Churches, from the records held by the Record Office. These give only those inscriptions which were visible (and legible) at the time of the recording in 1986/7, so there are many burials which do not appear in this database, especially for the pre-1900 events. We would be pleased to receive any corrections, monumental inscriptions, or photographs to add to the database - please contact :- the Webmaster - Webmaster

We would also like to acknowledge the technical assistance given by Gwynn White, another member, in creating the database, the search functions, and the resultant display screens.

For an explanation of the conventions used in the allocation of section / plot numbers in the plans drawn up in 1986/87 click on this image -->

indicates that some entries have photographs of headstones or additional information for people in this Church's Register

The 16 Kingswell family burials at Newtown Churchyard