Brighstone Holiday Camp


Rosemary Wing writes in May 2013 :

I think Brighstone must have been one of the first holiday camps. These photos were taken in 1931, about August - my parents were engaged but didn't marry until 3 years later so they had to be separated, Mum with the 3 girls in the photo and Dad with 2 other men in a tent! My Mum was Minnie Gibbs and Dad, Ralph Warren, they were both from Reading. I don't know if they returned to Brighstone but they often talked about their holiday there with fond memories. They played a lot of tennis and danced in the evenings. In the big group photo, my parents are 4 & 5 in on the far left at the back. Dad is wearing his v necked tennis jumper. Apparently meals were at a specific time and the last one in had go up on the stage and sing a song! I understand that some of the huts are still standing.

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Brighstone Holiday camp - holidaymakers
Brighstone Holiday camp
Brighstone Holiday camp - Minnie Gibbs
Brighstone Holiday camp - Minnie Gibbs (front right) with 3 other campers

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