Snow Family History

Family History, by Paul Snow


I recently had the opportunity to go through with my father some old documents he has saved and thought these would be of interest to put on the web site. George Downer was the father of a Great Auntie but he having been the father of 10 I'm sure he must be in many Island based trees so it seems it could be a interesting subject for lots of other members.

My father has a lot more pictures and information tucked away so I'll send more when I can.

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A report from 1937 of the death of George Downer, who was born in 1851. It mentions that he left a widow, six sons, and four daughters.
(card 1 front) Newport Post Office staff in about 1905
(card 1 back) Sent to Miss B Strickland, of Great East Standen, nr Newport I of W. Postmarked Newport 13 July 1905.

The inscription reads :

'Excuse pencil as I was in a hurry hope N won't be cross HS'.

It is addressed to Miss Bessie Strickland (born 1890) daughter of Henry and Ellen Stickland, who farmed at Great East Standen.
(card 2 front) Newport Post Office staff in about 1922
(card 2 back) The inscription has been partially damaged
(card 3 front) Cricket Club outing
(card 3 back) It is addressed to Mr T.A. Kelly under the Delo-dar P.O. Staff Newport Wt. Postmarked Ventnor 15 June 1906.

The inscription reads :

'Dr. OM, Herewith one of " Ye Willow Wielders". Don't know which you will like best so you must examine Mr Baker's as well as this. I prefer the other. What an awful "dial" I've got in this one. I was very much concerned abt my camera + the fellow that was working it. ||-|| Hope you are well. Kind rgds ASM.
The White Lion, Arreton, with the 'Tally-Ho' stage coach.
The White Lion, Arreton, with a large group of cyclists.