17 Aug 2022
WW I Centenary : War related deaths : No Island people died on this day in 1922
WW II 75th Anniversary : War related deaths : No Island people died on this day in 1947

Sunday 1st November : In preparation for the re-launch of the website, there will be disruptions to the service we can provide today, as we enter the cutover phase. Please bear with us as we manage the changes.

Please contact the Chairman by e-mail, if you have any comments or concerns.

Over the past few months, we have engaged with a local company, Brightbulb Design, of Wootton Bridge, to redesign and re-launch our website.
We are planning to make the change on the 2nd of November if all goes well.
There is a significant change to the design of the website, and also the functionality surrounding the members' sections; in particular, there will be the ability to manage your own membership details, passwords and so on.
To begin with, there will be a new version of the Births, Marriages and Deaths Indexes, and also the Journal Archives and Indexes. While we move to the new platform, we will operate both the new and old websites in parallel, with links to the old from the new. Inevitably there will be some teething problems as people become familiar with the new format, but in the long run, the intention is to make the website more robust, and more accessible on all sorts of devices.
Please contact the Chairman by e-mail, if you have any comments or concerns.

The Isle of Wight Family History Society is for all those who want to research their ancestors.

Members include people with island ancestry who live on the UK mainland or elsewhere in the world as well as those who live on the Isle of Wight but whose families came from elsewhere.
The experience and knowledge of our members range from those just starting their researches to those who have over 30 or 40 years experience - one of the aims of the Society is to share the experience to help those just starting.
If you are just starting your researches - see this Message from Jon Matthews on how to get going.
Whether you are an experienced researcher or just browsing this site, we hope that you will find something to interest you - the 'Family Name' search below will show those records we hold on this site, some accessible without membership.

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* Database Quick Search gives an at a glance view of the number of records we hold for a particular surname, and then links to a list of those records.

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This search facility will return entries on the static pages of the website. Entries in the searchable databases will not be searched. A search results screen will then be displayed in a new tab or window with links to the web pages meeting the search criteria.

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The IWFHS Facebook Group is open to all and members of the group freely exchange their knowledge and try to help one another.


The Good News: our website is still here for you to explore, and our Facebook Group is a fantastic platform to get in touch with other like minded family historians. Please do make use of these two resources.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please contact the Chairman by e-mail.

17 Aug 2022 : the current (No 139, Nov 2020) Journal is now available to members as a PDF from the website, and printed copies are being despatched.
Members can download Journals as a PDF from the link on the Journal Archive page :-

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